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~Ultimus~ Book 1 - Across the boundries of time and space.

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Hello, Zodai here.

You have reached the ULTIMUS thread! Please look at the following for information.

Prologue: COMPLETED! (At long effing last.) 6/18/12

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"Moving across the boundaries of time and space, we cross into a lightless void, awaiting our arrival in an unknown future"





The man looked upon an endless abyss.

His name was Malzahar, a man who had seen this coming from long, long ago.

The endless void crept upon runeterra, it's dark gaze eliminating what remained beneath it.

The man raised his hand.

A ball of light appeared in his hand, grasping it tightly.

"So. This is the end, huh..."

He knew this was inevitable. For all of time, he had known this was coming. There was no stopping it. All hopes of a way out, had been stopped with her death by his hands.

Why couldn't it be stopped, you ask?

He was a force of incomprehensible power. His endless gaze pierced the heart, as if the world had ended at that moment.


It is the meaning behind all truth. Perhaps the old man had somehow gotten here from some time beyond. Whether that is true or not, is unknown.

The man lept into the abyss.

He very well knew this would be his last breath.

Why, you ask?

The prophet's calling is much more difficult than you think.

You know what is going to happen.

Yet, you cannot do anything to stop it.

All is predetermined.

Nothing is left to chance.

Of course, he knew very well what was going to happen after this as well. He had known all that was to happen, how it would, and what the result would be.

And yet, there was no way to prevent it.

Truly inevitable.

As he fell into an endless sleep, Malzahar looked into the sky a single, last time.

The sun shone brightly, seemingly a warm farewell to the man.

Within his grasp, he held a familiar emblem, labled the "League of Legends"

Legendary, you say?

Nothing more than dust. Malzahar accepted this fact long, long ago.

All of man was created from nothing.

All of man, shall return to nothing.

The prophecy of the void,

Is true as the dust beneath our feet.

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7 years earlier

Truth, is a strange concept.

No matter what the truth is, there are always obstacles in its path.

This is the reason for my existence.

This is what I fight for.

Ezreal walked down the endless highway; his mind set on the events that had transpired over the past few months.

Glaciers of ideas importing, to my friends then exporting.

The song was fairly upbeat, matching the a

To the next keeping it open, we want to closing,

He had found the headphones - And associated music player, on the floor of some sewer he was exploring. The devices themselves were recent inventions - Created some two months ago, and were already in constant use across Runeterra.

Even without doubts our thoughts can be dope and,

Ezreal didn't actually care about the inner workings of the device. The only complete thought about the music devices were that he wanted to make his own theme song, whether or not he knew how to use it.

This mind trade no one can stop, an act of thinking is terrible to stop,

But his largest thought, was that of the destruction of the league three months ago.

We just wanna change up not drop, and my crew can rock it like uprock,

It happened in a flash, being near-instantaneous in its execution. All that was seen was a bright flash of light, and a grand fire desecrated the halls.

Life is tedious if it ain't flowing,

Needless to say, quite a few of the champions did not make it out. Those who did had suffered varying degrees of brain damage - Including those who were not at the site, due to the way the summoning infrastructure had been set up. Apparently, a lot of them had amnesia concerning other champions; due to some complex reason involving the summoning infrastructure that he didn't give a sh!t about.

Life is tedious if it ain't flowing; Copy and paste? Constant defaulting?

Ezreal picked up a newspaper from the nearby stand, dropped down his money at the counter, as he walked off.

Put my courage to it, begin showing off That’s the way we wanna live,

He could faintly hear the newspaper man say something; but could not hear it over his music.

Keep going, yeah.

He opened the newspaper; giving sight to the all to familiar picture he had seen time and time again.

A cloaked figure; amidst a raging fire.

The only known picture of the supposed culprit.

Ezreal heard a small sound. He temporarily turned off his music; in an attempt to figure out the source of the noise.

Shortly after, his face was melted by the subsequent appearance of a red brick. Following him was a red yordle in some form of a vehicle; writing sets of data onto some form of a graph.

"Dammit, Ziggs..." Ezreal knew the man somewhat well; as he was one of the survivors that stood out quite well.

They couldn't tell if he had any brain damage since he was already a pyromaniac in the first place. Ezreal stood up; although a second brick whizzed by the top of his head as he did. In an attempt to keep himself from suffering any further brain damage; he ran off onto a nearby sidewalk.

As he did, a familiar tone appeared in the backdrop of his surroundings.

He picked up his CP from his pocket - It was some form of communication device; although he had no idea what the acronym stood for. On the screen was a text, sent by none other than the current head of the investigation.

get ur @ss ovr here

Ezreal would have rather just ignored it, but he didn't know what that girl was capable of. Taking a slight detour through a nearby alleyway; he eventually ended up at a small door. Above it was a sign; however, the myraid of bullet-holes made it absolutely unreadable. Easily recognizing the landmark; he stepped inside.

He stepped into a fairly bland office; the only living entities held within being himself; and the man at the counter.

Or rather, armored bear at the counter. He could just barely make out a resemblance with his memory; but he could not find a name to go along with his appearance.

Her appearance? He really wasn't sure about polar bear genetics, so he decided to just leave it at that. He jumped over the counter; and proceeded to head to the deathtrap room. The bear was aware of this, and the two passed each other without speaking.

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Now I can get comments to my hearts content!

Will edit the chapters into the 2nd post. For now, READ AND GIVE ME OPINIONS D:<

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Senior Member


"Moving across the boundaries of time and space, we cross into a lightless void, awaiting our arrival in an unknown future"

This . . . is the Twilight Zone.