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Heart-shaped piece of silver.

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I have this story in my head since long, long time. I just can't wait until I finish The clock is ticking, so I'll start writing this one. It includes a very few characters created by me, but I think you'll like them.

This is mainly a story of drama, combat, suspense and heroic stuff. As always, I'll discreetly put some romance here and there, but don't expect five pages of love and stuff, because that's not the idea.

First chapter: Clashing steel

It's late at night. The stars and the moon are out; Shauna Vayne has no time to lose. Her silent nocturnal patrol of Demacia begins once again.

A swift hunter must be always aware, for the prey can appear anytime. Concentration and constant training are key. Vayne doesn't even let her guard down for a second, she knows that many dangers can come out of nowhere, and for that moments one must be prepared.

While on her patrol, the night hunter hears loud footsteps from the near alleys. It is, undoubtedly, a man who's escaping from a chase. Vayne knows that, while there is a posibility of this involving an evil creature, the man is most likely a thief running from the guardsmen. But she has sworn to protect the inocent, and is duty-bound to inspecting the situation and interfere if needed.

Vayne spots the subject in question. He's a tall, longhaired and pale male human. His clothes look simple, yet somewhat elegant. He has some kind of rugged, soiled mantle on his shoulders. He is clearly fleeing from something, but Vayne is unable to discover what.

"Stop right there!" A female voice echoed through the hallways.

Vayne turns her attention towards the source of the voice she has just heard. She soon finds out that it's Fiora, the arrogant daughter of the Laurent family, the self-proclaimed "grand duelist".

"Egocentric *****" Said Vayne to herself. It was nothing more than lies, she and her ilk were nothing more than cowards who had dominated the art of dueling by poisoning their enemies. Fakers, that was the right word to describe the Laurents.

The man suddenly stopped upon being intercepted by Fiora, who had already drawn her rapier. The man calmly put his hand on his dagger's grip and turned his back to see her opponent.



These two seemed to know themselves. This surely had to do with some aristocratic nonsense, probably a petty dispute about who's stronger. This wasn't Vayne's bussiness, but as she was about to leave, she saw something interesting in Fiora's enemy.

"Have you lost your mind, Sciacallo?! That little, pathethic dagger is worth nothing against my wits and skill!" Fiora's self-confidence and ego was always present every time she interacted with another human being. But this time she was also angry, something quite unusual. Something strange was about to happen.

"Oh, my dear, young lady Laurent, you are an intelligent woman, and you sure know that appearances can get to fool someone at times" The man was relaxed, there wasn't even as much as a sign of fear or tireness. He was about to meet his death at the hands of a trained, sword-weilding sociopath, and didn't even have as much as a drop of sweat on his forehead.

Fiora lunged forward, and almost pierced the man's heart, but he quickly moved aside and evaded her attack. Even more enraged, Fiora launches another attack, this time moving even more faster, but the man evades her again. As Vayne observes the whole scene from atop a house's roof, she is amazed from the skill they both show. Well, she does not give Fiora any praise, for hate is the only thing she feels for the woman.

"Stop that!" Fiora shouted at her enemy "Draw your blade and let's finnish this!"

"My dear lady Laurent, if I used my stiletto on you, it would not be a fair fight" He smiled gently. It was like the man wasn't fighting back not because he wanted Fiora to get even more angry --Which, by the way, was resulting to be an effective strategy-- but because of his manners. He was risking his very life for the sake of being educated: A most chivalrous and brave thing to do, yet pretty stupid in Vayne's eyes. But she did liked his attitude, though.

Fiora got enraged to the point were she nearly lost herself. She was delivering thrust after thrust, determined to kill the man. Her enemy kept evading her, again, and again, and again, until she started to feel tired.

"How can this be? Why can't I pierce your heart, and make you bleed like the pig you are?" Fiora said, as she was almost crumbling to the ground from her fatigue.

"My dear lady Laurent" The man said, gently "It looks our encounter has reached a stalemate. Although it has been good to see you, I fear that I must depart, for my mission is of the utmost importance, and I cannot delay any further"

The man left the alleys, as an almost defeated Fiora threw curses at him and his entire lineage. Vayne didn't felt like there was a need to keep watching this scene any more, but the man had strongly called her attention. She choosed to silently follow him, and find out what was he doing alone in the maze of streets.

Commentaries: Don't know for sure when I'll write the next chapter. If this one gets some love from critiques, I may continue the story this week, and if it doesn't, I'll just wait until I finish my other fictions. Yeah, Polly don't care. He just writes.

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I like this already!

