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Any recommended Ranged Champs for Newbies ?

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Tristy is amazing for an easy to play ranged champ. Caitlyn is easy I suppose, but I can't say she's the easiest. (tristana is easier, I'm a cait player, I REFUSE to call her the easiest) I'd avoid corki, he is one of the hardest ranged AD in the game. (second to ezreal I believe) Playing corki is easy, (playing ANY ranged AD is easy, although the role in general is probably the hardest) however, maximizing his damage is difficult. (you need amazing positioning for gatling gun, and missile timing is huge) Ashe, Tristana, Miss Fortune, and Caitlyn are good for ranged AD. Mage wise annie is popular, other easy ones are Veigar, (hate to admit that too) Ryze, (his early is rough, his late is faceroll) and Morgana. For skins, I'd go with Caitlyn: Officer/Northern Front, Miss Fortune: Mafia/Secret Agent, Tristana: Maybe Guerilla, hers aren't that good, Ashe: Amethyst, Annie: Reverse or Frostfire, (TIBBERS SUMMONS ANNIE) Veigar: Superb Villain/Baron von, nicknamed by some as lil' hitler, Ryze: Dark crystal or something like that? I forgot the name, and Morgana: Sinful Succulence. (come to the darkside, we have cookies.)