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[Art] Unprepared Garen skin - Its "Sexy"

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For nearly 2 years I've been fleshing out and supporting this skin, but it still hasn't been made. Riot cant see whats right in front of them.
May we bring Sweet Soapy Demacian Justice.

Unprepared Garen - (WE HAVE 2000 THUMBS UP! We done it!)
Now to wait for Riot to make this happen.

This is Garen wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and a shower-cap on his head. His sword is replace with a large srubbing brush and he carries a yellow rubber ducky in the other hand which squicks randomly when casting spells. (Suggested by Laundromatic)
In-game when he spins with 'Judgment', soap-suds bubble up. When sprinting with 'Decisive Strike' he leaves a trail of bubbles while the speed bonus is active. His passive also makes bubbles come off him. When Garen hits a target with Demacian Justice the big sword that falls is replaced with a sudden shower of water to cleanse the vile scourge. (As suggested by Kyrrion)

Garen's idle animations could be he scrubs his back and under his arms.

His splash art is him charging out from mid-shower. Holding scrubbing brush in one hand and the other hand wrapping a towel around his waist.

This skin shows that Garen is always ready to fight for justice, no matter what his situation.
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One image is only a thumbnail because I dont have the original art works anymore. It was on my old computer, but the computer died about a year and a half ago and for some reason the links were removed by the forum.
As I said, the original thread where it was posted was over one and a half years ago.
Sorry for the inconvenience.*

(A note to Riot)
The people know what they like, and so far, this skin has had all positive responses. Feel free to make this skin whenever you like.

Tor Turran:
I'm envisioning Old Spice Garen.

"Look at your skin, now back to me, now back at your skin, now back to me. Sadly, it isn't me. But you could look like me if you spent 900 rp.

Look down, back up. Where are you? You're in Summoners Rift with the Skin your champ could look like.

What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. Its a Decisive Strike followed by a Judgement. The Enemy Champion is now dead.

Anything is possible when your champ looks like me and not a lady. I'm in a bush.

Do do doo do doo do doo doo."

Garen in-game Quotes: As suggested by Burstlord

- I'm not even wearing armor!!!
- Hit the showers!!!
- And you thought I was Unprepared!!!
- Sorry you'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel. (By PsychoBanana)

- Hello Ladies, look at your skin, now back at me, now back at your skin, now back ay me. Sadly it is not me.
- Fear not ladies, I'm coming
- "I'm back from the little soldier's room!" - By ColeSlawFromKFC
- "Spin to wi-..... OOPS!" (Towel almost falls off) - Posted by LightToasted`
- "You should never underestimate the importance of knowing where ones towel is." - Inspired by Zyquux

In game verbal:
- Hold on, my towel is slipping
- Next time call before you summon
- A moment earlier and we'd be rated M
- Watch the towel!!!

Garen pulls out a hair dryer and begins using it on his hair.

Other Animations:
- Whenever Garen comes out of the bushes, (or is spotted when ones comes into the bushes), he should be grasping at his towel as if fixing it in place. By Chamenas.

- When you use teleport home a shower curtain comes up around Garen. He then slings his towel over the rail as steam from the shower rises up. Inspired by Azzalin.

Mainly with Katarina. When Garen and Kat are both within view, Katarina can 'wolf-whistle' at Garen as a joke.
Also when Kat kills Garen, she should say: "Tall, Muscular, Exposed......the way I like it." Suggested by OuttaControl56

Lux: Garen... Is that MY TOWEL?! (By SkyfireDragoon )

Also, if anyone wants to draw their own version of this skin, feel free to and post it here. You can be on the Special Thanks list and hopefuly get more attention from Riot. *sign your artworks too to avoid confusion. ty*

With Special Thanks to:
Warbot2000 - Friend & Co-creator of this skin.
D4DDYF4TS4K - Friend & assistant to creator.
Tor Turran - For the brilliant Old Spice Garen.
Lurg Smash - Consistent contribution from the beginning.
Delovely - From Youtube sends her support.
DuelyDeciesive - "Sweet soapy Demacian justice".
Iridium Devil - "Why hasn't Riot made this skin if they love it so much?"
SkyfireDragoon - "Super Awesome General"
Zyquux - Dialogue.
Burstlord - Dialogue.
LightToasted - Dialogue.
ColeSlawFromKFC - Dialogue.
PsychoBanana - Dialogue.
Chamenas - Animations.
Kyrrion - His ult is a 'Shower' of water.
Laundromatic - Rubber ducky added to other hand.
OuttaControl56 - Kat interaction.
----------(Art Works)-------------
eulia - For a lovely art addition. Garen stepping out of shower.
DillonBarba - Another fabulous art work. Loofa Garen.
Shadeykris - Another art contribution.
Ogdain - A more "correct" portrayal of Garens hair.
OwyiSensei - Very nice coloured art.
kittytoast - Another contribution. Similar to mine.
Narcissa xD - A coloured version of kittytoast's art.
Annapants - "Put on some clothes!"
Shelaka - Epic pose Garen.
dP Starstruck - Garen Final.
spacecadetamy - Happy Birthday!
Riot Taco Storm - QA Analyst
IronStylus - Sr. Concept Artist
Panzerfaust - Emissary of the League
Sylph - Emissary of the League
Stexe - Adjudicator
Kry0 - Special Projects Manager
Fruitstrike - Software Engineer
RiotJeongal - Global Network Ops Manager
dustbunny - Riot Games Player Support Specialist
Trickster - Riot Games Player Support Specialist
Riot NeuroCat - Associate Business Analyst
Khristophoros - The Council
------(Consistent Support)------
Ayemageyene - ;D - Super Consistent Bumper
Knotee - ;D
DensetsuNoMajo - ;D
Jinxess - ;D
Tenjin - ;D
Stefanov - ;D