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That's all the critique-love I need to keep writing. :B

Well, I decided to give my other fiction a QUICK ending, so I'll be working on this now.

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Duriel Sciacallo gets no love on champion concept forum. Well, who cares? Polly does not. Polly loves to write and create things.

Second chapter: A dangerous guest

Fiora's enemy silently runs across the streets, occasionally going through alleys, presumably to avoid being detected. Vayne follows him from afar, taking advantage of rooftops and other high-ground hiding places. The nighthunter does not reveal herself to the prey; to do so would be most unwise.

Although Vayne is not able to read minds --Yet-- this man's intentions are pretty clear to her: He's an assassin, most probably an expensive one. He does not leave any trail, moves and acts without causing suspicion, wears simple clothing and seems to have everything very well planed. He may deceive the others, but he cannot fool Vayne's detection.

The man suddenly stopped when he got near the mansion of the Vadrucci family. As the nighthunter watches him from afar, Sciacallo makes his plan; His objective musn't see another day, and he plans to make sure he doesn't.

"Sciacallo -- A fitting name for a murderer" Vayne says to herself, as she stalked the man from the shadows. She did knew that one of the nobles living in the mansion was going to be killed, but she didn't care for the intrigues of nobles and rich people. Her mission was the annihilation of evil beings, not taking sides in disputes like these.

The assassin approached the guards in the main entrance, and --For some reason-- was granted permission to the manor. There was nothing for Vayne to do here anymore; It was time to banish into the night and continue her silent vigil of Demacia.

Next day

Vayne awoke about eleven, twelve AM. She hunted at night, and just couldn't have a normal schedule; She had to go to bed real late and get up at whatever hour she awoke.

Naked, laying in the bed of the room that once belonged to a happy and naive girl whom's family was killed by an evil witch, the nighthunter swiftly gets up and storms into the bathroom. She takes a shower, washes her teeth, combs her hair, the usual lady stuff. But Vayne acts more with dexterity than grace. The hunting has become a part of her, and there is absolutely no moment where she drops her guard. Even now she has her crossbow ready, just in case.

Most people would think of paranoia, but Vayne has never been proved wrong when it comes to being careful. Her unending vigil has saved the lives of many as well as hers. "Fools" she thoughts to herself over and over again, fools are those who do not act carefuly and laugh at her, not hearing her warnings, only to end up in a cementery. Vayne despises evil, and only evil she harms, but some times the stupidity of humans bring her patience to an end.

Someone --Or something-- knocks on the door. It must be Albert, the butler, most surely he's here to bring some important news or to tell Vayne if she's going to have breakfast. But, just in case, she puts her hand near the crossbow. Always ready is her motto.

"My lady, should I cook for you the usual, or do you wish for some variation today?"

"Usual" Vayne slowly draws her hand away from the weapon as the sound of Albert's footsteps banishes in the distance. She has much trust for the man, but evil beings like to take on different forms, taking advantage of you when your guard drops from seeing a friendly face. No, she was smarter than that, cheap tricks like those wouldn't fool her.

It took her about half an hour to get out of the bathroom. As most women do, she took her time for the sake of style and finesse. Despite what the reader may think of our dear nighthunter, she is a woman to whom appearence and style mean a lot.

She then goes to the kitchen, were a toasted piece of bread and a glass of water awaits her. Before eating or drinking something, Vayne analizes the table: Poison and traps are common in places where you feel relaxed. But this time everything seems secure, and she just sits and reads the news while she has breakfast around dinner time.

Front page
Fimeno Vadrucci was found dead in his study this morning.

"I didn't expect any less" Vayne says, feeling no pitty for the just-deceased nobleman. She then just skipped most of the paragraphs reporters write to describe the situation, until a most interesting section of the news piqued her interest.

Eleventh page
We had an interview with his daughter, who ear-witnessed the whole scene. Although the young lady Vadrucci felt much pain to share these words with us, she said that it didn't matter to her for as long as her testimony helps bring this coward to justice.

"I was hearing my father and his guest discussing about bussines. They seemed to know each other pretty well, for they just kept bringing up things from the past and laughing. But, after a while, my father asked him a question I couldn't hear. The man answered 'Let me introduce myself. I am Duriel Sciacallo, and I have come here for the blood of Fimeno Vadrucci' Uppon hearing this, I stood up and rushed to my father's aid, but... But... It was already too late. He had already killed him, and as he saw me, he pointed his weapon at me, and said 'I will spare your life, my lady. But try not to make me regret that choice'. That... That murderous scoundrel then... Smiled, in a... Twisted way... And then escaped through the window. Oh, my father, he was... Already dead... There was nothing I could do for him, he was... "

Vayne didn't had to keep reading this. The girl's sorrow doesn't move her. She passed through a similar situation when her family was killed, years ago, but somehow she has endured so much, that her heart has become of stone.

