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Heart-shaped piece of silver.

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It took me some time to keep writing. A girl gave my little heart a lot of trouble, but well, I'm feeling alot better now. I haven't finnished the fourth chapter yet, but I've written a little "bonus". Hope you like it, and forgive me for making you wait this long :B

Interlude: Father

You are the one who is willing to shed the blood of others in the name of honor. There is nothing you would not do in the name of your family.

But why? And how exactly do your evil actions bring something good to the world?

You are a jackal. Nothing more than a bloody jackal. You **** good-for-nothing scoundrel, hiding behind your lies and "manners". You are a faker, pretending to be a man to whom rules are the most important thing, but it is all another lie. The only rules you follow are your own.

Father. I remember you. I serve you. I love you. You have always been fair to me, and have only asked loyalty in exchange. You have guided me, as a father must do. You have protected me, as a father must do. But this war is something I do not aprove.

Du Couteau. Crownguard. Lightshield. Laurent. Vadrucci. Reveck. Durand. Darkwill. Vayne... And, of course, our family, Sciacallo. Some of these aren't very famous, but they all have one thing in common: Power. Balance has always been kept between the ten houses, for some degree of peace was needed in order for the money to keep flowing. And now, with the League of Legends there's no more wars between city-states, so we can keep to ourselves and solve our problems in peaceful ways.

And now, father, after a decade of good bussines, you choose to declare war again? Do you understand the consequences of this? Our assosiates will fight with those of our enemies in the alleys. Assassinations will become a common sight in newspapers. Blood will be shed for no need. We have enough money, we have a good life, why should we pursue greedy ambitions? Why should we break the code of honor?

I only hope I had enough courage to speak this words to your face. Greed has driven you blind...

-My son, the recent events foretell of great changes: Durand has been murdered, his house doomed to disappearance. Reveck has lost his only heir, Orianna, and the old man won't live forever.

-Don't you forget about Laurent. He's rather weak, although his little charade with rapiers has gained him some respect.

-Ah! Laurent! Father to your brother's sweetheart, if I recall correctly. Yes, he can be easily turned into an ally, and disposed of when necessary.

-So, only six of the houses represent a menace to our power. Are you thinking about... ?

-Oh, Vito, you're really good at understanding my plans, it seems. But you've forgot one little detail.

-A detail?

-I have something planned for Vayne. He's a weak little man, and so is his entire family, specially his stupid daughter. And, as for what concerns Du Couteau and Vadrucci... Let's just say that their whereabouts are going to become a little mystery once I prepare the final phase of my plan.

-Hmph. Solid ideas, father. I'll await your orders.

-Very well. And make sure your brother doesn't get in trouble with the demacian girl. They may be teenagers, but they'll become adults sooner or later; Duriel musn't escape the lessons of our code. He'll become a man of honour one day, just like us, Vito. But he lacks the sense for duty you posses as firstborn, and that concerns me. Try to teach him about our responsibilities.

-I will father. I promise you.

ehehCommentaries: Hope you liked this little flashback. I'll post the next chapter soon, my dear ninja readers.

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Boo. It took me some time, but here it is.

Fourth chapter: I will spill your blood.

Fiora turns her back. She doesn't want Vayne to see her and notice how sad she really is -- An important rule for a duelist is to never show any kind of weakness in front of an enemy. The night hunter is suprissed to hear of Laurent's relation with Sciacallo, in fact, she is almost shocked. But of course, one such as she does not show any kind of emotion in front of an enemy.

The situation becomes rather awkward. Fiora has been defeated in her own game of ego, for now Vayne has enough information to take away the last remnants of reputation the Laurent family possesses. The grand duelist and proud champion of mighty Demacia, sweetheart to a noxian assassin? She would be ruined, should the word be spread.

Vayne tires of waiting, and decides to break the silence "Show me the exit" She commands, as if the house was her own and the servants worked for her "I have an important investigation to continue"

"What will you do, Vayne?" Fiora turns her head back to see the night hunter leaving the room, trying not to look too weak.

The grand duelist's nemesis stops walking for a second. Vayne takes off her glasses and stares directly into her enemy's eyes "I will hunt for Duriel Sciacallo" And upon saying this, she puts her glasses on again and keeps walking towards the exit.

