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The Tale of King Tryndamere, Queen Soraka, and the Witch Lulu

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Part two is now posted below. It is the conclusion to this story, and I do not plan on adding anything else to it. Part two turned out much longer than part one, since I tried to give lengthy descriptions of scenes. The fairy tale style was just too rushed I think, for some peoples enjoyment. I will not go back and make part one as lengthy. I will leave it in this mock fairy tale style.

The Tale of King Tryndamere, Queen Soraka, and the Witch Lulu

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Demacia, there lived the good king Tryndamere and his beautiful queen Soraka. They had a very safe kingdom, because king Tryndamere made sure to train with his soldiers everyday, so that they were the strongest in all the lands, and queen Soraka worked late hours in the hospital to develop new cures for diseases. All the people were happy, but most importantly, Tryndamere and Soraka were happy.

Then one day, a band of knights led by sir Garen were lost in a forest known as Twisted Treeline. Legend had told that a wicked witch dwelled in this forest, who would turn any passerby into a harmless critter. Sir Garen was not afraid of old stories, so set up camp in the forest until daylight would come and guide him out. The night air was too cold for Garen and his men, so, upon finding an old gnarly tree nearby, they decided to hack it to pieces.

As soon as sir Garen’s sword struck, the tree sprang to life and said, “Alas, why have ye injured me good knight? What harm have I ever caused to thee?”

To which, sir Garen responded, “What monster be ye cleped? Be this the work of witchcraft I see!”

The tree said, “I am Maokai, a Guardian of the forest. Ye must leave before I smite thee.”

Sir Garen was never afraid of a fight, so, since the tree Maokai had threatened him, he used his signature Judgment slash to cut the tree in two. As the tree Maokai fell dead, a sapling dropped off his branches, exploding on sir Garen. He was badly injured, and his men quickly carried him out of the forest, for only queen Soraka could help him.

At the breaking lights of dawn, sir Garen’s men carried him through Demacia’s gates and straight to queen Soraka. She was horrified to see the deep gashes under his armor as his men peeled them away, but right away, she started using all her medical knowledge to save him.

Back in the Twisted Treeline, the wicked witch Lulu awoke to sounds of mourning. She followed the sounds through the woods, until she came to guardian Maokai’s body, laying across the ground. She ran to him with tears falling all over the ground, sprouting daisies wherever they fell. For awhile, she hugged his dead body, but her sadness turned to rage, and all she could think of was revenge. When she looked at the ground, she saw many tracks from heavy clad men, leading a clear path toward Demacia. She followed these tracks, using her magic to see the knights who made them, in particular, sir Garen, the one whom she knew killed Maokai.

When the wicked witch Lulu arrived in Demacia, she snuck to the hospital, where she sensed the knight was. She peered through a window and watched as queen Soraka applied remedies to his wounds. She hopped through the window and yelled, “Alas, how dare ye aid me foe? A curse on thee far worse than death! Polymorph!” She cast her mighty Whimsy spell, and the beautiful queen Soraka grew hair and runes all over her body, hooves on her feet, and one horn on her forehead. Her skin turned a bright purple, like Lulu’s.

As the sound of guard’s footprints approached, Lulu jumped back out of the window and ran away faster than a speeding Rammus. Commander Lux was first to enter the hospital and found a horrifying half-unicorn standing over her brother’s body. Queen Soraka tried to explain what happened, but commander Lux fired her Light Binding spell, trapping her. She ordered the guards to bring the monster before king Tryndamere, while she would check on her brother. She ran to the still barely conscious Sir Garen, and he only managed to say, “Lulu,” before fainting again.

When queen Soraka was brought before king Tryndamere, she said, “Anon, good king, me husband. Please do no harm to me, for I am thy wife, thine lovely Soraka.”

He yelled, “what have ye done to me wife? My men tell me she is nowhere to be found, but thou were left in her place. Thou are not my beautiful wife but some creature from fairy world. Ye shall tell me where she be, or rot in the dungeons!”

Queen Soraka pleaded with him once more, but he would not hear anything she said. He felt his legendary Endless Rage coming on and ordered her to be taken to the highest dungeon before he cleaved her head off before the court. As she was taken away, commander Lux ran into the court to tell the king what she heard. He knew the legends of Lulu and decided to send an army after the witch, if she indeed kidnapped the queen and sent the monster to destroy his kingdom.

