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attention riot´s item and champdesigner

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This is PUR3ICE from eu west.
I want to give the Riot designer some small feedback for the next patches.

This have nothing to do with balancing.
Quality of life things or bug/fix

If you want to help me out don't be shy and post your QQL idea.
I will include it with your name!

UPDATE 04.02.2013(<metric date system) 10:12 am in EUW
Its about a year ago i startet this thread and alot of suggested quality of life changes has been included.
Iam going to list what have been changed from the last year till today and also create new list for 2013.
If im missing something please tell me.

What have been suggestet and changed in the year from 2012 till now

Ionic Spark
Is it possible to make a counter on Ionic spark?
It was annoying that Sword of divinity didn´t had one but it doesn´t matter anymore.
I was thinking about the same "system" that Twistedfate´s stacked deck already have.
His deck is 3 counts not colored, while his last card get a color to show, hey my extra hard hit is ready.
Then you can specialy use your lighting dmg instead of guessing or missing the dmg you could throw into enemy champions or ganks.
Ofcourse i know the enemy will see the stacks too.

Manamue,Arcangelstaff and Atmas
Findusxx: (from euw)
It would be usefull to know, how high exactly the ad/ap on Manamue,Arcangelstaff and Atmas Impaler give right at time.
Its annoying for him to calculate it.

He want to see a number of ad/ap in this items.

Banshe veil
A banshee veil timer please

BlueInSane: (from euw)
Warwicks new passive. When does he lose his stacks on enemys? An icon with stacks on the enemys would be usefull.
Redgomor: (from euw)
He want to see his range of W in a circle if you mouse over it. He said as example that you can see it by Gangplanks buff but not on Warwicks buff.
Warwick on hisBloodscent and his Hunters Call. (See the range when you mouse over.)

I have to agree. In a testgame his w and e didn´t show the range. E says the range but it would be very nice to see a cricle if you mouse over it.
Alot of people don´t even know that Warwicks W buffs his team.

Dynniditez: What about a cooldown timer on Hiem's Q (Turrets)
It tells how long it takes for him to spawn one to create but it doesn't actually give a countdown so you need to guess how long it'll take and usually ends in a bad gank.
Hidden Sniper: CAST INDICATORS ON on his Hextech Rockets.

Deti: Ashe had a remodel yet still her Hawkshot passive is the same icon as Teemos

Deti: Also it would be nice for Ashe's passive to display a number when it goes up on the icon so you know the exact crit chance.

please also add twitch
make a debuff icon when an opponent has maxed stacks already
The skin behind Vandal Twitch is bugged.(maybee not released)
You can click behind Vandal Twitch into a black field. There is an empty skin.
Also in the champion selection his last skin is bugged. There it shows his original skin at last place.

would help to show the range of lux's ult
I want the range of Lux's ult displayed on the minimap sort of like nocturne's.
I think it would be usefull specially for smartcaster if they know their range of R if you mouseover R and see a circle in the map which shows you the range.

sometimes Oriana's ball blocks the sign over your head that says that twisted fate is using his ultimate, so you don't know that he can see you until it's too late.

can we also get a range iindicator on Taric's Shatter and Ult?

Miss Fortune
Bekkal: Mobility boots: Add a timer similar to MF's passive.

Oracle Icon bug(Oracle behind healthbar)
Because i played alot of games as Evelynn and Twitch i saw a bug. Some champions or skins have the oracle behind ! the health/mana/energy bars. So you think you attack an enemy that don´t see you but they got oracle under the healthbar.
Also it happens to some skills of some chars, like TwistedFate´s R.

Kaling of Titans made a thread about this problem

Note that using pots interupt the channeling of getting a base.
(red pots never used manapots)
This is very annoying.

Stexe´s idea:How about adding pet controll with smartcast R (similar to Victors ulti)
Lhyanc: Note that this won´t work at Leblanc.(Ty)

Spectator Mode

-Thanatos Noa:And hell, a quick QoL to Spectator Mode, MAKE IT REMEMBER MY SETTINGS! I'm tired of having to click the "Chat" flag every time I watch a game.
I strongly agree.

