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I know this may seem like a strange post, but I would really like to be able to merge two accounts together.

I have spent this summer in Europe, and wanted to continue playing LoL. Well, after two games trying to play on the NA servers, the ping was so bad I gave up. So, I created a new account on the EU servers. I have been playing on the EU servers for 3 months, and have collected more than a bit of IP, which I spent on new champions and rune pages. Different from what I had been playing/using in the US.

I am not going to be back in Europe for at least a few years, and in that time my account is just going to grow moss. If it were possible, I would really like to be able to merge all of the champions, runes and IP that I have on my EU account with those on my NA account. No, I didnt buy any RP, because I was only going to be on the account for 3 months, and didnt feel like spending Euros on it.

I know, this feature could allow people to create and then sell accounts, letting people buy large amounts of IP, champions and Runes that others have farmed on smurf accounts. I dont think that is such a huge deal, but then, I am not Riot.

Just throwing it out there, since I am leaving Europe in two weeks, and wanted to see if this was a possible idea.