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It was a rematch, men on blue women on purple. The guys were losing badly. Gangplank respawned to see shen and brand attempting to stave off super minions. He soon saw that the female team had taken baron and was about to destroy everything in mid.

Garen said, "What shall we do they are too strong" as he respawned.

"I do not know, i wish we could think of some 'inventive' strageties." shen replied

Gangplank snickered to himself, "gather round i have an idea"


Ahri, sona, caitlyn, riven and diana pushed mid knowing they were about to humiliate some boys and claim a wonderful victory.

"Atleast this'll make up for shen cheating last time" said caitlyn

"Dont speak to soon, theres someone standing over by thier inhibitor turret" replied riven

"It's garen, lets destroy him" diana stated.

sona let out a cautious tune, almost to say "remember what happened last time?"

"Sona is right, play it safe till we see the rest of them" riven said

"There! all 5 members accounted for" ahri pointed out.

Gangplank signalled for his ship to fire slightly behind the ladies, to block thier escape. however, they were not worried, they did not plan to escape.

Garen surged forward screaming "For Demacia!" casting judgement

the girls smiled at the brave fool, bu then something weird happened. The male team rushed out behind garen and diana, ahri and caitlyn started to attack from afar. Sometihng wasn't right, all the damage they were deling was being healed. Looking closer they saw garen wasn't spinning his sword, he was spinning and throw large oranges. The girls were powerless to stop the onslaught, CC was useless and the damage was negated. The ladies could only watch as their entire base exploded

Regulation #569- gangplank will never be allowed to distribute oranges amongst his team mates

*sigh* And again they lost.... Maybe they should cheat on the next rematch for payback...

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this is definitely not a bump

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Blitzcrank was watching a match between Zaun and Piltover, wondering if there was anything he could do to aid his teammates. Suddenly, he had a brilliant idea. He attached a wire to the summoning crystal that all champions were required to wear. Then he uploaded his conciousness to his Blitzernet, and from there to the crystal. Using his l33t h4XX0r skillz, he put himself into the summoner magic network, worming his way into the Piltover team's summoner connections.

Singed was panicking a little. His entire team was doing horrible against the Piltover champions. They were pushed back to the inhibitor turrets. As all five opponents pushed down mid lane, the chemist saw them all twitch visibly before returning to normal. A few seconds later each one was shocked with thousands of volts of electricity. As the announcer called out "PENTAKILL", Singed looked up at the sky. Blitzcrank wasn't in this match, why was his face being displayed as the killer? Then he heard the announcer say that all five opponents had disconnected, followed by Blitzcrank.

After his hilarious trick was finished, Blitzcrank went back to the Blitzernet, found this thread, and used his Power Fist to bump it back up.

Regulation #638: Blitzcrank may not hack into the summoner connections.

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"Haha! I won't eat those cupcakes of those this time sheriff!" exclaimed Wukong, avoiding the yordle snap traps.

"But I'm in my new outfit, so I assure that those cupcakes would taste just as fine as purple," said Lulu. It's true, she's wearing a new outfit that change the enemies into something entire different.

"Really, how is it that we're suddenly facing Wukong and Teemo in bot again," said Caitlyn annoyed, " you think their team learned last time to have a proper support and carry."

"Hey bot lane, do you need a little help?” Shyvanna message.

“Even if you do come to our lane to help, Teemo is invisible somewhere and could give away your position,” the sheriff message back, “besides you’re a couple of levels behind.”

Shyanna did had a bad start as the other team did evade her jungle for blue.

Then an idea struck to Lulu. “I got it! I know just the thing to do!”

“You cannot turn them into cupcakes for my traps like last time. We have enough issues with everyone eating the mushroom cupcakes and teemo…” Caitlyn really wanted to forget this incident.

“Don’t worry, I can’t turn them into cupcakes anyway but something much better,” Lulu happily said, “Shyvanna meet me in the jungle.”