Other stuff that i have suggested that doesn't matter anymore because of reworks, big changes or just where bad ideas.

Its great that you support the colorblind people.
How about helping these guys who can´t hear.
For example you play Ezreal or Morgana. You see or guess the enemy in the bush. So what do you do? You shoot your skillshoots into. "knock" oh i hit them.
Specially TwistedFate players can´t know when they hit something, because the wild cards fly through the enemys and doesn´t stop at half way.
And if you wouldn´t hear that? This can change fights and decide games.
Maybee show it at your skillbar with a short light up. Or maybee over the head of the champion if he hit something with a skillshoot a short sign appears.

Soon we get the tutorial map for aram.
I played a couple of games and i fear backdoors can destroy alot of the funfactor.
You can do it easily with stealthed Champions like Eve and Twitch or teleporting ones like Pantheon and Twistedfate, maybee even Shen if you have atleast one of the others.
In the map your back spell (B) is blocked and its difficult to stop an backdoor!
If you want to know what is in my mind please check this side.

How you guys thinking about a new loading screen?
http://imgur.com/KCcL9 (http://imgur.com/KCcL9)
Respect to this guy- who made this great loadingscreen! I just found it.
I really like the current card style.
So how about giving the ranking game mode this looking and keep by the other modes the current style.

What have been suggestet 2012 or new thing from 2013 and is still pending till now.

Rabadons Deathcap
Stexe: (his idea in another thread)
- Shows total AP bonus gained by 30% bonus

Phoenix Udyr
About the similar like the Ionic Spark thing i thinked to Udyr.
In his phoenix stance he get a "buff icon" with a phoenix. Every 3rd hit he does makes extra aoe dmg.
Is it possible to make a number and color also to this skill?
Then you know when you can navigate this aoe dmg into enemy champs.

In the last days alot of stacking numbers of Champs came. For example Nocturne got his passive now with secounds. Same to Shen. It would be great if you add these from others too.

Fire223: (from euw)
A timer would be usefull on Shacos ulti.
Would be easier to navigate the dmg into enemys.

shaco clones also need to mimic his buffs and auras. put that on there. Same for LB and wukong.
I thinked about a timer for both Shacos. So the enemy get confused.
/option 2 an invisible timer for enemys.

Boots of Mobility
I'd like to get some icon for Boots of Mobility, to know when there acutually is Movement +5 ^^

quaggmirran: (from euw)
Since the Jax rework, Jax stacking his attackspeed on his new passive. You can see it.
But you cant see his Ulti stacking.

Now the skill has changed and is extremly similar to Twistedfates stecked deck.
Can you make this also 2 counts grey and at the 3rd count colored?

Hostile Miku:
Sona's heal still heals ghosts and clones, that is Yoricks ultimate, Mordes ultimate, Leblancs passive and Shacos ultimate
really annoying when your heal goes to waste when these clones and ghosts are up, specially since they will most likely be on the lower health because they are expendable

In my eyes it would be usefull if Sona´s heal specially target Champions before ghosts and clones.
Its at some situations a good tactican decission to heal clones or tower tanking ghosts.

Waffles Inc:
Soraka's Infuse can still target allied minions. This needs to stop.
The only reason i see why Riot keep it, is a "higher skillcap" on Soraka.
Me as a Shaco player Victors Ultimate feels alot like a pet (Shaco clone).
Usually you can controll pets with Alt+ click. All the time when i play Victor i try to controll his ulti with Alt + click instead of pressing R.
Can you add Alt ulti controlling? (Would help me alot, not sure if it helps others)
Also his passive doesn´t show current ap per lvl. His Items does. Not sure if needed but just want to mention that it could look better when the passive show current ap per lvl.

Thanatos Noa: Acquires a target after channeling a full drain (preferably the target he was draining).
[He currently just stands there, doesn't even respond when getting hit, you have to manually make him attack]

Rammus and Pantheon
Maraishi: Something I want to add is that the particle on Guardian angel for Rammus is too small to see in most situations, and the particle for Guardian Angel on pantheon is also blocked by his shield icon for the most part.