He sent his best general, Jarvan IV, with an army of one hundred knights to the Twisted Treeline. Commander Lux had begged the king to let her join the attack, but he left her on guard duty for her brother, sir Garen. While the army marched off into the distance, Soraka sat in her tall tower, looking out the dungeon windows. She lamented her situation and prayed to the Goddess that she would grant her one Wish, to cure herself of the polymorph.

After sometime, the Goddess took pity on her, and spoke to her thusly, “ye lowly earthly creature, I shall not grant thy Wish, for I give each creature of royal lineage but one wish in their lifetime, and thou will not want to waste it so selfishly. When thou have truly decided what ye want most in this world, I shall grant it to thee, be it this transformation or something else.”

Queen Soraka lamented over the response, both because she must remain a monster, and because she could be so selfish, even in harsh times.

When general Jarvan IV entered Twisted Treeline with his men, they began to comb the forest for traces of the witch. He used his Demacia Standard to mark their path as they went, so they would not get lost as sir Garen did. They searched all day with no sight of the witch, and the general decided to chop down many trees for a bonfire, to draw her out. The band of knights informed him of the situation with the tree Gaurdian, so no doubt Lulu cared about her trees.

As they expected, the wicked witch Lulu finally appeared, magically in the center of their troops. Jarvan IV tried to Dragon Strike her, as his whole army ran in to attack, but she used her spell, Wild Growth, to grow to the size of a rampaging Cho’gath, and blasted the army back. Some flew deep into the trees, but Jarvan IV managed to latch onto one Demacian Standard and hold his ground. He ran towards her to strike her with his mighty spear, but she cast her Glitterlance spell, causing him to move slower than the Elemental, Anivia. She continued to blast him with her magical bolts, and upon seeing his army fleeing in terror, he decided a strategic retreat was in order.

The great general Jarvan IV returned to Demacia with a fragment of the army, dragging their weapons along the ground. When he stepped before king Tryndamere’s court without Lulu’s head in his hands, king Tryndamere used his legendary Mocking Shout, forcing Jarvan IV to the ground. He sent him away, fearing the Endless Rage would force him to murder him and the remaining troops. Jarvan IV walked slowly out, still feeling the effects of the shout. He muttered curses under his breath, swearing to pay back this insult tenfold.

The wicked witch Lulu was still angry as well. She went to a deep part of Twisted Treeline, where a legendary dragon-god lived. She prayed before his alter, saying, “thou almighty god, king of this forest, please, I beseech thee! Grant me vengeance on Demacia, for they destroy thy trees and Guardians!”

The dragon peered his head through the alter and spoke thusly, “yea, my loyal servant Lulu. I shall grant thine request. Those who destroy my forest shall feel my wrath!”

The next day in Demacia, a great plague fell over the kingdom. All became sick except king Tryndamere and queen Soraka. King Tryndamere had known the witch would retaliate, so he had extra guards put around the city, but he had never expected such vengeful force, perhaps equal to his own Endless Rage! Now the guards lie dying all over the city, along with Jarvan IV, Lux, and the still unconscious sir Garen. When he stepped onto the streets, he saw them empty, but could hear moaning from all the houses. He had to stop this, he had to do something to stop Lulu’s wrath. He thought, perhaps the monster held the answers.

After king Tryndamere climbed the long tower steps to the dungeon, he spoke to queen Soraka thusly, “I have no idea what to call ye monster, but me wife thou shall never be! Thou are a servant of the witch, and stand before me healthy as a Teemo. Tell me, what be the cure to this plague, and maybe I shall spare thy life!”

Queen Soraka had seen the plague hit the town, and she felt so bad for all the people. She had never seen anything like it in her life, a plague that puts Twitch to shame! But she had heard of the legendary plagues of the gods. Even if she had not been polymorphed, and still had access to her potions, this plague was incurable.

To her husband she said, “I am sorry but there be no cure for this. How our people suffer! What I would give to see their sorrows end.”

King Tryndamere slammed his hand on the bars and yelled, “thou lie ye ugly beast!” His Endless Rage finally over took his body, and he Spinning Slashed through the bars. He grabbed queen Soraka by the throat, squeezing tighter and tighter.

She whispered just loud enough for him to hear, “I Wish our people were cured.” A raining light poured over Demacia; the goddess had heard her true desire. The light was so beautiful, king Tryndamere calmed down, releasing his queen. When he looked out the window, he saw that people were walking out of their homes, looking healthy and spry.