Fiora waits until Vayne is out of earshot, and then looks at herself in a mirror. After a few seconds, she realizes she's crying. In a sad tone, she lets out a whisper:

"Duriel, my Duriel... How did we come to this? Why have you betrayed and killed everything you once loved?"

Fiora's tears flow even more freely as she falls to her knees, consumed by melancholy. Alone in her room, she spents the rest of the day with her sadness.

Vayne thinks to herself.
The Sciacallo family is well-known by noxians. They are merchants of terror, creators of an empire of bussines that uses fear and respect as weapons; With little shedding of blood and smart threats, they've expanded their operations through most of Valoran, doing both legal and underground negotiations -- They handle almost everything, from shoemaking to drugs, weapons and slaves.

And in Noxus, their influence is even greater. There, every merchant pays them tribute and worships the ground they walk; Those who disrespect the Sciacallo family don't last long. And those who get in the way of their greed will be removed from existence, be it by means of defamation or cold-blooded killing.

Things weren't like this some years ago, but all of a sudden, the other respected families of Valoran started to lose power over their interests in the continent's economical activities, and eventually, they began losing their standings in their own city-states.

It all started with the murder of Durand. Karlo Sciacallo, Duriel's father, almost instantly gained control of the deceased man's possessions; Some he bought, some he "inherited", and some he took by force. His power started to grow, and pressure was put on every other house of Valoran. Sciacallo was determined to dominate everything or die trying.

And if that ***** Fiora is right, then there's a connection between the fall of the Laurent, the dissapearance of Du Couteau, the murder of Darkwill, Vadrucci and... the slaughter of my family.

Time has passed pretty quickly. Vayne suspects that if she makes her way to Noxus before the moon is out, she'll get there in time to meet Duriel and get the answers she needs.

"But why to hunt for a human?" she thinks, and then answers to herself "Because if they are behind what happened to my family, then there's dark forces behind them"

Vayne is right. There's more than just dishonest merchants here. This time she has more than just one valid reason to impale someone with her crossbow -- This time she isn't only going to protect the innocent;

"This time, it's personal" Vayne tumbles into the shadows and dissapears, as the night falls on the streets, and the stage is set for her meeting with destiny.

Commentaries: Yes, I know this one it's a little shorter than the others, but I had to split it in two to make it less dense. I'll post the next chapter soon (And this time, I mean it).

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Poor Fiora. Good work as always.

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eheh I've lost the enthusiasm for writing, don't know why. I just can't bring myself to continue a story, no matter how hard I try. But, somehow, ideas just keep flowing in my mind, and I have to put them on paper from time to time.

I planned this fiction to last a lot, but with these troubles in my head, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do it; I always go straight to the point when I tell a story. And if I don't, it will get reeeeaaally boring. So, I'll just try and post the last chapters. My inner-peace willing, I'll finish it this month.

Fifth chapter: My cold, dead face.

"Your road is at an end, Sciacallo" A voice threats in the dark, it's source concealed. Duriel doesn't need to give it much thought to guess this is an assassination attempt. However, it is unusual for his enemies to send a female to do such job; This obviously has to do with something more interesting than some idiot's vendetta.

"Reveal yourself, if you so please. If we are going to spill each other's blood, it is better we get properly introduced" Sciacallo puts his hand on his dagger's grip, ready for a fight.

Vayne comes out of the shadows and points her weapon at the man "Manners untouched, as always. I didn't expect no less from a repulsive, yet educated worm like you"

Upon seeing the night hunter, Duriel's face is filled with intrigue "Your words are offensive, lady Shauna" He slowly draws his blade and takes a few steps forward "I do not know the meaning of this, nor the motive of your anger, but I sense that there is no way to avoid this seemingly pointless encounter"

"Drop the act, Sciacallo!" Vayne shouts while she loads her wrist crossbow "You and your criminal composed household killed all my kin, together with many other families" The night hunter stops what seemed like a lecture of charges, and after receiving no response from Duriel, she continues "You have a lot to answer. What dark powers are behind the atrocities your father committed?"

"Hmph" Sciacallo closes his eyes and smiles "He did everything within his reach to grant his family more power, how can you judge us, when your father was exactly like mine?"

