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One Man's Journey Through "Report Bullying H*ll"

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Mosul Madman:
This strikes me as odd. This is all I have been asking for this entire thread, yet you ignored me. I suppose I am not as much a pro-Trib buy as the reast of the people you mentioned. Therefor you would not get as much anti-Trib cred by responding to me.

If you really wanted to promote positive change you should be screaming your solutions to the problems from every post.

I am answering this because I believe you to be genuine.

I can not post any potential solution(s).

I have since, in the last few minutes, really come to believe that the Tribunal is working exactly the way it is intended.

You get trolled in a game.
You Report
You Feel better.
You read cases
You see a swear word
You Punish
You see a false report
You Pardon
Now you feel good twice.

In this respect, it works 100% of the time.

I don't see any point to going deeper than this. The trib is not not designed to do anything other than this.

This is truly my last post in this thread and for a time, who knows how long, in this forum. If you want to talk further - and I guess this applies to anyone. I am happy to chat with you if you send me a buddy request.

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Yes, Ex. It is a placebo. Its there to make people that feel like they were beat up by the big bad meanie online to click punish and feel better about themselves that they just served up a hot steaming wad of justice! (And lets totally ignore that it accomplishes nothing)

You go girls!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUPA1dz_tu4 -

First of all, let me start of with saying I do not defend Malphite's behaviour. He should be punished.

However, there was one thing that surprised me about your own behaviour:
You take offence to report bullying, but by stating 'you know that this game gets recorded by me, right?', I feel you unknowingly participate in report bullying as well.

Why would you possibly state you record the game? If I was playing with you, I would interpret that as 'You will get in trouble if you don't act up, because I have the proof if you don't'. In a way, that is 'report bullying' as well, justified or not.

What should you have done? Ask him once or twice to continue playing. He doesn't listen? Ignore him, play the match and move on. Pick your battles wisely.

I will address the rest of the thread a bit later, as I haven't read it yet. Just wanted to comment in advance to this part.

I asked this:

Are you going to report us?


I personally ask the 'why' when I defend others. If people ask me to report someone, I ask them why. When they give a reason, I will quickly tell them why I agree or disagree. 10 seconds. Nothing more, nothing less.

I personally feel you won't accomplish much with debating in-depth with these kinds of people.