“Alas,” he said, "ye be me wife, for only she could care this much about our people. That was thine one wish, the wish of Demacian royalty, the wish I squandered long ago for my Endless Rage. But ye have used your’s selflessly, when ye could of cured thineself. I was blinded my dear, blinded by my rage. Thou were just a poor victim of that wicked witch!”

“No,” she said, “It was not her fault. We intruded on her land and deserved whatever punishment we got! We must have peace between Demacia and Twisted Treeline, before this war destroys us both.”

King Tryndamere took these words to heart, and led a party of himself, queen Soraka, sir Garen, commander Lux, and Jarvan IV to see Lulu, and beg for peace. Lulu had calmed down since the day before and accepted peace, on terms that no Demacian ever step foot in Twisted Treeline again, or else the peace would be void. When king Tryndamere demanded she return queen Soraka to her original form, she apologized, for she never learned the spell to reverse a polymorph, she had never forgiven trespassers before.

King Tryndamere felt the rage burning again, but queen Soraka placed her hand on his and said, “It does not matter what I look like, as long as I love thee, and you love me.” They embraced and kissed, Tryndamere feeling somewhat disgusted with the half-unicorn lips now pressed to his. He shook it off, and walked out of the forest with the loose Peace Treaty signed.

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Part two of The Tale of King Tryndamere, Queen Soraka, and the Witch Lulu

It had been many months since the Peace Treaty was signed between Demacia and Twisted Treeline, and nobody in all the kingdom dared enter the forest, for they have seen the mighty powers of the witch. The good king Tryndamere tried with all his might to keep on loving his half-unicorn queen Soraka, but the body grew more and more repulsive to him as he lay next to her at night. She was too gentil to ask him why they no longer slept together, but she quickly figured it out.

One sunny day, in the month of May, the leaders of the northern tribes entered the kingdom of Demacia. Their land was known as Freljord, and they had come to negotiate peace, for many skirmishes broke out around some iron mines between the kingdoms. The first of the Freljordians that king Tryndamere noticed, was a beautiful woman, with a hood over her long white tresses, and a long bow on her back. He had not felt such love since he first met queen Soraka, back when she was human.

The three Freljordians stepped up to the king who sat on his throne. He said, “welcome, welcome to my palace! It be so great to finally meet thee. I am king Tryndamere as ye already know, yet I have not heard thine names.”

The hooded female in the middle stepped forth, “greetings, I am queen Ashe of the united northern tribes. This woman on my left is princess Sejuani, and the boy on my right is prince Nunu.” She smirked, “Outside, thou will see our guardian Elemental, Anivia flying about, ready to create a blizzard like thou hast never seen if these negotiations shall fail.”

King Tryndamere said unto her, “Ho, ho, ye threaten the Rage King! I like thee very much Freljordian queen. Everybody here be so ‘fraid to question me, but thou show only bravery in the face of my power! Thine guardian shall go to waste, for our negotiations shall not fail. I will make sure of that!”

Queen Soraka stared at her king during this conversation, sure that she felt some quivering in his voice as his eyes never unlocked from queen Ashe’s. She thought he was showing too much attention to her, but she could not let herself imagine such awful things. The peace must be made. She turned her gaze toward Ashe’s companions, who were both mounted on strange beasts. While anybody in Damacia may ride a horse to get around, it seemed that the princess were on some sort of boar, and the prince on some sort of…abominable snowman! She shuttered at the sight of it, but quickly remembered she was as hideous as it was.”

She focused back in on the conversation as queen Ashe addressed her: “and thou must be the queen Soraka. The stories of thine monstrous transformation hath been over-exaggerated I see. Thou be much more comely to look at than our Willump here!”

King Tryndamere and queen Ashe laugh at the joke, while the rest of the court remained silent, especially prince Nunu and Willump, who stared intensely at Ashe.

The conversation moved to the dining room, where king Tryndamere insisted queen Ashe sit in queen Soraka’s normal spot, next to his own at the end of the table, to foster good friendship of course. Soraka ended up on the far end of the table, barely able to hear anything they said. When she looked around, she found Teemo next to her.

“Teemo,” she said, “come closer my adorable Yordle friend.”

“Yes mistress,” Teemo said with a smile, “captain Teemo reporting for duty.”