Vayne has heard enough bull**** for today. If Duriel isn't willing to speak while held at crossbowpoint, he will do when he lies broken and blooded on the ground.

The night hunter attacks.

"You killed Durand" One boy says to an old man.

Karlo turns his back to see his young son, still a teenager "Duriel, we are men of honour: We do what we must to bring well-being to our family"

"Things were good enough for us before you started murdering people" The young man replies "The entire Vayne family, slaughtered in their own house. Only their youngest daughter escaped with her life"

"And what makes you think... " Karlo tries to answer to his son's scolding, but he is interrupted.

"You also killed Orianna during her training, right? Made it look like an accident? There is no limit for your depravity. You have violated the code of honor, and with it, you have betrayed just about everything you have taught me"

A brief moment of silence goes on, and is broken as Karlo suddenly opens his mouth.

"The code of honor forbids one from killing the innocent; How many innocents have you killed, Duriel? Dozens of them, all in the name of our family. We are even, and yet you judge me" The old man's words break his son's self-conviction.

"Father, I... I... " Duriel is left without words. At this point, to defy his father any further would be foolish.

"Worry not, my son. I know that the young, rebellious heart of yours burns with passion to uphold the code and energy to defy those who do not" Duriel's father is somehow not angry at his son, and comprehensive instead.

The young man sheds a tear "Father... Forgive me... I'm sorry... So sorry... "

"Duriel, you are my son; My blood, my living image. I will always be proud of you, for I know that the way you choose is always the one your heart says it's true"

Karlo's youngest son thanks his father for saying those words, for they have taken a burden off from him. The young Sciacallo is relieved to know that, although their disagreements, their relation remains somehow untouched.

"Go now, my son. Your sweetheart is looking for you, and it is not wise to keep women waiting. Go, and meditate some more about the recent events"

Shot after shot, Sciacallo evades every one of Vayne's attacks. He moves fast, and his skill with the stiletto is not to be questioned; He can even deflect the night hunter's volts with his small weapon.

"****ation! Why can't I impale this one?" Vayne says to herself, filled with frustration.

Duriel suddenly drops his battle stance and stares at the night hunter. He then sheaths his dagger, and turns his back, walking away from the woman. Vayne tries to shout at him, but she's interrupted as a wrenching pain invades her, and twenty four wounds start to bleed.

"I stabbed you so many times in so little time, that your body did not even realize how hurt it really was. Leave Noxus now, Shauna Vayne, or you will die from your injuries when the guards find you" Upon saying this, Duriel goes into the shadows, almost out of the night hunter's sight.

Vayne does not surrender easily. She chases evil wherever evil may be, and nothing can stop her heroic pursuit. She takes aim with her wrist crossbow, and shots a special, poisoned silver volt at Sciacallo.

"Prove your manners to this, you impure *******" The projectile flies towards Duriel, but Vayne is unable to see if the volt finds it's mark. With her reduced sight, Vayne can only guess the worse.

"****ation! I missed... "

Duriel is running through an alley, searching for the back entrance of his house. Sciacallo finds it, and tries to open the door, but he's interrupted as a wrenching pain invades him, and a single wound from a silver volt starts to bleed.

"She pierced my heart so swiftly with a projectile so small, that my body did not realize how hurt it really was" Duriel quotes his own words, realizing the irony.

Sciacallo has lost a lot of blood, and all the time running has expanded the wound. To make matters worse, his vision is getting blurry, and he finds it difficult to stand his feet. Duriel grabs the volt and tries to pull it out of the wound, only to see the toxic metal dripping from it's tip. This poison harms monsters... And it devastates humans.

Duriel leans his back against the wall. Shortly after, his legs start to fail him, and he finds himself sitting in the ground, powerless to do anything other than looking at the small dart that brought him to this condition.

Sciacallo looked at the volt's tip, and he could swear that it looked like a heart. Maybe it was the effect that the poison had on his eyes, or maybe his mind was hallucinating due to the death that drew closer with each second, but Duriel saw a heart.

"It makes sense that you become my executioner after I betrayed you, my only guide" The dying man whispers "I should have listened to you, my young heart, but the pressure was so much, that I just could not"

Duriel cries. His eyes, filled with tears, become blind to the things around him, and instead, he sees Fiora.