“Oh sheriff, come out and play, you can’t hide under the turret all day,” said Wukong, impatiently. “Weird, Teemo had been awfully still. I wonder if he’s still in that-”


Shyvanna came out of the bush that Teemo had been hiding in, all in her dragon form glory.
“What the-?! You’re not level 6 yet!” Wukong exclaimed.

“So what? A little ruled bending doesn't hurt a bit!” Shyvanna laughs as she chases Wukong down the lane with Lulu riding on her back, laughing manically.

Caitlyn just face palmed.

Regulation #34821 Dragon Trainer Lulu cannot give Shyvanna her ult prematurely.

(I wish my stories could be a bit funnier)

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During one match on the Fields of Justice, Blue team was gearing up to push mid lane.
They were clustered around their Nexus and waiting for Teemo to spawn in, when the announcer cried out, "An enemy tower has been destroyed."

While her team had a small celebration, Ashe looked at the map and back to her team with a confused look.
"That was top lane. They were pushing there...what took out the tower?"

Suddenly, a furious roar is heard and the tower flies at the Blue team.


Purple Team is just staring at Alistar in shock as he does his victory dance...except for Zilean who speeds into the Blue base to nuke Teemo.


Regulation #42: Alistar is not allowed to use anything as a projectile.

Regulation #659: Zilean can not triple bomb anyone.

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It was a long battle on Summoner's Rift.

The Blue team, consisting of Shen, Akali, Kennen, Zed, and a Ninja Rammus was being floored by the Purple team's balanced and complete team.

Zed seemed to be ticked off... "Just who in their right mind actually summoned a team fully consisting of ninjas!?"
Shen simply folded his arms and tapped his foot, knowing that soon their base would be over and they could go about their other duties.

As Akali and Kennen respawned after their fiasco on top lane, involving a turret, Nocturne, and Graves, they decided to do something drastic.
"Zed... you seem to have a knack for learning Ninpo... (Ninja Arts for those of you not in the loop.) I have a plan, but you need to be open-minded, okay?"
Rammus, who just then respawned also said, "Ok."

Five minutes later, the Purple team had pushed to the Blue Nexus turrets. Nocturne, Graves, Katarina, Taric, and Nasus approached their final barrier to victory- the lone Rammus defending the turret.

"Hey, look, a useless champion that someone has seen fit to call out of hiding!"

"Now, now... Let's not get ahead of ourselves here."

"It is fabulous- how the metal of his outfit glimmers in the light..."

"...That outfit... would work well in my darkness..."

"Pfft, does that creature think he's a ninja? What is he thinking just idling here."

Rammus raised his arms in a taunt, and thinking they would win, the Purple team rushed him.

Rammus disappeared, reappearing with Zed's Death Mark over Katarina, Kennen's Slicing Malestrom stunning their entire team, the glimmer of a Stand United Shield over him, and dashing from opponent to opponent with Akali's Shadow Dance.


Over on the platform, Zed whistled, "Even I can't learn Ninpo THAT fast..."

Regulation #73a: Ninjas may not share their techniques on Summoner's Rift.
Regulation #73b: Rammus, in Ninja garb, is not allowed to use any of his learned techniques.

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A Poor Poro



Baron was dying, and the purple team knew it. There was a ward.

"Ashe, use your big arrow, quick! Stealing it is our only hope!" Lux loudly said.

Ashe gave a sigh. "If you hadn't used your laser to farm minions 10 seconds ago... here goes." She fired her arrow into the jungle, aiming for Baron.

Unfortunately, the blue team jungler was too quick on the smite for this to work. And the blue team, with their baron buff, began their march up the mid lane aiming to end the game quickly, knowing Ashe's ultimate was on cooldown.

"I need another minute to recharge my arrow now! What do we do?"

"Wait, I have an idea!" cried Lulu, "Hugify!"

Ashe's quiver, as well as the arrows inside it, suddenly multiplied in volume by a scale comparable to a Teemo turning into a six hundred stacked Chogath.