Iridium Devil:
Okay, this might be an obvious question, but if we have RIOT EMPLOYEES wanting this skin, why hasn't Riot made it a skin yet? Is it a legal issue? Because I think any one would sign anything to get their skin made. They could even make it a legendary and earn a ton of money on it. I'd pay for epic shower Garen. It might even make him popular again. Seriously, we need this skin. +(((1000^99)^10)^10) thumbs up for this by the way.

Iridium Devil:
Want. Riot employees want. Fans want. Every one (who isn't demented) wants. Why no made yet riot?

Wow, this has been around longer than Bunny Riven...and still no skin?

I've never posted on the forums before this, but I signed in for the first time to say this one thing:

All of my want

But Garen never takes his armor off. To bathe, he simply walks into a lake, spin-to-win, and walks out all sparkling clean.

Riot Responses
Riot Taco Storm:
I might have to do this for my next cosplay.

I find this idea endearing, amusing and highly exploitable as future Taco Storm cosplay ;D
"Sometimes guys like sexy man champs too".
I feel these sentiments. Totally feel them. Totes.
Beauty and its appealing forms are appealing universally =)

"I'm straight and I don't know how I feel about this."
It's ok. I love the gals. If you think about it, in terms of champions and skins I make, I play dress-up with the dolls I create =D

You're in a safe place.

*manliest of bro-hugs*

So... which one are you (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVPmN917zDI)?

This idea is made of a lot of win.

+1!!!!!!!!!!! Do want!!!!!! ^_^

I think this is a GREAT idea! Just don't do one for Trundle...

Riot NeuroCat:
Riot Please

I will buy this

Riot Responses of another Kind: These are responses direct from the Riot staff.
(December 06, 2012)

"Dear Riot,
As you may, or may not, know by now of the Unprepared Garen skin that has been around the community forums for nearly a Year and a half has finally reached 2000 thumbs up by the community.

Now Im not out right saying "make this skin a reality", but the community knows what they like, and with near 900 responses of positive feedback, several of who are Riot staff themselves, it would be crazy NOT to make this.
So I finish by saying, let the dream come true. Make this Year & a half long dream come true for all the girl gamers and guy gamers too (Sometimes guys like sexy man champs too.)

Hope to hear from you soon.

(This was their response)
Hello Hobbits,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll forward this to the design team but I also recommend posting other ideas and suggestions like this on our champion concept forums.These forums are intended to showcase great ideas like this. Riot members are always checking the forums for inspiration on new character elements and you can get helpful feedback and support from your fellow summoners. I'll be sure to submit this.

Warmest Regards,

"You either make dust... or eat dust."
Riot Games Player Support Specialist

December 10, 2012

After a while I decided to see if they had had any progress on the subject.
Jan 19 2013

Hey there, Hobbits again.
I sent an idea here a while back for the Unprepared Garen fan skin and the response I got was great!
Now, excuse me for being curious, but is there any word I could get on the subject? Did the idea really get forwarded to the design team?
Any information would be greatly appreciated by myself and the community backing this concept.

Thanks again,
Greetings Summoner,

I have checked your previous request and have seen that it has indeed been forwarded to the design team. Please know that because our teams receive so many feedback reports and skin concepts daily, we are unfortunately unable to respond to every entry individually. This does not mean your suggestion has been overlooked. We are sorry that we are not able to respond to every post.

"Get on my CHOPPER!"

Warmest Regards,
Riot Games Player Support Specialist

January 20, 2013

Dont forget to +1 this thread if you like the idea. Lets see how many we can get.
Points of interest:
- This skin was first thought of and first posted on September 5th, 2011.
- During the creation of the skin, Unprepared Urgot was mentioned. That idea was immediately scrapped and never thought of again. (With good reason)
- +2000 thumbs up. Good job.
- Did you know that 70% of women enjoy this skin, 20% of men love this skin, and 15% of the other men are in denial about loving this. Where do you sit in these percentages?

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Yes. Completely yes.

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Midnight Ahri

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@_@ woah

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False, everyone knows Garen has a bush of hair on his chest.

edit: There, I fixed it for you

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Might as well do this with every hot female champion in the game.

Riot gonna be swimming in money if they made the skins.

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All of my YES. Put chest hair in there, OuO

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CLG DoubIeIift

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Riot Taco Storm

Associate QA Lead


I might have to do this for my next cosplay.