The woman that made him smile.
The woman he was going to marry.
The woman he wanted to spent his whole life with.
The woman he loved.

Aye, love, love.

"Fiore, la mia fiore... How did we come to this? Why have I betrayed and killed everything I once loved?" Duriel says in a whisper, while he sees himself in front of his sweetheart, running towards her open arms. And then, in his last breath, when the flurry of images is at it's climax and Sciacallo's life starts fading away, he murmurs his last words:

"If I came back to you now... Would you forgive me, Fiora?"

Commentaries: My eyes are still wet. I had to cry a lot in order to kill Duriel, but I did it. He wasn't just another invented character that I can freely move around stories... Creating him, his style, his techniques, his personality... I felt connected to him after spending so much time doing all that. Rest in peace, Sciacallo, I will never forget you, my friend.

Well, anyway, hope you liked this chapter. :B

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Okay, I'm almost out of ideas, don't know why. The first chapter and the ending for the story have been in my head for a lot of time, but I haven't gave much thought to the thing in between them. At this point, anything could happen, I guess. I'll write some paragraphs now and see what to do next in a few days.

Sixth chapter: You are all mine

"My brother is dead" Vito's voice becomes colder with every passing hour; The deep sadness within him consumes his very soul, and everyone around him can notice it.

"He was quite a handsome man, but things must move on" Katarina's total disregard for Sciacallo's -- Or any living thing's -- suffering was undeniable "I'm not here to show you my respects, I'm here to ask you a simple question:"

"What the hell did your stupid father do to mine?"

Vito laughs. He knew that, sooner or later, the daughters of Du Couteau would find out who was responsible for their father's disappearance. But it was hilarious that this half-beaten Garen-loving ***** came to the very house of the Sciacallo family showing no respect for the deceased, and dared to threat one of the greatest war-veterans of Noxus with her puny knives.

"Ah, the old general? I don't really know where he is, why don't you try speaking to Jericho Swain, or maybe his lapdog Darius?" Upon saying this, Vito draws his sword "And now, get the **** out of my house, wench of the Dauntless Vanguard, or I will show you why the name 'Sciacallo' is not to be said without respect"

Katarina looks at Sciacallo with anger... Well, more exactly, with an all-hating expression, while she readies her knives "What will you do, scoundrel? Abduce me for ten years, send a witch to kill my entire family, or hire a bunch of murderers to do the dirty work?"

Words make way to steel. The entire study is tore down and up, and the house is shaken to it's very foundations. Nobody cares; Only Vito lives in there. He's the last member of the Sciacallo family, with no heirs, wife, parents or brethren. He must win this fight.

He cannot be defeaten. The Sciacallo family must live on.
Dodge her knives, cut her flesh.
He will survive, and claim all the wealth in the world.
Deliver a god**** sword strike to her chest.
His household will keep being the richest in recorded history.
Don't bleed out, Sciacallo, you've faced worse odds than this girl.
He must avenge his fallen brother. Failure is not an option.
Vision is going blurry. Katarina is starting to laugh.
He cannot allow a simple woman to ruin everything.
Get up, soldier, she's going to cut your throat.

"Do not worry, my brother. I do not care for wealth, not even a little bit. I am content as long as I am next to my love and true to my family"

Duriel, why do you smile so much? I'm dead. My blood paints the walls of our home, and yet you smile... It's like you never cease to look gentle and harmless.

I messed up. I'm sorry, father

"Looks like all your conspiracy and murdering has been for naught" Vito lies dead in the ground. He did put up quite a fight, but he was no match for Katarina "But good thing that you told me about Swain before dying, scoundrel"

The sinister blade leaps to the window and leaves the house, whispering a little good-bye to the last Sciacallo.

"See you in hell"

"So, the deed is done" Garen's face showed total focus and seriousness, although he was quite happy on the inside to hear these news.

