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[Game] [Major] Hekarim Charge Bug With Corners

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Aurin Nogitsune

Junior Member


If Hekarim's charge is used and a champion walks within range of a corner, such as in dominion near the middle entrances to each line, Hekarim moves up to the corner and leaps in place and makes a melee swing at a far greater distance than he should be able to, and knocks the target back,but does not actually leap forward and he gets stuck on the corner often leading to the target getting away before he can get around the corner.
Feels like a targeting issue, and isn't very hard to replicate in Dominion. Not so critical as bugs that make him fly off into the sky but certainly detrimental to chasing or ganking as him in dominion unless you micromanage his movements around the corner.

Edit: Perhaps the easiest solution would be to actually make his leap at the end of the charge able to go over walls? From reading other posts about various bugs with it this seems like it would fix a lot and since the range isn't particularly that high on the leap it wouldn't be all that gamebreaking... Besides maybe leaping over a jungle wall to a minion you have sight on.