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Locked Camera Discussion

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While zed's death mark animation is running. If you spacebar,camera should be locked on the target instead on where zed started his ult.


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I personnaly can't play with unlocked camera, i'm pretty used to it and i know most ppl aren't playing locked, but i also see some benefit from it, i always know where is the danger zone around me, and always know where are my skills range limit are, kiting is much more easy when you exactly know where you are, i do unlock from time to time, but it far more easyer to play lock cos you have less things to think about, and there is some difference in the screen, i love to play aram, but for those that play locked, there is a dead zone right on the bottom of your screen, making some skill imposible to dodge, problem blue player never had cos of the way the map is made, you say you want to prevent ppl from having a advantage if you could scroll away a bit more, how about solving a advantage that is already there, or only move a bit where the screen is lock, even better, let him be set by player themself with another button like the lock screen toggle that let you lock your screen a few pixel away and let them set it where they want, it would make life easyer for us and we would'nt have to fight the game instead of other players !!

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Reposting this in the proper thread since I just realize stuffs supposed to be posted here.

This freaking camera view has me so pissed off. Approximately my last 10 games have been purple, and I'm getting SICK of it.

I've lost most of these matches due to TRYING to play unlocked camera. Screw that.

I quit for about 6 months before due to purple, and I'm SO close to doing it again.

Purple team camera view is the ONLY reason I have not invested ANY money into this game.
I HATE playing freaking purple, and will continue to boycott any financial support towards this game until this is changed. I would like to buy some points to get some things, but I will absolutely refuse to spend a penny on this game until purple is changed.

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I just want to voice that I spend probably 90% of most games with my camera locked. While I don't find it highly difficult to switch between them, the only reason I normally need to unlock my camera is FOV for LONG skill shots (ashe arrow) or when I'm playing purple side on bot lane. Both of these could probably be eliminated with the ability to scroll out more, which i understand may not be something that is wanted due to the nature of competitive advantage.

Love the game Riot and this is really just a QoL issue more than a deal breaker. Thanks for looking into this and listening to our pleas.

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Mikan Box

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Here is a quick example of inverted UI that I made in photoshop (http://i.imgur.com/z0FYbzb.jpg)


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I say implement a "soft-locked" camera that is locked but when you move your cursor outside the edge of the screen it it moves the camera and has a rubber band effect after a second or two of the cursor being within locked camera range.