The nighthunter ate her toast and prepared to go out on another mission. Glasses, crossbows, cape and silver bolts was all she needed.

"Isn't too early to look around for monstruosities, lady Shauna?" Accostumed to seeing his master hunt only at night, Albert felt the need to ask.

"I'm not going out on patrol" She quickly answered, slightly bothered by the old man's inquisitiveness.

A short silence suddenly invaded the room as Vayne wet her lips to inform the servant of her real destination.

"This time, I hunt for Duriel Sciacallo"

Commentaries: Okey, it's 4:26 AM in my country, but that's fine because I work at night. I don't want to rush this story too much, so I'm taking my time with every chapter, want to make sure each one is entertaining. Not that I care too much for views and critique. That is almost meaningless to me, but I do like to think that I've written something good.

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Third chapter: Devastating truth

Why does Laurent hate Sciacallo so much? The two of them are aristocratic fools, battering at each other with steel for nonsense. But Vayne has never seen Fiora so angry about something, let alone lose her nerve against an enemy. Whatever thing was going on, it was more serious than a petty dispute.

What's more, even the way in which he murdered Vadrucci was shrouded in mystery. It seemed as if everything around Sciacallo was somewhat unusual; Wherever he went, strange things happened. Vayne was concerned that the man might be involved in things darker than what everyone thought.

All these things passed pretty quickly through the night hunter's mind. As she walks the streets of Demacia, not dressed in her usual hunting outfit, but still armed to the teeth, the first stop of her investigation becomes even more clear: Fiora.

Vayne does not like her. She is a creature of pure ego, repulsive to the night hunter's eyes. Laurent doesn't even care for justice or the safety of the common folk. Vayne knows her since childhood, and has always avoided contact with the woman. But ever since she joined the League, they were constantly running into each other, and believe me they just didn't get along. More than once they have almost come to blows.

But, is there another person who can provide Vayne with information about Sciacallo? No, there's not. She is forced to speak with Fiora, and find out what is going on.

Vayne keeps walking across the streets. The house of her late parents is located in the center of the most wealthy district of Demacia, and the great Laurent manor is near the palace. The night hunter estimates that it's about ten minutes of walk, not counting possible distractions on the road.

20 minutes later --Eight minutes of walk, two minutes of listening to vendors, ten minutes of browsing for shoes..

"Lady Fiora" The servant approached her while she was in the family's training room, sparring with some snot-nosed noble "Your childhood friend Shauna has come to see you"

Poor old man, the years have been hard on his awareness, and now he is pretty much unable to see the difference between enemies and friends. But he has served the family for a lot of time, and Fiora --Sometimes-- tolerates his foolish mistakes.

"Really? Very well, bring her here. Let us see what she wants" She ordered to the old man, who instantly shook his head and silently went back to escort Vayne.

A long chat with an old butler and a minute later...

"So, you interrupt my training session to make me some answers" As Fiora speaked, she also sparred with the young boy, who could barely stand his feet against such opponet "What do you want, Vayne?"

"I'll ask this just once, Laurent, so you've better hear me" Vayne put on a threatening tone, as Fiora knocked his opponent to the ground and turned back to see her "What do you know about Duriel Sciacallo?"

"Oh, my, only what everybody knows: He killed poor old Vadrucci, in a most 'horrible' manner" She laughed "A rather foolish thing to do, to tell people your name after comiting a crime"

"You're lying" Vayne got closer to her childhood rival. Knowing that Fiora wasn't aware of what she saw last night, the night hunter realizes that she'll be able to get the information she wants if she uses her own information properly.

"Tell me" She threatened Fiora "Why do you pretend to know nothing?"

The young boy Laurent was sparring with moments ago feels the aura of hatred between the two women, and runs away from the scene, knowing that a serious fight is on it's way.

"What are you implying, Vayne?!" A furious Fiora said, as she pointed her rapier at the night hunter "Speak! Now!"

Instead of saying any word, Vayne shot an arrow from the crossbow on her wrist. Fiora dodged it, and delivered a quick thrust at her rival. However, Vayne tumbled away from the duelist's reach, and shot her crossbow again. This evade-evade fighting went on for some seconds and suddenly stopped when the women found themselves in a stalemate... And a torn-apart training room that servants will need weeks to repair.

"Tired already?" Fiora boasted, nevermind the fatigue she also felt "Or do you want some more?"