"Use volley!"

Ashe let loose a barrage of stuns and autoattacked, relentlessly disabling all five members of the blue team. Under the cover of the stuns, Lux shot her laser four times, securing the ace, and breaking the blue nexus despite having two disconnected summoners.

Regulation #1089: Lulu may not hugify any champion or any part of a champion by larger than 2x.

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Both teams were camped next to the bushes at Baron, waiting for the other team to make a move.

"We need to bait them out, somehow" said Lux. She tosses a singularity into the next bush, but Maokai quickly threw a sapling back at her. Lux instinctively shields herself to block the explosion.

"Well, Ahri why not send a charm out for the boys and we clean up the rest?" asked Zyra, planting another seeding in their own bush.

"I would totally do that." Sneered Ahri, "Except that your boyfriend there is a plant. I can try to do plants, but I don’t think he’s going to return the favor."

Lux blushes and pretends she’s not listening.

"Then it seems that I will have to do the honors. I am sure it has been a while since Maokai has answered the urges of spring" said Zyra.

"Here's my advice on seducing <3.You have to be very playful and-"

Zyra brazenly steps into the open and shouts " MAOKAI, COME AND FEEL THE EMBRACE OF MY THORNS!!!!!"

"-subtle about it." muttered Ahri. "Get back in here before-"

Suddenly, Maokai twisted advances out of a bush towards Zyra. Zyra instantly grasping roots back. Zyra and Maokai become obscured by a thicket of branches and roots, forming a new forest at the entrance of Baron.

Both teams cautiously approach the two, unsure of what to do next.

A loud roar sounded from the forest followed by a massive field of twisted leaves and vines that engulfs everything and enrages every plant along the river, including the bushes the teams were sitting in.

Everyone scrambles away to avoid getting caught in the onslaught. Many champions trip over the strangling roots and scream before being finished off by magical plant explosions.

Lux and Ahri barely escape the chaos alive.

- 1 minute later -

"So what's the status on Baron?" Garen asks, coming to Lux and Ahri.

"Well, we checked back afterwards when we thought it was safe, but it seems like Zyra and Maokai are still at it" said Lux.

"There are a lot of mutated plants all over the place too…" She throws her singularity into the next bush, which is now filled with seedings and seemed to have taken on the appearance of Zyra’s twisted plants.

"If you ask me" said Ahri, "I'd wager that Zyra is giving him the thorns she promised while Maokai has trapped her with his wood"

Garen does not say anything…

"And what exactly do you mean by that!?" Gasped lux, unable to keep herself quiet this time.

Ahri giggles softly and says "Well, I can't be sure about anything I say right now Lux <3. I'm just an expert when it comes to seducing animals, not plants."


A plant sapling hits Lux on the head while she wasn't looking. She instantly shields herself to block the explosion but nothing happens.

"Wait a minute, it didn't explode...so it can’t be Maokai’s…but I've never seen Zyra's seedlings fly like that before..." Lux cautiously pokes the seedling with her wand. Garen and Ahri come closer as well, curious about the new plant..

The seedling suddenly opens into a flower revealing multiple explosive saplings inside its petals. ALL of the plants nearby blossom to reveal more.


The flower fires its saplings towards the trio, prompting every other mutated tree, bush, and weed on the river to do the same.

Before dying horribly.

For a while, the river along Baron Nashor became the third torturous jungle loaded with a variety of explosive and bloodthirsty vegetation.
Summoning crews were on strike due to the previous fiascos with Ziggs’s ult and were in no mood to clean up the new place stemming from Zyra’s and Maokai’s botanical adventure.
The site was aptly named Stranglethorn Vale 2.0 for the time being.

Regulation # 1429a: Zyra and Maokai are not allowed to combine themselves into one almighty form.
Regulation #1429b: Zyra and Maokai’s seeds are not allowed to combine either
Regulation #1429c: Zyra’s ult and Maokai’s ult can no longer interact with plants in the vicinity, except their own.

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