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It was over. Singed stood rooted in his spot as the other members of his team fled, futilely trying to escape their assured destruction. All around him, pandemonium occurred. The wraiths were hugging each other, trying to enjoy their non-existant shared warmth. The wolves covered their eyes with their paws, cowering with whimpers. The red lizard shook hands with his minions, saying how much of an honor it had been to have them as his minions. The blue golem seemed held his own minions in a bone-crushing hug.

As for Singed, he continued to watch the impeding doom, not with despair, but with want. He sent an urge in himself grow as it approached. At least before he died, he would experience euphoria. Taking his poison bottle off his back, he laid his shield down and laid on it, looking over his shoulder to see how long he had. Finally, he felt it. Despite the fierceness of the calamity, it gently picked him as it sailed on.

As Singed got higher and higher, his confidence grew. He stood up, and nearly lost his balance. Regaining his equilibrium, he looked forward. A smile grew on his ruined lips as what little skin he had was still sensitive felt the wind on his face. As all was destroyed underneath him, he didn't pay any mind. All that was on his mind was soon vocalized to the world as he crashed down.


Regulation 5213: Nami's tidal wave can only be a certain width and height, to be regulated by the League's Committee of Arena Balancing.

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Power Of Syndra

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omg these are awesome! DonĀ“t stop doing these!

Do one with Syndra!

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It was a regular day in Summoner's Rift. A match had been scheduled and Fizz was to be in it.
"Aww, I haven't finished planning out how to steal Gangplank's orange stash. Hmm."

Later that day,
"Where could he be?" Wondered Ryze after reaching mid lane. "Hey magic man! A little help?" ZAC yelled from the ancient golem's camp. Ryze chose to ignore his new nickname and headed through the brush into the river.
*CHOMP* "First Blood!" Boomed the announcer lady.

At base,
"Great! Now I can figure out how to get past the cannons." Fizz got several kills that game but never left the fountain.
Regulation 1289: Chomper may not stay indefinitely in the river of Summoner's Rift.

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Jax, Teemo, Lux, MF, and Yi were just summoned onto purple team and were ready to go out and fight blue team, but before any of them left the base, something strange happened: A large eye appeared over the purple pool, the one that comes from Clairvoyance.

"Why would anyone use Clairvoyance on the pool?" Yi asked, clearly confused by the sheer pointlessness of the move.

"Maybe they didn't know who- GAH!" Teemo began replying, but was cut short as he gasped an clutched his heart.

"FIRST BLOOD!" The announcer proclaimed, shocked at how FB had been scored in the first 10 seconds of the match.

"TEEMO? What just- AGH!" Lux began, but never finished.

"Double Kill!" As Lux fell as well, Jax, MF, and Yi all began scrambling, but it was of no use, each one of them dying shortly after the other.

"Triple Kill!"



Purple team wondered as they waited to respawn how an enemy had scored a Penta right after everyone was finished being summoned to the match. They wouldn't know until the end...

Blue team, on the other hand, had quite the mix of reactions.

"That was awesome, Karthus!" Mordekaiser half spoke, half laughed.

"Well... you SAID you could get a Penta whenever you wanted, but I didn't think you'd be able to get it THIS fast!" Ryze commented, surprised at how OP Karthus was.

"That was beautiful! HA HAHAHAHA!" Shaco gleefully exclaimed, dancing and laughing.

"How did you accomplish this? What are you writing in that book?" Swain asked in disbelief.

All of blue team had watched Karthus use Clairvoyance, take out his book, then start writing in it. Karthus, clearly happy with his latest act of trolling, turned to swain and replied.

"All I'm doing is writing their names, then they die. Is that such a strange concept to you?" Karthus grinned an evil grin, and he continued writing purple team's names in his book, continuously giving them sudden heart attacks. Blue team won without any resistance besides that from minions.

Regulation 3267: Clairvoyance may not have unlimited range.
Regulation 5329: Karthus may not use his book as the Death Note.