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Where to start?

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Hi all!

I'm a super new player. I've played around 20+ matches only, all of them Co-op vs Bots, and I'm looking forward to learn more about this game, but I have no idea how and when I read guides I don't understand ****!

So far I simply play the champs that are on rotation. I have not bought any yet because I don't wanna **** up and lose all the points. So far this week I've done very good with Graves, Leona and Ashe. I get a lot of kills, die very little and I think I'm using their skills properly, but that's about it! Winning these battles is very easy as long as all the players actually play and don't dc, but is the beginners level so I don't take anything for granted.

Could you tell me where should I start learning? Is there any super basic guides? All the basic guides I've read have a lot of terms that seem very advanced for me and honestly not basic at all. Consider that I am not familiarized with this type of games at all. Never played Dota or alike, the closest would be Starcraft that I used to play when I was 12 in 1998 haha! I really like this one so I'm willing to learn.

Some questions:

Everyone says that you have to buy your items wisely, but **** is hard! I usually purchase the recommended one when starting, and then whatever I seem to need depending on champ, like armor, mana regen, health regen, attack spd and some other recommended ones if I have the money, but apparently I'm supposed to "know" which items to buy. Is it better to save money and buy all the recommended ones?

Champions, which champions should I buy? I have none so far, and I don't want to waste my points! I like ranged because is "easier", and some melee like Leona, actually really like her! But I've read that she is bad so this is confusing. Ashe is also awesome but I see her being picked very often so maybe I should not get her as I would not be able to use her. Others say Morgana but then I read that she is always "banned", I don't understand this and makes me more confused.

Mastery points, any recommendations on what to get in general? Not for a specific champion since I'm still trying all different kinds.

Runes. Whenever I level it says I got a new rune slot, but where the hell are the runes? I've never seen one. I recently read that you have to purchase them, so I'm guessing they are in the store, and also read that I should better wait till I can get the T3 ones.

Last hitting. I know that when I last hit an enemy I get the gold. I always try to last hit, like use an ability when minions are close to death and kill a bunch, or aim to attack one that is half health or less and I might probably kill and get the gold, but apparently last hitting is a whole world so besides from this what can I do?

Jungling. I know that when you go jungling you get this cool buffs, but I rarely do it since I lose health, time and exp, and have also read "you have to protect your junglers" omg, so much more confusion, don't quite understand this concept.

And well, just general things, like about lanes and such, when I play these noob matches everybody seems to do whatever they want, we just take whichever lane we want and rarely communicate and always win because the bots are so easy unless you run into a mob. I've heard that after lvl 30 your games are ranked and I don't understand what this is but seems scary as I would probably lose.

I have never played a PvP game because I don't wanna drag my team to failure and not understand strategies for not having idea what they're talking about, so please please help me and also recommend me a super noobs guide!

Tons of thanks in advance! Also sorry if I **** up in my speech sometimes, as English is not my first language, but don't hesitate in writing complicated replies because I understand it perfectly. Thanks chaps!

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Seasoned Salmon

Senior Member


Hello! I will try to answer as much as I can!

1. I cant think of any super basic guides. But I will explain the basics for your above champions. Not to much detail though.

2. Ashe is a great starter, easy to play and cheap as chips. Buy her so you can play her all the time. Should have inlduded this in 1. but have you done the tutorials located in custom games..if not. DO THEM

3. Honestly, Mastery pages dont give a significant amount of difference at least until level 10-15. DO NOT buy any runes until level 20. But for MP, if your playing an attack damage champion, try to put points in stuff to increase there A etc etc.


5. Stand near minions for last hitting, wait until they are really low, low enough to finish them off in 1-2 shots, get gold. Have fun.

6. Dont bother with jungling. Just try and get your head around the basic game mechanics and then move onto that. Its like a completely different game.

7. You can choose to do ranked games at level 30, you dont have to. Usually lanes go like this. Solotop, Solomid, Duobot and a jungler. I know from experience that in lower levels you will have a duotop, solomid and duobot, which is fine as no one really jungles in lower levels anyways.

8. Do a PvP! The computer experience is completely differnt to the player one, firstly, players make mistakes and dont have lightning fast reflexes and 0 ping times. You will learn more from PvP and if someone rages at you. /mute them

If you have any more queries add me in game. Seasoned Salmon. Sorry if there are any mistakes spelling or grammar waise as I am typing from my phone!

Good luck!

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XIII Phoenix

Senior Member


I would be really happy to help you out with everything you need in-game. Just add me and hit me up to play a game! I got a lower account too if you want to do pvp with me. I'm not the best player out there but I know a lot about this game. In-game name is phoenixkingtle.