Katarina looks at her beloved Demacian warrior and smiles, with one of those scary yet beautiful smiles of hers "Sciacallo lies dead on the ground, and we can now take control of his properties. And now that Laurent, Vayne, Darkwill and Vadrucci are out of the picture, nobody will stop us"

"Indeed" Garen takes a deep breath, and keeps talking "But the Lightshields cannot know of our negotiations, although they are our allies. Also, while Vayne won't care for all this, Laurent may try and rise to power again"

"I doubt it" Says the noxian, while getting closer to the arms of her beloved "Laurent is weak and infamous, and so is her daughter, no matter her status in the League"

"You're right -- The war between the ten houses is over" Garen takes Katarina in his arms, and they both engage in a most passionate kiss.

Contrary to what the reader may have guessed, Vayne didn't die. But the way back home was long and shameful for the night hunter, and I was asked -- While held at crossbow point -- not to mention a word about it. Fearing for my life, I decided to skip this part of the story.

Vayne is weak and tired. Her body is full of bandages, and her feets hurt from many painfull hours of walking. But at last she arrives at her manor, and instantly throws herself into the bed, to wake up days later.

The night hunter knows nothing of what happened to Duriel. She still thinks that Sciacallo is running around Noxus, doing dirty work for his wicked family. It's kind of ironic, that one who assumed defeat survived, and one who smiled in victory fell dead to the ground.

"Sciacallo may have escaped this time, but there's still a lot to investigate" Vayne grabs her weapons as soon as she's awake; I've already told you how the night hunter is when it comes to precaution.

The witch behind the murder of Vayne's family was, without any doubt, the work of the Sciacallo family. If Duriel's father was willing to do such a thing, then he surely had something to do with the other murders.

What happened to Durand and Reveck? Why was Vadrucci killed? And what kind of power was behind all the murders and disappearances?

Karlo Sciacallo -- A most terrible figure, and a name that Vayne needed to investigate in order to answer all this questions.

The war between the ten houses may be over, but many ends have been left untied.

Commentaries: Prepare for some conspirative **** in Valoran.

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Seventh chapter: A message

Vayne does a little research into the rich families of Valoran, and ignores the passing of time. No book or record has information on Sciacallo's connection with the dark forces, and the night hunter starts to think that the old man had nothing to do with them. He was, most probably, a puppet of a greater power.

"But, who in earth has enough greed, malevolence and black magic to drive a man into violently murdering entire families and taking over their properties?" Vayne asks herself, trying to figure out the missing pieces on the board "Such degree of deceiving -- I can only think of one entity"

The Black Rose has always remained hidden, pulling strings from the shadows and plotting to advance their standings in the realm, pursuing their selfish ambitions. Maybe they knew of Sciacallo's lust for money and power, and tricked him into declaring war to the other houses, knowing that Sciacallo would win in the end for as long as the members of the Black Rose backed him up from their hidings.

But they didn't plan to reward the greedy old man; They were just using him. And now that Sciacallo's victory was eminent, they took him out of the picture to destabilize his family and grab all the power for themselves. The theory made pefect sense in Vayne's mind. There where eyes all around the shadows, making plans to stab their enemies and take their loot. First they planned on taking Noxus, then, the entire planet. The Black Rose was going to dominate everything in their path and establish a new world order.

The machinations of Vayne's ever-vigilant, practically paranoic mind go on like this for hours. At a point, she comes to the conclusion that "the traitorous" Vadrucci was one of Sciacallo's allies (An alliance that was probably signed at gunpoint), and when he discovered of Karlo's negotiations with the Black Rose, he threatened to tell everyone about it, thus defeating Sciacallo in his own game and releasing himself from the cumbersome alliance. Of course, he got killed for that.

But, if the night hunter is right, then it is obvious -- To her -- that Duriel's next move will either be finishing off the last families or take the fight to the Black Rose. And while Vayne does not fear for the life of any member of LeBlanc's acursed organization nor for the safety of Katarina's kin, she does worry -- A little, tiny bit -- that their deaths may bring the Sciacallo family to full power once again. And if Sciacallo fails and the Black Rose succeeds on their quest for domination, things will get bad. Seriously bad. Grim.

Loud sounds come from the outside, and it isn't just plain nonsensical aristocratic street drama. This seems to be something serious. Vayne looks through her window, and tries to figure out what's happening, when she notices a strange letter from the Institute of war.

