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Ashe Ult bug?

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So has anyone noticed Ashe's arrow flying through targets that have a sprint/speed buff on them? The first couple of times I saw it happen I figured it was just a missed arrow, albeit by a small margin, but then I started seeing it more and more.

The final straw came when I was running next to the Ashe on as Kassadin and in front of us was the enemy Rammus, in front of him running away was our Caitlyn who was almost dead. So Ashe fires her arrow at Rammus right after he puts on his Spin and it goes right through him. A straight line right through him. He continues to spin and then hits and kills Caitlyn after which he runs away. Even he acknowledged that the arrow SHOULD have hit him.

Has anyone else noticed this bug? I only really remember seeing it happen while champions had some kind of sprint on (i.e. Yi's Highlander, Rammus Spin) but has it happened elsewhere? Since this is her ult I think making sure it works right is pretty important.

On another note, I've been stunned by her arrow despite it not hitting me because I teleported away, it's happened a few times as Kassadin and once as Ezreal that I remember. I can't remember if it happened while I was trying to flash ever but I know I avoided the arrow as Kassadin at least a few times but still suffered the Stun/Slow/Damage effects.