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{NEW CUSTOM GAME} Nexus Key Lines

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To see if one will be playing and the such, go to the "NKL" chat channel! Also, if you join the channel, you may be awarded tips of play aquired or news of upcoming games. Every so often I will schedule a game and tell everyone on the channel its time. It will have a password and have no watchers. Add me as a friend in game and I will attempt to invite you to my game. To join a chat channel, click on Chat channel tab and click on "Create or Join Chat channel". Type in the three simple letters NKL to instantly join anyonwe who is on.

Basic Explanation

In this game you and your champion are tied to illusionary lines called the Nexus Key Lines. 4 champions, 2 for top and for bottom, are called Attuned. They cannot leave thier lane and cannot even defend another portion of the base until thier inhibitor is destroyed. The binding messed up however, and one Defiant can travel through jungle and farm mid. All the summoner's powers are stored inside the inhibitors, which are the main objective. ALL three inhibitors must be destroyed for the enemy team to attack the Nexus.


2 Bottom Attuned Champions

2 Top Attuned Champions

1 Defiant. A Defiant can jungle and travel between lanes. He/She can also farm mid. They have the most IMPORTANT job in the game, and the largest burden.

Becoming Freed

When your inhibitor is destroyed, you are free to roam anywhere (like the Defiant). If you destroy an enemy inhibitor, you can from mid to your lane, including the jungle. Yes you can push mid. This means if your bot destroys the opposing bots inhibitor they can roam, and you can go into the bottom side of the jungle and into mid. After your inhibitor respawns, you become bound once again.

After destroying the Enemy Inhibitor

After destroying the opposing lane inhibitor, you are granted the ability to enter mid and jungle from mid to your lane. The mid lane is the devision.

Base Objectives

-Gain Most farm/levels/kills
-Destroy enemy inhibitors
-Kill enemy team and win!

Here is how it works.

Before Game

Snowball Items not allowed (Soulstealer, Leviathon, Sword of the Occult)

ALL summoner spells allowed BUT smite, teleport, or Promote

Stay Within Your Lines

You must stay within your lane that you were attuned to. This attunement will first begin when the enemy sees you in that lane. Pre-decide with your team who goes where. You MUST stand next to the end of the bushes so the enemy cn see you. After minions spawn, both teams return to their outer towers and await the minions. NO fighting is allowed until the minions arive.

Inhibitor Breaking

Your 2nd main goal of the game is to break inhibitors. Destroying ALL three inhibitors automatically grants you a try at baron, but ONLY your team. The team with the three inhibitors broken gains baron and dragon destroying time to farm up on super minions.


-Pantheon's R (Defiant)
-Zigg's R
-Ashe's R
-Ezreal's R
-Lux's R
-GP's R
-Karthus' R (only for disruption)
-Kog'Maw's R (Defiant)
-Miss Fortune's R (Defiant)
-Nidalee's Q (Defiant)
-Tf's R (+ use of abilities until the ultimate ends)
-Xerath's Q or R while Locus of Power is activated (Defiant)
-Yorick/ Malzahar pet(s) (Defiant)
-Nocturne's R (Defiant) MAYBE!


Nexus Protection

While any Inhibitor of the enemies is alive, you CANNOT attack the nexus towers or the nexus. Your minions can, though, and you can attack minions and champions.


You win when you destroy all enemy inhibitors and destroy thier nexus.

Breaking the Rules

Upon breaking a rule, you must give the enemy team a kill on you. After this, all debt is repaid and you return to normal.

Possible Enhancements

Disrupted Key Lines

Play it draft mode!

Random Energy Lines

Random champs make the game alot harder and more unique



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1.Is there any rules on warding?

No, but since only the defiant can leave lane, it is pretty useless on normal players.

2.Can the defiant solo dragon? Can he gain help from long range abilities as in listed above?

Yes, the Defiant can attack /defeat dragon. Also, baron is free game for a solo. Long rang abilities CAN be used to help in these encounters.

3.If you push to the opposing inhibitors and destroy it, what then?

Then you can roam enemy base, keep pushing for gold, jungle, or push mid

4.Can you return to base to heal?

Yes, there is no rule against it

5.What about Shen? Can he ultimate?

Shen can ult on the attuned in your lane. If it is a shen Defiant, he can ult on any champ

6.If I get knocked into jungle, what then?

Leave ASAP. Even if that means through enemy champions, take the SHORTEST route

7.I am assuming those arent the ONLY abilities that can steal baron, just those and similar ones?

If there is one that you believe is classified as a long range ability, than go ahead and ask me. Otherwise that is basically the only abilities aloud.

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OP Champ List

Tier 1

Tryndamere As Defiant

With this champ, a fed trynd = gg for your team. If you can focus him down and take extreme caution, he shouldn't be a problem


That ult hits everyone automatically, and its global! Plus he can clear minions quick and escape nicely. Fizz > Karthus


With a global ult and good lane harass, he does good right there. Throw in that he can jungle and gank well as Defiant and you cower with fear


Nice mid laning and jungling, he can stay in the Defiant business until 6 easily, where he with crow you to death


Great lane support, brutal damage, and a aoe heal, she is the only one that can HELP your friends in another lane

Lee Sin

Lee Sin has great ganks, exceptable substain and good CC. He can control the whole map as Defiant.


Think for a sec. He can jungle without smite, lane well, ward ok-ish, and has a super OP gank? He is one of the best defiants you can find. He is a auto-ban

Tier 2


Her heal, trap-ward system, and out-of-the-jungle- spears are very formidable as defaint. Her cougar form makes get aways a breeze. She is pretty good, but anyone with a spell shield can sut her down.


Her arrow hurts, and is global. She has good continual slow and ok damage, but she lacks the overall bling of substain and laning to make her that sought after


While he has a outer shell that makes some people think he deserves Tier 1, hi global ult is very simple to avoid and his lanig strategy can be shut down by solid stuns (Sion and Taric) that can dodge his Q.


Swain would have made it onto Tier 1 with his supierior substain and able CC if his health substain wasn't achieved only at lvl 6. He is still sought after in the eyes of many.


Kassadin has the ability to gank at 6, has great laning and able damage, but lacks an important quality: substain. He has only mnor mana substain and also ganks well only at 6, so he is a delayed start.


Blitzcrank is only on Tier 2 because of his amazing pull ability. This helps in laning and as Defiant. With a series of CC and a defensive passive that can save his life, he can excel in lane

Lux as Top Lane

Her shield and lng range abilities will hurt alot in lane, and her R steals baron like a charm.

Tier 3


Wukong has great ganks and escapes, making him an effective Defiant, but lacks proper substain and has to substitute either gold or a summoner spell to reduce the amount he recalls.


Although his wonderful substain and power is appealing, he greatly lacks any form of proper ganks until 6 and cannot jungle well at all.

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Sounds fun.

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Sounds good, will be looking for this

However, i am assuming those arent the ONLY abilities that can steal baron, just those and similar ones?

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could be interesting

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played second match and ran smooth again, and added a OP champ list

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bump, would like to play another match soon

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would love to try this out sounds really fun

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playing one now, wuill give results