“Teemo, I need thou to use thy legendary sneaky abilities to spy on king Tryndamere. Stay next to him until the dinner ends, then report to me everything he, and the Freljordian’s said. Okay?”

“Captain Teemo can do it all!” He ran under the table, finding a stealthy place to hide near Tryndamere.

The dinner continued with queen Soraka pushing the meats around her plate, squishing peas into mush, and sloshing the ale in her chalice. All the nobleman around her ignored her, more for fear than hatred. Her transformation did not settle with many in the court, who said she would be the downfall of the kingdom. After an hour of sitting like this, the dinner finally ended, and Teemo appeared suddenly underneath Soraka.

“Captain Teemo has completed his mission! Should I relate the details now?”

“Yes, yes, please, tell me what they discussed.” Soraka felt very nervous.

“Ok then! First, Ashe told how she, Nunu, and Sejujuana used to be at war, but then they made up and had peace! Now they are like one mighty northern kingdom, even building a capital city and everything! That’s why they need the iron from our mines!”

“Well that makes sense,” she said, feeling calmer, “was there anything else?”

“Yes! King Tryndamere said they would finalize the peace treaty in his bedchambers tonight! Isn’t that great my mistress!”

Soraka’s heart sunk into her knees. “Yes Teemo, that is great.” She tried to put on a little smile for the overexcited Yordle, but she felt tears about to come on. She stood and ran out the room, her hooves clunking along the tile floors.

She didn’t know what she was going to do. Maybe Teemo had heard them wrong, maybe they really were just going to talk in the bedchambers. Either way, the queen had to be sure. As she entered the hallway toward their bedchambers, she ran into Nunu and Sejuani, blocking the entrance.

“Excuse me,” she said, “let me pass, I am queen of this palace, and I need to see my husband.”

Princess Sejuani said, “I am sorry queen, but these peace negotiations are fragile. Any disturbance may cause them to fall to ruin.”

The queen felt a great sorrow in her heart, but then a power welled inside her. It felt strange, invigorating, a glowing warmth in the center of her being. A blast of energy fell from above Nunu and Senjuani, and they fell back, dazed. She could not pass up this opportunity, so she ran as fast as her hooves could carry her, and she stopped in front of the door. She creaked it only slightly, enough to see Tryndamere in bed with Ashe, under the sheets.

She held her hand over her mouth to stop the shriek building in her throat. As she ran down the hall again, she couldn’t stop herself from crying this time. It was over, their ten year marriage, over. She looked back and saw Sejuani and Nunu pursuing, then stop at the bedchamber door, silently closing it.

For awhile, she kept running and crying down many halls, pushing various nobles out of the way, as she went down stairs, through rooms, until she reached the foyer. She ran into Jarvan IV, former General of the Demacian army. When she tried to run away from him, he held her firmly on her shoulders, with empathetic eyes staring into her puffy ones.

“My queen what be thy problem? Why are thou running and crying throughout the palace?”

She tried to sniffle out a reply, but it was incomprehensible.

Jarvan IV was no idiot. He knew how calm Soraka could be, how she always showed strength and courage. She dealt with people dying in the hospital every day and never cried! Only king Tryndamere could of done something this bad to her. He still wanted revenge for the insult paid to him, when he was the only soldier brave enough to even fight Lulu, yet had his rank stripped.

“There could be only one answer. The king has slept with Ashe. Am I correct?”

Soraka managed to nod while still crying uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry my queen. I will make sure he does not get away with this.”

Soraka was too far gone. She could not stand there anymore, not in that palace. Quickly, she burst out his arms, through the door, and down the long road through Demacia. It was dark outside, and she looked up to see the Elemental, Anivia still circling the skies, and a stone gargoyle on top of the palace, staring at her. She kept running, pushing through very confused townspeople, closing up their shops for the night. After some time, she exited the gates of Demacia, on the long road toward Twisted Treeline.

On the follow morning, king Tryndamere awoke with queen Ashe still in bed with him. He smiled and said to her, “wake up my sweet, for a new day has dawned, and we shall announce our engagement before the court.”

Ashe sprang up, feeling spry in the morning as usual. “Yes, but I still feel bad that thou hast not told thine wife yet. In Freljord a man may have as many wives as they want, but I heard here, the law is different.”

“Ha, ha,” he laughed, “yes indeed. I will have to divorce my wife first, but I’m sure she will understand. Even before she transformed, she has been unable to bare me a heir; now that she be a monster, that shall never happen. My bloodline must continue, and what better way than with a strong and beautiful woman like you. And our kingdoms can be united, so Noxus will never stand a chance against our might!”