Laurent manor
Fiora wakes up, a thousand sad thoughts flowing through her mind. She doesn't want to leave her bed. She just wants to stay there, alone, with only cigarretes to kill her time, with only music to express her feelings. She has felt like this before, so lonely, depressed and suicidal. All the things she has accomplished mean nothing to her; They are just worthless possessions and titles, trivial loads of ****.

She doesn't care for the outer world, when she is so empty inside, but all she's able to do is to pretend; Pretend to be rough, proud and strong, just as superficial as all the other fools. But she's not: The grand duelist is different from the rest, smart, full of emotion and delicate... but living a lie is all she has left.

"Duriel" A heart-breaking, yet sweet whisper comes out of Fiora's lips.

Since Vadrucci's murder, Demacia has been putting pressure on Noxus, and now that the pictures of a dead Duriel Sciacallo are everywhere on the news papers, the conflict just grows more tense. The Institute of war is already arranging a match for the city-states to solve their differences before things get out of control. All champions of the League received a letter with the details this morning. Upon reading it, Fiora's mind gets even more troubled.

Champions of the League: The recent events foretell of a new armed conflict between Noxus and Demacia. As you may know, three persons have been assassinated: Fimeno Vadrucci and the Sciacallo brothers, Vito and Duriel, who are also held responsible of Vadrucci's murder.

While the demacians say that justice has already been served, Noxus claims that the Sciacallo brothers were framed for a crime they didn't commit, leading to many disputes that have led to a serious risk of war.

The League of Legends, as always, must fulfil its duty to keep peace, and upon seeing the current situation, the high summoners have decided that this conflict will be solved in the rift.

The match will take place in one week's time. Any champions who wish to offer their support for a cause will have to present themselves at the Institute of war before that day. They must bring with them their documentation and (...)

(The letter goes on, but both Fiora and Vayne choose to throw it away)

Somewhere, in Noxus
"The stage is set" Says the woman, while looking at her mirror.

"I know" Answers the man, while also talking to his raven pet "Now that we control the High Command, we can take care of Demacia. Maybe we could also pay a visit to the Du Couteaus"

The woman nods "The League match, we shouldn't interfere in it; It would look too suspicious"

"Yes" the man notices "But I have a little plan we can use to turn this little setback on our favor"

Commentaries: eheh. I don't know when I'll finish the next chapter; I've never writen about a League match, and I don't want to screw it up, so I'll take my time with it to make sure it is entertaining and doesn't break the style of storytelling I'm using for this fiction.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you're enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing.

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Eighth chapter: Battle in the rift, first part - Make your pick

"The match will begin in two hours" That only means one thing: Waiting. Oh, the insufferable waiting.

Summoners check their strategies, incantations, scrolls, runes and such; This is an important match, so everything must be ready and perfect, for there's no room for mistakes this day.

Champions look at each side's supporters while they also prepare for battle, reading their equipment and doing warm ups. The rooster for both Noxus and Demacia is quite assorted, due to many members of the League having their interests piqued by the mysterious events that took place last week. It goes as following:


  • Twisted Fate, the card master - Close friend to Duriel Sciacallo, wants to have his comrade's name cleansed of unjust charges.
  • Darius, the hand of Noxus - Served alongside Vito Sciacallo, desires to fight to defend his name.
  • Fiora, the grand duelist - No reasons given.
  • Sion, the undead champion - Fights because he was told to do so.
  • Riven, the exile - Despite her disagrees with Noxus, she wishes to defend the honor of the fallen brothers.
  • Cassiopeia, the serpent's embrace - Replacing Katarina, who suddenly disappeared days before the match.
  • Brand, the burning vengeance - Wishes to burn Anivia to the ground.
  • Rumble, the mechanized menace - Just trying to get Tristana's attention.

  • Anivia, the cryophoenix - Alongside Ashe, wishes to strengthen up Freljord's relationship with Demacia.
  • Ashe, the frost archer - Alongside Anivia, wishes to strengthen up Freljord's relationship with Demacia.
  • Galio, the sentinel's sorrow - Desires to fight in the name of all the Demacians who've fallen at the hands of noxian assassins.
  • Tristana, the megling gunner - Replacing Poppy and Teemo, who were going to represent Bandle City until they got sick.
  • Vayne, the night hunter - No reasons given.
  • Varus, the arrow of retribution - Will never reject a chance to fight noxians.
  • Wukong, the monkey king - Wishes to test himself against Darius.
  • Lux, the lady of luminosity - Replacing Garen, who suddenly disappeared days before the match.