"Answer me, Laurent, or I'll make sure this whole thing crumbles to the ground" Vayne was determined to do anything if that got her to the answers she sought

"And how will you do that, Vayne?" Fiora said, her hand heartily holding the rapier's grip "How will you explain all that chaos to my friends in the city guard?"

Fiora was right. Vayne had to think carefuly her next move, it is not wise to play with forces one cannot control nor comprehend. It was the right time to try and use her kwoledge of Laurent's fight with Duriel. Vayne looked at her enemy "I'm aware of your fight with Sciacallo, and your desire to kill him. You know him since long time ago, so don't play stupid now"

It appeared the night hunter's words had the desired effect, for Fiora sheathed her weapon uppon hearing that. The grand duelist looked at Vayne's victorious expression "How do you... Know all that?"

Meanwhile, somewhere in Noxus

"Brother, have you completed your assignment?" The shadowy figure asked, while constantly scratching his chin.

Duriel, standing in the corner of the room, checking the sharpness of his dagger with his fingers at the same time he talked, simply gave the man a serious look and smiled "Have I ever failed you, or our family?"

Never in all his years he has failed to fulfill a contract; Duriel is one to be trusted. The man laughs "I take that as a 'yes', little brother. But did you made sure to... "

Duriel looks at his brother, still smiling, but unsettled by his insistence "Brother, I always take care of the details. The whole city of Demacia knows that Duriel Sciacallo was the one to execute the traitorous Vadrucci. Rest easy, for everything is taken care of"

A beam of sunshine enters through the window, revealing the face of the shadowy figure. As Duriel looks up to see his older brother, sheathing his dagger, he reminds the great respect he feels for the old soldier: The scars on his forehead, the look of his eyes, the notches on his armor; It all gave him a terrifying presence.

"Sorry, brother, I shouldn't have doubted of your skills" He said, while turning his back, concealing his face again and looking at an old painting of his father "But your romance with the daughter of the Laurent concerned me"

Duriel simply closes his eyes, and walks towards his brother. He puts his hand on the soldier's shoulder "Worry not, Vito; I did what was needed. I broke my relation with Fiora long time ago, for the sake of our family, and our unity"

Vito turns his head to see his brother, and smiles "Good. I know it wasn't something you desired, brother, but it was necessary" Duriel starts walking towards the room's door, ready to leave on another job, but his brother interrupts him "But, Duriel, why have you waited this much to tell me?"

The younger son of the Sciacallo family suddenly loses his usual gently, sympathethic attiude, and puts a serious look in the place of his ever-lasting smile "After father's death, I did not felt like troubling you with my problems, Vito. I do what must be done, and nothing else" And with that, he leaves the room.

Vito Sciacallo turns his head again and stares at the painting of his deceased father. He scratches his chin again, and looks at the drawn-eyes of the canvas "Father... Can it be that, sometimes, the well-being of our family may be placed a bit too much above our own happiness?"

heheComentaries: Do not expect any kind of romance in the next chapters. There will be none. I kind of feel that this fanfic has been ignored, but well, to be honest, I don't care.

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poke poke.

Hey, I'm not ignoring it!

After I saw your post in the crack relationships thread, and then saw you on the author's list here, well, I had to come.

Keep going plz! =)

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I've actually been reading it for awhile, though I'm one of those awkward lurkers that never comment. But since you commented on mine I'll comment on yours. :3

Overall, excellent work. I love how you portrayed Vayne as her usual night-huntress self, but also with the underlying spoiled & privileged girl that hasn't quite grown up yet (That dressing up, buying shoes, & all that). It's a unique twist to a naturally devastating character.

Also, whenever I see the title, I think of that Blondie song, "Heart of Glass".

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I secretly read these and thumb them up, so you are not being ignored. +1 Ninja

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Whoa, my readers are ninjas! Now that's a badass thing. And thank you for breaking your stealth modes to comment, I really appreciate it! You've brought a smile to little Polly's face.

As for the next chapter, I still have to polishpolishpolish a lot of things. Won't post anything until next week, I think. Dunno how much time I will need to finnish it up.

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Whoa, my readers are ninjas! Now that's a badass thing. And thank you for breaking your stealth modes to comment, I really appreciate it! You've brought a smile to little Polly's face.

As for the next chapter, I still have to polishpolishpolish a lot of things. Won't post anything until next week, I think. Dunno how much time I will need to finnish it up.

You are welcome *goes back into ninja mode (which is just code for stealth mode [which means I go invisible -trollolo-])*

OOOPS! Wrong computer. This is zom btw