“Yes, king, but I still don’t think Soraka will take it that well…”

When king Tryndamere and queen Ashe entered the court, they were surprised to see everybody so excitedly conversing. They assumed it was because the peace went smoothly, but suddenly, the king’s counselor Zilean stepped forth.

He said unto him, “please my king, tell me the rumors be false, tell me thou hath not slept with the Freljordian.”

Ashe quickly turned to an embarrassed looking Sejuani and Nunu, who tried to look away.

“Yes, I have, and we plan to marry to seal the peace,” king Tryndamere said confidently.

“Oh my king,” Zilean said, “this is bad, very bad. There is talk among the court that thou hast committed high treason. The law says…”

“I don’t care what the law says,” king Tryndamere shouted to his court, stepping to his throne. “I am above the law! Be there any who dare challenge me?”

The court quickly became silent, fearing his Endless Rage, but then, one man stepped forth, Jarvan IV. He walked slowly toward the throne. “Thou have insulted Demacia and her people for the last time. Who is going to challenge you? how about me, thine cousin, and next in line to the throne. Thou have shown yourself unfit to rule and shall be locked away!”

King Tryndamere stood up and shouted, “thou commit treason against the king, Jarvan! Guards seize him!” He looked at the four guards around his throne, who stood for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. “Seize them or be beheaded!”

The shaking guards ran towards Jarvan, but were knocked away when sir Garen spun in with Judgement, and commander Lux fired her Lucent Singularity spell. With the guards unconscious on the ground, Garen and Lux stood next to Jarvan IV, scowling at their king.

“More traitors,” king Tryndamere said, “officers, attack them!” He looked over to the exits, with officer Poppy on one, and officer Shyvanna on the other, both scowled back at the king. “What is this? some kind of coup? I don’t care, I shall destroy you all!”

Queen Ashe stepped up to him and said, “don’t worry my king, we shall fight with thee. By Freljordian law, thou be mine husband already, and we shall not let the Demacians hurt our new king! Even at the cost of our peace treaty.”

The Demacians and Freljordians prepared to lock into battle. All the guards and nobles ran out the court, for fear of the power about to explode in the room. Zilean took one last look at king Tryndamere, remembering the good king he once was, the king who stood for Demacia, then Zilean stepped outside as well.

Far away, at Twisted Treeline, Soraka finally arrived, feeling exhausted from the walk. She had stopped crying long before, now just feeling dead and empty inside, as she stepped through the edge, into the forest. Immediately, she felt like she was being watched, like the very trees were spying on her, but she didn’t care. She would not fight for her life if some beast decided to tear her to shreds.The tiredness she felt, she could not ignore. After stepping into a clearing with a fallen tree trunk, she fell down next to it, asleep.

Deep in the forest, the witch Lulu was informed by the trees that a Demacian had entered her forest. She felt the anger again, though she was not surprised that foolish humans couldn’t keep their promises. Before she would rage all-out war on Demacia, she would have to see the trespasser, and punish him severely.

The trees guided Lulu to the clearing, and she was shocked to see Soraka sleeping next to the dead body of Maokai. She flew next to her, then looked at her fairy on her shoulder. “What do we do pix,” she said, “I was not expecting the queen here. I have punished her once, do I punish her again?”

Lulu poked the sleeping Soraka with her wand, and she slowly woke up, lifting her head to see the witch. Soraka said thusly, “it is you. Please kill me, I have no wish to live any longer.”

Lulu was shocked again. She could feel the pain in Soraka’s voice. She responded, “what ails thou, my dear? Be there anyway I can soothe thee.” She looked away with red cheeks, for she was so ready to attack an intruder, not help them.

“It is my husband,” she said, “he no longer loves me. He has chosen a new bride because I am hideous. I have been discarded and no longer desire to live!” She closed her eyes and laid her head back down again.

Lulu could not help feel responsible, for the polymorph indeed was designed to ruin somebody’s life. She had thought they got passed the transformation, that they had managed to love each other regardless, and she was mildly enthused about that. But as always, the lover scorned the afflicted, but for once, she felt sympathy for the afflicted. She said, “I shall help thee. I still cannot cure thy curse…”

“I don’t want to be cured.”

“But perhaps we can punish king Tryndamere. He does not deserved happiness at thine expense.”