Atreiyu: Fix the part where when you Ult as Vlad with smartcast on, you can't instantly Q after - it's like you are frozen for 0.5 seconds

Deti: Also when she attacks people(with Q on) it displays a Frozen Heart icon.

Spectator mode
Please include runes/masteries in spectator mode! Maybe on different tabs, when u press C on the active champ. Would make it easier to check builds, then going to lolking.net everytime im curious about a certain build


Make a separate toggle for the Minimap, so that you can press 'H' to disable the HUD then say 'M' to bring back the Minimap. It's the one thing I want to keep when I remove the rest of the details for vision, its too integral for keeping track of what's going on.

Originalthread http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=619851&highlight=ionic+spark

Respect if you read that and thanks for doing it!

I apologize for this perfect gamer english.
Would be great if some Riotemployee can look at this.

Thank you for the 100 upvotes!
You guys are great. More than 300 upvotes allready.
To the Riot live design team...I keep continue this thread with new things and allready "fixed" things.
The things from 2012 that have been changed by you find at the top.
What have been suggestet and changed in the year from 2012 till now.
The list under it.
The stuff from 2012 that have not been changed you find under it.
What have been suggestet 2012 and is still pending till now.
The list under it.
The new stuff from 2013 will be listed under it.

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This is just an idea and doesn´t matter to look at it.
Do not read it if you don´t play TwistedFate on ad and only on ap.


I have the one solution to buff him on ad without overbuffing him and without any change to ap TwistedFate.

TwistedFate on ad have no scaling. Technically only his red card on W scales because its aoe.
His other cards not scale on W because he lose his autoattack dmg when he activate W. Also it deals magic dmg. You can crit W but the dmg you crit is about 59dmg up to 180 maybee a little bit more. I don´t even know what number he strike critical when he lose physical dmg and transfer it into the magic dmg throw of W.
Also he cant use his lifesteal when he activate W and you do it very often.

So here my idea comes.
Let TwistedFates "pick a card" scales with added
ad (runes, items mastery without basic attack dmg)instead of full ad. Also change the skill to a onhit effect instead modificated autohit. Means Twistedfate deals his normal physicall autoattack dmg and added the magic dmg of W on his autoattack. Then TwistedFates armor pen have more use AND the more important thing is that he can crit a high number of W.
He would have some lifesteal on his basic attack when he activate W - that would be great!
Together with sheen/trinity it will be very good.
While with this change nothing will happen to ap Twisted Fate.

TLDR: TF lose lifesteal,armorpen and critical strike when he activate W. Bad when you play him as ad.
+ How i think to fix this.

PUR3ICE from eu west.

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The Dude II

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The final frontier.

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Would be great if Phreak/any other riot employee make a spotlight.
Since Heracim is delayed it would be very use full to have a spotlight about REPORTING.
He could show off people who played badly, not an report option.
Or show how Morello/any employee starts superraging in chat. He gets reported for offensive language and punishd ectr.(Just love the Morello PhreaK combo)
Explain what happening to people if they got reported for "unskilled". They won´t get banned for example but the "hidden elo" gets lowered.

Maybee this spotlight will have some positive effects specially to newer players. They have no idea what reporting is really used for.Since these days the new players getting extremly fast "introduced" by smurfs to report "bad players" as intentional feeding.
It may helps only for some time because it will surely forgetten. But im confident a spotlight about abused report function will improve the gameexperiance atleast right at time.

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Duke Br0heimer

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Some good suggestions, have a free bump.

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Why would Jax's ultimate stack anymore?

It was only the attack speed that went up, right? (Sorry if I'm wrong. Not a Jax expert)

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His ulti stacks, but you cannot see it.

Its like you would have TwistedFate stacked without an icon that tells you when it deals magic dmg.
Means you don´t really know when your 3rd attack deals some extra dmg by Jax. You have to time it yourself or guess it. Otherwise it can feel like an random autohit effect.

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Elegance SG

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shaco clones also need to mimic his buffs and auras. put that on there. Same for LB and wukong.

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Would help wukong alot.