"How interesting" Caitlyn approaches the serpent's embrace while she looks at the rooster "So many champions gone missing; It's hard to believe it was just a mere coincidence"

Cassiopeia turns to see the sheriff of Piltover, respectful of the woman, yet a little disturbed by her habit of poking her nose were she doesn't belong. The half-snake woman simply nods "One can never know what to expect"

"Oh yes" The sheriff loads her weapon and puts on a strange smile on her face "But if one investigates enough, she can be prepared - Don't you think so, Cassiopeia?"

"I think I should go" Caitlyn obviously knows something. It's better for the gorgon to step out of her way. Cassiopeia then tries to move back, but she quickly finds herself cornered by the sheriff of piltover.

"Don't play stupid, girl. You know exactly what's going on, and there's no way you can fool me" Caitlyn's face suddenly changes into that of a bad cop who enjoys interrogations "Tell me everything. Now"

Summoning chamber, blue side
"Anivia" Said summoner Hjalti of Freljord, leader of the team, and the cryophoenix instantly walked into the summoning platform.

Vayne looks around her. Her odds of being picked are little, for there are a lot of competition for the place of ranged damage dealer; Varus, Tristana, Ashe and her, the night hunter, compete for role. It will not be an easy decision for the summoners.

"I think Varus' will do nicely. If we get lucky enough, the enemy summoners will have no idea how to counter him" States a young summoner named Batzo, but he is interrupted

"I disagree. Your words just make proof of your inexperience, Batzo. Because of that, I will undergo the role of ranged damage dealer" Summoner Fredrik Budtke of Demacia gets aproval from his teammates, and makes his pick. Tristana walks into the summoning platform.

Quickly after that, Batzo picks Lux, contrary to his teammates' wish. Two other summoners remain to make their pick: Sibtiz the midget, an apolitical zaunite that posseses high skill but little mind of his own, and Paola, a young genius boy of revelious spirit.

"There is no one hard enough in our team to lead the charge - My friends, I will pick Galio, and absorb all the damage in the front lines!" Sibtiz, always sticking around with rules, guides and textbooks as if they were writen in stone, makes his decision. The gargoyle walks into the summoning platform.

"I should've known you would do that, Sibtiz. You've never been too open minded" Paola scolds him, while analyzing the rest of the team. In his mind, there isn't enough damage potential within the champions his companions will summon.

"Shut your mouth, Paola. You're always messing around things you don't even understand; Every team needs a balanced composition!" Sibtiz steps forward, ready to answer anything the young boy throws at him.

"Any team has potential, as long as the summoners think their strategy carefuly. To lose too much time over meaningless things such as balance is foolish. The only important thing is to have a tactical mind" Upon saying this, Paola picks Vayne.

"What in the world?! Paola, have you gone mad?! There's no fighting champion able to take blows in the front lines! You should use Wukong, so that... " Says Fredrik, but he is quickly interrupted.

"Shut up, Budtke. I will prove you all wrong... In the field" Paola makes his decision, and the night hunter walks into the summoning platform.

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Writing this story is getting a little boring. I think I'll just kill everybody and be DUN with it.

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Eighth chapter: Battle in the rift, second part - A stalemate

Upon hearing Caitlyn's words, Fredrik just stops mentally issuing orders to Tristana, which results in her almost getting killed. The Black Rose itself, plotting to take over the government of Noxus, control of the Institute and topple the Lightshield dinasty, taking ahold of Demacia. This was unbelievable. Caitlyn is a great investigator, but she is surely wrong.

However, if she is right in this, it also means that this match is just a set up, to take the attention off the city-states and focus it on the fields of justice, giving the Black Rose enough time to rip away the limbs of their enemies.

Vayne and Fiora fight against each other in the field. Despite the great deal of aggresive tactics the enemy deploys, the unmatched skill of Paola always saves Vayne.

"Get away from the tall bushes. Now" The summoner commands mentally.

Vayne isn't pleased to back away from her enemy, but her trust in Paola is strong "I will, but can't you tell me what's going on?"