Soraka sat back up, still feeling immensely exhausted, but her dark pit inside fueled her. She nodded with approval.

Lulu helped Soraka to her feet, and they headed deep into the forest. As they walked, Lulu said, “I shall bring thou before the king of this forest, the dragon-god. He created the plague several months ago that thou thwarted, and he can help us now.”

Soraka was silent.

They arrived before the dragon’s altar. Lulu and Soraka knelt before it, as Lulu prayed for his assistance. The dragon’s head peered through the altar and said, “Lulu, mine servant, what hath brought thou before me now?”

“Forgive me, my king, but I am in dire need of vengeance again, vengeance for this queen Soraka…”

The god’s voice boomed, “why should I help a Demacian! She hath her own Goddess. I can no longer attack Demacia, her Goddess will not allow it.”

Soraka could see Lulu losing her confidence, and the queen spoke thusly to the god, “forgive my imprudence, but I no longer claim loyalty to Demacia. I am nothing but a beast now, worthy of nothing but thine forest. What may I call thou, my king, my god?”

The dragon boomed again, “Thou mayest call me, Coronach. If thou truly want vengeance against thine people, there is one way for thou to help.” The dragon smiled, then opened its mouth, revealing a red, heart shaped crystal in the center.

Soraka reached in, hesitantly, then pulled it out. “What is this?”

Coronach responded, “Eleisa’s Miracle. Thou have gained a great magic when thou were transformed into this unicorn. This crystal requires strong magic and emotion to activate, and it shall summon forth a demon-god of legends, the almighty Cho’gath, to destroy thine foes.”

As Coronach retracted his head into the altar, Soraka and Lulu stood up, looking at the crystal. Lulu said, “this be a dangerous power we are playing with. Cho’gath has not been released in a thousand years! It is the special vengeance we are looking for…”

Soraka remained silent, trying to focus her emotions, the deep everlasting sorrow in her heart. She tried to remember that power she released earlier against the Freljordians.

Back in the court of the palace, inside the kingdom of Demacia, the coup against king Tryndamere began. Lux and Ashe immediately locked into battle, since they were the only ranged fighters in the room. They strafed around the room, shooting beams of light and arrows at each others. Garen and Sejuani met on another side of the room, one with a spinning sword, one with a spinning flail. Since the Freljordian’s were outnumbered, Nunu leapt off the back of Willump to fight Poppy by himself, leaving Willump to face off in a fist brawl with Shyvanna.

King Tryndamere leapt off his thrown to charge Jarvan, locking sword and spear in the center of the room. They clashed for several minutes, neither giving ground as both gained several small wounds.

As they clashed weapons, Tryndamere said, “thou cannot win this fight! My Endless Rage shall protect me from any fatal wound.”

Jarvan yelled back, “thy Endless Rage only lasts as long as thou are angry. Once I beat thou to a pulp, ye shall be too tired to be angry!!!”

Jarvan stuck his spear into Tryndamere’s shoulder, and they stood still for a moment. Ashe looked at them, and started running away from Lux, toward her husband. A red glow suddenly burst around Tryndamere as he screamed. Before Ashe could reach him, Jarvan jumped high into the air, yelling, “DEMACIAAAA,” then pounding the floor with his spear, causing high walls to form from the ground around them. The wall pushed Ashe back, and she quickly dodged a Light Binding spell from Lux.

Outside the palace, the giant ice bird Anivia sensed the fighting. She created a powerful Glacial Storm over Demacia, freezing all the people. Suddenly, a burst of wind blasted her, stopping her storm. She looked down at the palace, to see the stone gargoyle come to life and fly towards her.

The former statue yelled, “I am Galio, guardian of the palace. Thou shall feel my power!”

Back inside the palace, the battle raged on inside the court. Tryndamere and Jarvan beat each other senselessly inside the arena. Tryndamere’s rage kept him from dying, but he had no idea how Jarvan could keep up with so many attacks.

Jarvan smirked when Tryndamere started looking confused, even getting sluggish with his attacks. “Don’t you understand? I am wearing Randuin’s Omen you fool. The more you hit me the more tired you get. It shall not be long before thine rage subsides!”

Tryndamere was growing worried that he may actually lose the fight, yet he tried to keep his rage focused, but, suddenly, a giant laser beam shot through the arena, burning a hole in the walls. Lux had fired her Finales Funkeln to disintegrate Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow mid flight; however, she had not planned to destroy Jarvan’s arena.

