Legends #1 - Peace for Piltover

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The afternoon was coming in as the sun had risen to it highest position shining over the town of Piltover. Sheriff Caitlyn enjoys glances out the window to enjoy the view of her town completely safe. She continues to enjoy a cup of tea as finally there is a quiet day for her.

"Fairly quiet today," Caitlyn spoke as she took another sip, "No ruffians out making trouble, just a peaceful day. It's almost disappointing."

Caitlyn giggled at the fact she hadn't had an uneventful day in months, so when it came she doesn't know what she would do.

"Well I guess I should open up the 'C' file again." She removed the cup from her mouth and placed it on the desk. "Mister 'C', I still haven't caught you. You elude me, a feat that's incredibly to do. You've gotten away with more crime in my city than most criminals, that is to say, more than one. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was impressed. Where could you be?"

Studying what little information the file contained began to rack her brain, how could they not dig anything up on just an anonymous cat burglar? It seems completely implausible.

Caitlyn let out a sigh, "Maybe I should talk to Jayce about this."

Caitlyn grabbed her rilfe and threw the strap over her shoulder, it still shook and rattled in its old age.

The streets of Piltover were teaming with life many conversations and merchants out to make a buck. The sun shined bright over the city state gleaming over the constant technological progress. It was a sight to see, Caitlyn thought as she strolled down the street to Jayce's laboratory. The city-state of Piltover the most technology progressive city in Valoran, but even to this day after the crime had been completely shut out by Cait many years ago, its still a great view.

Jayce's lab was brightly lit and quite junky in Cait's opinion. Everything was shelved and organized, but it just had too many things that poke out. So many different inventions that would probably make Heimerdinger jealous in some respects. She found Jayce at a table doing some maintenance on his famed Mercury Hammer. Sparks flew out constantly as the sounds of metal grinding filled the room.

"Jayce. JAYCE!" She tapped him the shoulder to get his attention.

He turned his attention to her, lifting the goggles from his face, "Oh, Cait. What brings you by?" He turned off his peculiar tool that made the whirring sound.

"That's Sheriff Cait to you." Cait rubbed her finger up Jayce's chin and strolled over to an empty seat next to him.

"Ha, ha. Right." .Jayce sat up with his forearms resting on his knees. He seemed somewhat interested as to why Cait was visiting. "So what do ya need, miss?"

Caitlyn brushed her hair out her face and clasped her hands together. "I've been looking through the 'C' file again." She sat facing forward, staring at wall of just inventions, she didn't seem to notice.

"Oh, that old thing?" Jayce appeared to have lost all interest and stood up and put his goggles back down on his face. He began to examine the Mercury Hammer, flipping it over from side to side, as if to look for any kinks or maybe just chips in the paint. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the hammer. "You're chasing a red herring Cait." Jayce continued, "That 'C' Card couldn't even lead you to an illegal poker game."

"Am I?" Jayce's red herring remark seems to be the only words to break into her thoughts. "It's my only clue, y'know? The card was clean of fingerprint and DNA."

"So he wore gloves," Jayce shifted his weapon to cannon form and began to charge it walking toward an area marked off for target practice, "It's pretty common. In fact" Jayce fired a shot from the cannon at a bullseye painted on the wall and couldn't have missed the mark any harder, almost barbecuing some robots to the side. His face blushed red and his eyes opened in a mix of surprise and anger "Oh damn! Agh, anyway its not only common, its smart." Jayce grumbled as he stared down at his cannon.

"He seems way too prepared to be honest, Jayce. No Footprint. No DNA. Not even a bead of sweat. This guy is too prepared"

"Well if you ask me, "he" doesn't sound very human." Jayce remarked returning to his table to work on the cannon some more.

"You raise a good point...Anyway it's always great to see you Jayce. I must get going now."

Jayce's last remark rang in Cait's head, like a church bell, 'he doesn't sound very human."

Cait pondered the possibilities. Who or what 'C' could be.

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