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Tiamat on Panth?

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This item normally blows but seems alright with Panth.

You can grab the health and mana regen first, both being really helpful early, followed by the damage items to help you gank with heartseeker and spear at level 6.

The passive isn't terrible ether given Panth can't afford using to much mana heartseeking creeps.


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Specifically for Pantheon it's bad because:

1. You already last hit absurdly well due to Pantheons passive, and low cost spear for ranged last hits when harassed still leave you most likely at good early game farming no matter what. So you farmed well early game on minions (and hopefully champs too). You don't have to "catch up" later on minion farming as maybe a melee tank might have to (sunfire > tiamat for a tank so no go there either, alas).

2. Once you get your first item, which is always and forever shall be, a BF sword (and boots1), one heartseeker can kill most of a creep wave in one ability. You have no need for additional creep-push mid game now either. As you stack AD, you farm fast even with just auto-attack. Net impact of Tiamat vs other items becomes a big negative.

3. It doesn't enhance heartseeker strike, which is Pantheons foundation. If it doesn't keep you alive to unleash your combo, or doesn't drastically improve heartseeker, it's probably not core to pantheon.

4. One vampiric scepter after your BF sword gives you all the creep/neutral HP regen you need. And it can build into bloodthirster = great on pantheon.
This combo is also better if you hit a solo fight early/mid game.

The net benefit of Tiamat Pantheon in terms of farming and carry-DPS is way behind other item choices based on this.