Tryndamere used the opportunity to run away, regrouping with his Freljordian allies. Ashe gave a hand signal, and Nunu jumped on Willumps back and began charging his Absolute Zero. The Demacians sensed the danger present and all ran toward another room in the palace. They exited the room just in time, for a giant icy explosion rocked the palace, blowing all the walls from the court away. When they looked back, their enemies had fled.

Outside, Anivia blasted Galio with a Flash Frost, stunning him, then followed the Freljordians closely. Sejuani lead the charge, shoving through any guards in the way, until they exited the gates of Demacia.

Jarvan IV gathered his soldiers together and said thusly, “former king Tryndamere has gotten away from us, but I swear we shall wage war against Freljord until we conquer all their land! I am king now of Demacia, by law.”

He turned around, hearing his crowd cheering on as he walked up to Teemo, standing by the ruins of the court. He said to Teemo, “I need thou to find queen Soraka and bring her back. She needs to know she is welcome in my court.”

Teemo said, “I am on the case! And I like the remodeling you did to the palace! Its great!”

Teemo zipped away before Jarvan could respond.

King Jarvan IV had ordered a celebration dinner in his honor, but suddenly, the bright sky turned dark and cloudy. It did not rain, but lightning sparked all over the kingdom, as a sense of dread washed over everybody.

Zilean ran to Jarvan, trying to tell him great danger approached, but it was too late. In front of the palace a great portal opened up and a horrifying demon stepped forth. Zilean yelled, “sire, we must evacuate the kingdom! Some fool has released Cho’gath from his prison. We are doomed. Doooooomeeed!!!!!”

Jarvan IV shoved off the old man. “I have just won my kingdom, I will not surrender it to the gods. We fight!”

Galio was first to approach the monster. His wind attacks uselessly bounced off the large red body, so he ran towards it and punched him. Cho’gath hit him with many spikes, from above and below. Bloodied, Galio yelled, “thou shall not harm the palace thee mindless beast!” He turned into a statue with a great wind surrounding him. “Idol of Durand! Now retreat my people. I sacrifice myself for thee!”

Jarvan and his men decided to retreat to the palace, to gain a defensive position. They watched as the whirlwind exploded, and Cho’gath ate Galio, growing even larger.

As Cho’gath stepped through the doorway, officer Poppy and a contingent of knights blocked his path. Poppy slammed down her hammer on his foot, then the demon killed all the knights with one Rupture of spikes, knocking Poppy high in the air, where he ate her as well, growing larger.

Cho’gath charged through the already ruined court, into the dining room, where sir Garen and commander Lux waited. They both shouted “DEMACIAAAA” as Lux fired another Finales Funkeln , and Garen used his Demacian Justice slash. Cho’gath screamed in anger, making both feel weak, then he ate them both at once with his giant mouth.

Now Cho’gath was fully on both the first and second floor of the palace, tearing his way through it. Jarvan IV and Shyvanna waited in the backyard to make their stand. Zilean approached them and said, “Shyvanna, it is no time to hold back! I know thou hast wished to remain anonymous, but I know thee to be the dragon-god's child. People are dying for this kingdom, which thou love so much. Child of Coronach, take this Banshee’s Veil, it shall protect you from the beast's mouth, and use thine true power, the power of a demi-god!”

Shyvanna was shocked, for she thought she had the whole court fooled about her, but she knew Zilean was correct. Cho’gath had destroyed the finest fighters of Demacia, and Jarvan IV stood no chance. “Thank you Zilean.” She grabbed the Banshee’s Veil, and watched as the demon tore all the way through the palace.

With the blue barrier around her, she flew into the air turning into a giant dragon. Jarvan IV felt surprised, yet hopeful now that he had his own beast to fight for him. Although Shyvanna was large, she was only a quarter the size of Cho’gath, but she quickly changed that by activating Surge, growing to half his height. They locked arms and bashed each other, spikes and flames flying every direction. When the demon tried to eat her, the blue barrier stopped his mouth from chewing down.

Back in Twisted Treeline, Teemo ran through the winding path, following the hoof tracks made by Soraka. “Its either her or a horse I’m following! Let’s find out!” At the end of the tracks, he ended up running right into Soraka, bumping into her leg.

She looked down, surprised to see the yordle again, and said, “Teemo, what are you doing here?"