"I detect the energy of eleven champions in the field" Paola's voice becomes rather serious, as if he was aware of a great danger, preparing himself for it.

Vayne gets to the safety of her turret, while she awaits for a new wave of soldiers to arrive. She focuses her mind, and continues her telepathic talk with her summoner "Eleven? You know well that only ten champions may enter the fields at a time"

"Yes" Paola takes a deep breath and continues "I suspect there's a trap prepared for this match, but I cannot make any acusations to stop it whithout proof"

This isn't good. Since Duriel's death, the Black Rose hasn't made any big moves, and this match seems like the perfect occasion to wreak havoc. Vayne wonders what dangers are ahead, but at the time she is unable to come up with any ideas of what LeBlanc may be planning, and all she can do now is to continue with Paola's defensive strategy.

After some time of battle, Paola informs Vayne that Caitlyn has entered the chamber. As the night hunter tries to pay attention to her summoner's words, she is interrupted by Fiora, who goes totally berserk, charging into the tower.

Vayne tries to evade her enemy, but she moves quickly. The turret fires many magic projectiles at the grand duelist, but she evades them with ease, even blocks one by cutting it in half with her rapier. In no time, Fiora has reached Vayne, and starts doing a deadly acrobatic attack, cutting and stabbing the night hunter at vital points with the speed of lightning. Vayne is at the brink of death when she is saved by Paola's audacious use of spells and control of summoning magic.

The night hunter has, seemingly, escaped the wrath of the grand duelist, but there's something wrong. The wounds inflicted by the enemy feel real. It doesn't seem as the normal temporary injuries suffered in the other matches; Those heal faster, and don't hurt as much. But these... They are killing Vayne.

"Paola... Help me... " The night hunter's voice weakens in the summoner's mind, as she faints and falls to the ground.

Vayne awakes at the Institute's infirmary. The wounds she suffered in the battle were real, for they haven't disappeared now that she's outside the summoning platform. Similar thing happened to other champions in the same match. It seems that the magic energies within the rift failed, making it posible for champions to actually die when summoned. Of course, this failure wasn't just a coincidence, someone made things fail.

"LeBlanc" The answer was pretty clear on Vayne's mind.

Luckily, a catastrophe was avoided thanks to Caitlyn's advice, which made it possible for the match to be stopped. No one died, but many people got severe injuries and were being treated now at the Institute. Fiora was among them.

"You're awake. Good. Having your death in my conscience is the last thing I need" Paola smiled a little, happy, but unexpresive of it, as always.

"This was a set up" Vayne doesn't hold her anger, not even a little bit "I smell the hand of the Black Rose here... Those wicked creatures were trying to kill us all as they did with Sciaca-... "

Paola covers Vayne's mouth with his hand, stopping her from saying anything else "Hush" He says "The Institute is already investigating the Black Rose, but they are too powerful, and we can't go against them in the open. We'll have to keep things quiet from here on, Vayne"

The woman is shocked to hear of such cowardice, and takes Paola's hand away from her lips "What? So, we will simply let them to get away with this?"

"Vayne, I just can't-... " Paola tries to explain himself, but is interrupted by the angry woman.

"Cowards!! They're cowards!! And you... I though you were something else. Looks like I was wrong, Paola. You're a coward as well" The night hunter speaks as if she was spitting fire, making people cower in fear with each word.

"I will not allow our relationship to get in the way of my job. Things will be kept quiet, and if you revel against that order, you'll be expelled from the League. Is that clear?" Paola turns his back on his now not-befriended favorite champion, and walks away.

There's nothing Vayne can do. She just can't risk being expelled from the League of legends, and losing a friend like this has made her think a little more about being always so bossy.

Dusk comes, and the wounded champions choose to go back to their respective homes, and take some time away from the matches, for the last match had a severe impact on their psyche. When Vayne returns to her manor, she simply throws away her weapons, in a classic way to express frustration. All of this stupidity started with Duriel Sciacallo; If it wasn't for him, she would've just continued her silent night patrol of Demacia.

"I give up" Says the night hunter, for the first time in her life "All this politics and plots have brought me to my knees. I prefer to simply hunt evil and be done with it"

Commentaries: Final chapter incoming.