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The Red Wedding [SpicyJackTheBard Fanfiction]

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A much-asked for sequel to my best-received writing, "The Long Gun of the Law". Hope you enjoy!

Part 1: Fade to Black


I winced in pain as I moved my head to look down at my abdomen. It should have been no surprise what I saw, but he still felt my heart skip a beat when I did.

A dagger –almost a short sword- protruded from my stomach, each beat of my slowing heart pumping more and more blood out around the blade and onto my tuxedo. Gods it hurt…

Cough again. Blood comes out of my mouth this time. I can feel the coppery taste… mixed in with something else. I look at the blade again and let out a small groan, not of pain but of woe. If a healer could get to me, then I would be fine if it were just the knife wound, but such was not the case.

Poison had practically drenched the edges of that short sword, and now it coursed through my veins, burning a path… was it burning? I couldn’t tell…

Oop. There it is.

I let out a cry of pain as my adrenaline rush wears off, the pain of the venom intensifying with each heartbeat, as if my very veins had molten lead pumping through them. However my cry is not heard above all the other cries of pain and fear and a certain maniacal cackling that I knew all too well.

My vision is surprisingly sharp, considering that I’m dying a slow and EXTREMELY painful death, and I see the terror that has ravaged the chapel.

Pews overturned, stained-glass windows broken, and bodies. Bodies everywhere. I knew so many of them, from the man that I bought my groceries from every Sunday to Wallace, who had lived right across the hall from me before I moved out of the Ministry of War. So much death…

Cough. Cough cough cough.

More blood this time. I’m not long for this world. Even my vision begins to fade as more and more of my blood pools out onto the floor. I manage to muster enough strength to lift a stained hand up into my field of vision.

Strange… I always thought that I would die old and happy…

However, as she crouches down and takes her head in my hands, I look up and smile. I can fulfill half of my ideal criteria if she’s here.

“Come on, honey. Don’t do this to me. Don’t leave me alone. You hear me?! Stay awake!” I hear her voice shout, that wonderful accent of hers causing the smile on my face to widen, and it stays as she gives me a slightly painful pat on the cheek.

“Cait…” I say weakly, lifting that bloodstained hand up to stroke her hair, “I’m sorry.”

As I say this, I can feel the tears run onto my hand even through the film of blood on my hand, “Don’t apologize, Jack. Please don’t. Just stay with me. Please.” She’s practically begging, but I shake my head as much as I can.

“My love,” I whisper, “I’m afraid you’ll have to postpone the honeymoon. Most likely indefinitely.”

“No,” she says fiercely, the quake of her voice as she sobs coming through, “Don’t you dare die, Jack. Don’t you even think about it.”

As a response to her question, I use the last vestiges of my strength to sit up just enough to place a tender, soft kiss on those full lips of hers and say, “I love you, Caitlyn.”

My time is up, and I feel my eyes slide shut, the world fading to black.

Trust me, there will be more.

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Senior Member


Hey, Kaz! I think I found someone for you to go out with instead of Riven!


Hehe. I meant...er...Fiora?

It was either vaporized by a summoner or slain mercifully by a trained assassin. Which would you prefer?

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Senior Member


This brought tears to my eyes. T_T

ok maybe not tears, but this did make me feel sad D:

well written though, I LOVE IT!

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yay your back.good work

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Aive Noclu

Junior Member


Great start, good to have you back.

Care to let us in on when part two arrives?

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Aive Noclu:
Great start, good to have you back.

Care to let us in on when part two arrives?

How about right now?

Part 2: When the clock strikes twelve

Three Weeks Ago

I paced about the back porch, biting down on the long-stemmed pipe I favored. Three weeks. Three weeks until my wedding. Three weeks until Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, and I would be joined in matrimony and get to work on founding our own family.

Despite the time gap, I was nervous as all hell.

I had counted the five steps it took me to traverse the back porch from end to end about thirty times now, and my mind was awhirl with worry. What if she broke it off beforehand? What if I chickened out? What if, what if, what if?

As all these “what if”s churned in my mind, I heard the front door open and close through the house, and I knew my fiancée had returned. I turned around, tapped out my pipe into the clay pot I used as an ashtray, and left the wooden piece outside while I went inside to greet her.

As I went to our bedroom, I could tell that Caitlyn was tired. Her movements seemed dulled as she took apart her rifle and locked it away in the safe –a habit she had taken to since there was most likely going to be a new addition to our family.

“Rough day?” I asked, coming up behind her to give her a loving embrace and a kiss on the cheek, and she gave a breathy laugh in response.

“Very rough,” she said, “Crime has been picking up in the last couple of weeks, since more and more papers across Valoran have been writing about our upcoming event.”

I felt my heart skip. Nerves again, “Really? I mean, we can put it off if it’s getting in the way of your work.”

She shakes her head in response, “No. That would be very unwise. It just seems that if we put this off longer, the more heavy the workload will be. I’m not saying we should move the date up, just keep it where it is.”

Caitlyn looks over her shoulder and smiles at me, her eyes appearing as two pools of melted chocolate that are so inviting and so soft that you just want to dive in and curl up in them. I feel my heart turn to pudding.

My embrace tightens around her, and she begins to laugh, returning the kiss on the cheek.

“I get the feeling that you’ll make a great husband,” she says to me, and that pudding feeling spreads throughout my body.

“Maybe,” I respond, “I just hope that I’ll be able to live up to your expectations in that regard.”

“You already have,” she says, kissing me once again, on the mouth this time, “And you’ll be a fine father.”

I laugh at that prospect. Eighteen months ago, I would not have even considered being a father, but now… It’s not such a bad idea.

Releasing my embrace from around her waist, I stood up, “I’m sorry, love, but I have to go and do a match. Land dispute between a couple of Demacian Nobles.”

In response, she nods and squeezes my hand before letting it go. I hated to leave her just after she got back, but our new home wasn’t going to pay for itself.

The clock chimed for the top of the twelfth hour, and I let myself be carried away by my teleportation spell.

My match was brutal. I used Dr. Mundo for jungling, and tore my way through our wolves and blue, then proceeded to invade the enemy red, drawing a well-needed first blood.

Things went downhill for our enemy from there.

Lux built cooldown reduction and magic penetration, firing her Finales Funkeln once every thirty seconds, and Miss Fortune reamed them, having a kill/death spread of 15/3. It was a good game, and I gained quite a bit of influence from it.

However, it lasted much longer than expected, and I didn’t get back to Caitlyn until very very late. By the time I returned, she was already curled up in bed, her hair playing across the pillow like a raven curtain. I joined her in bed, my body enveloping hers as the clock struck twelve.

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But still, it's great to see a sequel.

Mundo jungles when he pleases.

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Aive Noclu

Junior Member


Never been dissapointed at your stories Jack, thanks for the continuation!

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Yaaaaay. Just read "The long gun of the law", and I found this. will follow, you make me wanna try this myself.

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Ask Brolaf

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Woah, it's been a while.

Le bump!