“My Queen. There was a coup! Tryndamere is no longer king! Jarvan is! He wants you to return for the celebration dinner!”

Soraka’s pit of sorrow turned into complete dread. She had finally mustered the power to release Cho’gath, and it was on the people who fought for her return! She screamed, “what have I done! We have got to get to Demacia immediately!”

Lulu too was feeling dread. She was hesitant about using Cho’gath, but upon hearing it was not even attacking Tryndamere, she said, “we have got to stop this. I will make sure we get there in no time!”

She meant what she said, for she increased their speed to unbelievable levels, so fast, that they approached Demacia in minutes, instead of hours. They saw the dark storm around the kingdom, and could even see the two story tall Cho’gath rampaging in the distance. What they had not counted on, was running into Ashe and Tryndmere outside the gates.

Lulu spoke first, “what the heck are thou doing here! I thought they kicked thee out!”

Tryndamere responded, “soon after leaving, we felt the darkness approach, we felt the sorrow and destruction. I still care about my people, even if they forsaken me.”

Soraka looked away, disgusted by his presence. “Then let us stop it together, for it is the child of thy deceit, and my hatred.”

Tryndamere understood. He had underestimated how much his wife loved him, but he still no longer felt anything towards her. There was no time for blaming each other. They ran in to save Demacia!

When they reached the backside of the palace, they observed the fight between Cho’gath and Shyvanna. It looked like Cho’gath was slowly beating her down. Lulu tried to help first, by polymorphing the monster; unfortunately, demon-gods are immune to such nonsense. Next, she hugified Shyvanna with Wild Growth. The effect worked, because now she was the same size as Cho’gath and able to beat him back.

Teemo and Ashe stood at either side of the demon, shooting arrows and poison darts at him, while Soraka blasted him with her Starcall and Infuse, the recent names she given to her spells. Cho’gath was weakening, and Tryndamere Spinning Slashed through his legs, knocking him to the ground. Shyvanna stomped his head, delivering the finishing blow. Cho’gath exploded with dark energy spreading everywhere, and the four champion he ate, lay dead where he once stood.

Soraka knelt down beside them, seeing the dark clouds dissipate, yet feeling a great sadness for her fallen friends. “This is my fault! The Goddess told me to not be selfish, and yet I did not heed her.” She wept for them, while everybody else looked at her with pity.

Zilean came to her and said, “I have a spell that can reverse time in localized areas. I can bring them back to a state of life; however, it requires a great sacrifice, the time of somebody else.”

Soraka stood up, understanding what he offered. “Take my time, if it be strong enough for all four. I shall sacrifice myself again for my people.”

Tryndamere and Lulu tried to stop her, but she blasted them away with Starcall. Zilean used his spell, and in an instance, Soraka turned to dust, and Garen, Lux, Poppy, and Galio awoke, alive again. Tryndamere and Ashe subsequently fled the kingdom, not wanting to try Jarvan’s patience.

For years to come, Demacia would celebrate the courage of Soraka, the great queen who saved her people from the plague, even though she was despised, the queen who sacrificed her life for her soldiers, even though her king discarded her. And Shyvanna would remain in the halls of legend as well for standing against the evil Cho’gath, though he was sent by her own father Coronach. Finally, the witch Lulu would no longer seek vengeance against Demacia. A permanant peace treaty was signed between their realms. The fighting between Demacia, Freljord, and Noxus would remain forever.

The End

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I liked it.

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Not bad. Enjoyed it.

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Part 2 now posted for those who want to see the end of the tale.

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OMG I loved it! It was so sad at the end, I almost wept for Soraka D:.

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Ha, glad to see somebody liked it. I was afraid it was too long and nobody would actually read it. I won't have time to post anymore stories on here for awhile, cus finals are about to start. I don't really have final exams, just need to revise a bunch of stories and poems, write some research papers, and what not.

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You got some serious talent X). I was captivated the whole time haha. Good luck on your papers

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I've decided to start working an another story as soon as my finals are over. I'll try to post it sometime after next week. The title will be Teemo's Grand Adventure, and will be about Teemo leaving his cozy home in Damacia, to search for the mythical Blink Dagger, so that he can magically teleport back to his cozy home in Damacia. Defeats the purpose right? Yet it sounds like something Teemo would do! Along the way he will make many friends, like Swain, Nocturne, and even Baron Nashor. End of Preview.