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Lulu had a bad day trying to stop sion...

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Lulu sent me a important message.

Too bad shes a terrible artist.

It tasted purple and it was nothing like a orange. And it was not K. So, game developers the idea of the three items of the Trolol Master. Mejais Soulstealer, Sword of the Occult, And Leviathan lets talk about them. lol... Mejais, the Sword and the leviathan... should not have such a small limit. These items should have been continual upgradeable items on the amount of stacks it gets with limit 50.

Stat stacks on all items should be decreased to compensate of course for getting 50 stacks (5 ap book (250 ap), 3 dmg sword (150 dmg) At 20 stacks you get the first buff. 15% cdr blah blah... at 40 stacks... you get a item activate ability on it.

Mejais SoulStealer: Crystal Prison: Encases target in a magic shell that disables the ability to move for 3 seconds.
Sword of the occult: Bloody Repercussions: For 8 seconds, gain +25% lifesteal and 20% attack speed.
Leviathan: Guardian Dragon: Summons a controllable unit that has 50% of your total life for 15 seconds. Damage done to you is negated by 50% and is instead taken by the dragon.

At 50 stacks(all items),- Upon death the stack loss penalty is permanently reduced to 10% instead of 30."

~Lilly Blanc

LOLOL <3 just kidding :]

...but if only... then i would lol those oh ima passively farm and still be stronger then you even if you have 20 kills.... sion....nasus...grawrwwrrragohdsgj~~~!

But yeah Purple.