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This is pretty much crack, as it has various regulations that the institue places on its champions in order to balance the game. So here we go.

Gamebreaker 1: Graves

"Alright, after this, we'll finish off their inhibitor turret. Got that?" Twisted Fate shouted as he threw a card right into Baron Nashor's face.

"Roger." Teemo said as he blew a dart.

"I hear you." Singed confirmed as he smashed his shield against Baron Nashor's serpentine body.

"He he he." Shaco giggled, too entranced in stabbing his knives into soft flesh.

"I'll do it." Sion grunted as he drove his axe.

Just as Baron was about to die, a giant flaming projectile smashed into it. Feeling the last drops of life leave, it feel, squishing Teemo under it.


The rest of the team were dumbfounded. Well, they weren't suprised at what happened to Teemo since he should have known better than to stand under a giant sea serpent when it died.

"What just happened?" Singed asked.

Twisted Fate frowned. "Don't care. Retreat!"

As the four began to leave, Shaco saw out of the corner of his eye a small health bar disappear. Seeing the opportunity to stab his knives into more flesh, he decieved away.

Boom! "An ally has been slain!"

"What the?"

Suddenly, a cloud of smoke kicked up and obscured Sion and Singed.

Bang! "Augh!!!"

Snikt! "The Pain!!!"

"Double Kill!!"

Now running, Twisted Fate made it into the jungle. Breathing hard, he stopped as he heard growling. Suddenly, a blur appeared in front of him, and a pain made itself apparent in his chest.

"Triple Kill!!"

"Ha ha ha! See, I told you that this would worked Nidalee!" Graves laughed as he inspected Twisted Fate's corpse.

Feeling something hard impact against his head, Graves saw his saddle on the floor, and an irate Nidalee rubbing her back. Graves held out his hands in defense.

"Okay, okay. I'll never do that again." As Nidalee went away to join the mid push, Graves rubbed his chin.

"I wonder if Sejuani will let me borrow that boar of hers."

Regulation #513: Malcolm Graves will not be allowed to use a mounted animal.

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lol. it was funny

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Silver of Souls

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I always appreciate some crack.
That came out wrong. I'm too lazy to change it.
Quite funny :]

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At first I thought this was going to be someone QQ'ing in the wrong forum again, came to laugh at them. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. Read it, accidental enjoyment. Well done.

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Gamebreaker 2: Brand

The summoner’s watched as the champions exited the summoning platform. They all smelled like smoke and fire. Some even looked a little distraut, as Ahri tried to smooth out one of her tails that had been blackened by fire.

One of the summoners stepped up and approached Swain, who looked down on his singed clothes.

“What happened?” The summoner asked.

Swain sighed.


Meanwhile, at Summoner’s Rift…


Brand cried as he set another tree on fire. Turning around, he inspected the burning wasteland that was Summoner’s Rift.

“It’s times like this that I am glad to be alive!” Brand squealed as he skipped off to inspect his handiwork.

Regulation #3254: Fields of Justice must be fireproofed before Brand is summoned.

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Jax saw Annie dancing around the Field of Justice and approached her.

"Hey there lil girl, care to light my lamppost?"

"Sure mister! Here you go!" - with that Annie lit Jax's lamppost.

"Now it's a Flaming Lamppost! Better than a real weapon! Thanks chick!" - and Jax went away to smash some burning faces.

Regulation #857 : Jax is not allowed to use a lamppost or anything that can be lit.

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Ask Talon



We need a list of these... A full list...

Regulation #762 - Talon is no longer allowed on the League debate team. Noxian diplomacy is not a valid rebuttal.

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Well, apparently some people are beginning to post their own regulations, so here are two ground rules.

1. It must contain a mechanic of a character you would think would be gamebreaking if it was "expanded" on. (Yes, this can be exaggerated.)

2. It must be at least a story.

Other than that, enjoy.

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It was a slaughter at mid lane. Six champions laid fallen, with Heimerdinger and Ziggs breathing hard, battered and bruised. Lee Sin and Sejuani had managed to escape.

“Well, at least we have managed to defeat half their team.” Heimerdinger sighed, adjusting his goggles.

Ziggs, on the other hand, grinned so hard, his face muscles were about to snap like overused rope.

“EXCELLENT!! I can use my newest and latest invention!” Ziggs cried, as he rummaged through whatever he used to keep his hexplosives.

“Newest and latest invention?” Heimerdinger asked, with a tilted head and a raised eyebrow… that is if he has them under those goggles.

“BEHOLD!! THE MEGA INFERNO BOMB MARK TWO!!!” Ziggs cried as he held out his newest hexplosive for the revered inventor to inspect.

“Uh, Ziggs? This looks like your Mega Inferno Bomb mark one…” Heimerdinger observed.

Ziggs never came closer to punching Heimerdinger in the face.

“It is not my Mega Inferno Bomb mark one! It is much better!! LET ME DEMONSTRATE ITS

As Ziggs got ready to throw it, Heimerdinger remembered something.

“Umm, Ziggs. Are you sure this will work?!”

Ziggs only laughed.



With the strength of a hundred yordles, Ziggs threw the mighty mega inferno bomb mark two into the sky.

Meanwhile, Sejuani was riding back to back, with Lee Sin in tow.

“I thank you, Sejuani. I would have surely perished. How can this monk repay you?”

The evil smile on Sejuani was unseen, as she surveyed Lee’s muscles.

“Well, tell me. What do you think about S & M?”

“…What is this S & M you speak of?”

Then the Mega Inferno Bomb Mark Two hit.

Summoners watched as the field of justice known as Summoner’s Rift was reduced to a giant mushroom cloud. A certain group of them, responsible for cleaning up Summoner’s Rift after the event known as “The Brand Incident”, gave voice to their feelings.


Regulation #692: Ziggs will not be allowed to bring untested hexplosives to the fields of justice.

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"Oy, you sure this'll work?" Gragas asked, his words slurred as usual.

"I guess we'll find out," Pantheon replied, taking the rope from Gragas.


The purple team all went to the middle lane, wondering where the blue team had gone.

"There is no one in the jungles," Udyr said.

"They are not in lane either," Irelia announced. The rest of the team began to look around confused at the absence of their enemy.

Pantheon's signature circle opened up around them, but they were all too busy to notice it. It wasn't until they heard the screaming of a giant dwarf that they looked up. Pantheon was flying through the air with 4 people tied to him.

"THIS WASN'T SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!" Gragas yelled. Nocturne, Alistar, and Vayne also screamed as they fell with great speed. Only Pantheon laughed as they began to descend.

Before the purple team could react, 5 large explosions peppered them.


"HA HA HA!!!" Pantheon laughed triumphantly.

Regulation #105: Pantheon is not allowed to handle any bonding materials within the fields of justice.