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How to jungle on TT

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The best junglers I've seen in TT have been:

Shyvana, Lee Sin, Tryndamere, Warwick, Dr. Mundo (after leveling a few in lane), Shaco.

Junglers in SR who are typically better in lane on TT are:

Gangplank, Jax, Rammus, Skarner, Udyr, Fiddlesticks, Maokai.

TL;DR: Best TT junglers are those who don't require blue buff in SR.

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SRY im a lazy person so i just copy from another tread i wrote this on, hope it help ~

I usually go olaf jungle there, starting small camp top with cloth + 5 hp pots and going axe as first skill.
Then if i have a top with some kind of ranged move, they pull the camp next to it and go to lane, and i can finish the camp with smite barely losing any hp.
I usually look for a gang top then, if no gang, go bot jungle and clear and recall.
If my top dont have ranged pull, they tend to lose to much health from pulling to lane good unless they use tons of hp pots before going in lane so then i go the small camp top - small camp bot - red - look for gang top or bot, if not, recall and buy.
Get your top to push to tower when dragon spawn and ward the between their top tower and dragon so you see if they try to interupt you. Take your top laner with you and do dragon. This might not work with a top that focus on burst tho, like leblanch, for eksample
I usually go normal jungle runes exept lifesteal quints (dont know how common this is).
Normal jungle masteries ~
Always have red buff warded, since dobble bot lane can easely take it without your knowlege if you dont have it warded.
IMPORTANTE: You need to have someone bot that can clear minionwaves fast, so they dont push down tower the first 4 min. I like to have morgana or anivia bot, since they are nasty on TT if they get past laning phase. Anyone that can clear waves and isnt harrased out of lane in 5 sec can work tho.

And finally: Good luck to all you TT junglers!