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Which matchmaking 'issue' is the most important to you? (See post for more details!)

1) AFKs in Champion Select Lobby 4884 36.23%
2) Duo-Queue Elo Disparities in Ranked 1010 7.49%
3) Skilled Ranked Players in Normal Modes 670 4.97%
4) Premade Matching 675 5.01%
5) Transitioning from Normal to Ranked Mode 1348 10%
6) Free to Play Champions in Ranked Mode 802 5.95%
7) Random Champions in Ranked Mode 647 4.8%
8) Provisional Matches in Ranked 724 5.37%
9) Duo Queue Prevalence in Ranked 423 3.14%
10) Level Disparities 652 4.84%
11) Team Margin of Victory 1645 12.2%
Voters 13482 .

After Hours with Matchmaking and Lyte

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It seems to me that the biggest problem with most proposed changes is that they either would shift player behavior towards the abusive or anti-competitive by exploiting the new system, or marginalize one kind of player or another. So, I present an idea here that not only gives incentive to all players to behave more helpfully and be more responsive and adaptable/flexible in Queue, but would make the honor system mean a bit more than a banner on your summoner icon in the loading screen and get players to use more actively.

Basically, the honor system starts to offer more tangible rewards, by giving players access to "vacation games" for being honored in a certain number of normal games. multiple honors in one game would still only count as one, honor from friends or other people who have recently honored them do not count towards your next vacation game at all. and, of course, you can't use vacation games in ranked.
"vacation games" would be a special game mode with all of the normal game types, available only when you've built up at least one vacation game. basically, when a vacation game is started, it pulls all of the honorable summoners looking for a game into queue, prioritizing the most actively and consistently honored people. a few other people starting vacation games are also pulled to prevent too long of a wait. from there, people have a bit more time in queue to coordinate, maybe +25s. vacation games reward bonus IP.
Because statistically the most honorable summoners and people exhibiting the best behavior will have more vacation games, and be pulled into vacation games more often. So, there not will there be a massive incentive to improve behavior in game and in queue, but those that do and play skillfully are rewarded immensely for it. this system would change nothing for the toxic players, as they would play against the same people as before, but when they eventually do accumulate enough honor for a vacation game, they will see the difference in their play styles and others and be incented to become a more positive player.
This system of "vacation games" would likely require more strict controls on honor to prevent farming, but would offer a universal incentive to become a better player and communicate and be more flexible in Queue.

Just an idea, but one that merits discussion, I think.

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Hey riot how about if someone afks(from start) if hes a red at the end game screen we all lose less elo cause it was a 4v5

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Player Someone

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I am just as bad. Sorry. I won't judge. I will forgive.

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u forgot the massive amount of spanish people on the english server (who dont communicate or listen)

yes english people do it to, but we dont go to the spanish server to do it

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I lead teams of people that include mathematicians and statisticians who are experts in machine learning and predictive modeling. Team PB&J also has a new analyst starting that got his Masters in Bioinformatics and used to do cancer research.

I'm well aware of the common cognitive biases you mentioned which is why Team PB&J approaches problems very differently from traditional development teams. We have a hypothesis (null hypothesis and all) and use data to test the hypotheses repeatedly. Many times, we've had the null hypothesis come out victorious and many times we've had results that surprise us and counter intuition.

If you wonder why many players have the same complaints that may or may not be valid problems with the system... you may want to review some other cognitive biases as well

i gotta ask, honestly. how is that matchmaking system workin out for ya?

dont give me this condescending bs response. i woulda thought you were better than this. at least more proffesional.

not only that, but im pretty sure you missed the point of the articles i listed. go back and read them cause you did not comprehend what the data showed.

you can all you want on these league forums because of fanboy's and your own CONFIRMATION BIASES, but what you believe to be true just simply doesnt matter when looking at the reality of situations.

YOU are a DOCTOR. grow up and act like the professional you were hired to be. and open your mind to the possibility of being incorrect.

only then will you have a leg to stand on if you find yourself to be truely correct. the way you responded here didnt show an ounce of evidence, only your hearsay. data circulating now suggests that the system that is in place to match-make players does not even resemble an ELO system. you need to drop the ego to be able to have objective viewpoints, and to make sound decisions.

if you have data suggesting that i am incorrect, im sure that MANY players would love to go over it. I would love to be proven wrong rather than patronized by a supposed professional in his "field"

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Can you say...PWNED?

Seriuosly, though, Lyte... I really think you might just be my favorite Rioter, simply because you blend human behavior, morality (the scientific version, of course), logic, statistics, and factual evidence all into one wonderful department designed to make my gameplay experience as enjoyable as possible...

Of course, the rest of your team is wonderful also...I just don't know their names!!

would love to see these "statistics" and the "factual evidence" alluded to in this fanboy post.

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2) Transitioning from Normal to Ranked Mode
Currently, we do not do a great job of educating players on the transition from Normal to Ranked Modes. What would players like to see here? What should the expectations of Ranked be? For example, Ranked could be "Bring your best, every single game!"

Is there any hope for a scenario editor in the future? To pull from the StarCraft custom maps, there are several designed to improve micro skills ( player level skills as far as LoL is concerned ) by putting users in very specific, difficult but possible scenarios. Being able to try out under pressure moments ( like running from 4 medium low health champions turning into a kite and quadra kill ) would greatly prepare players for ranked where such plays turn games around or ecure sweeping victories.

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@Lyte: There is an issue where champ select chat gets cut off for people who join late. I just had two games in a row where this very issue led to people fighting pre-game, even people with yellow ribbons. I had to dodge because my team hated each other before the game even started and an environment like that is no fun at all, even if we win. Both people "know" they called first. And two people who "know" they are right create the worst sort of argument.

I wrote it up as a bug report (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=37052495#post37052495) because it has a relatively simple 95% solution: disable chat for the first few seconds of champ select. But given how disturbingly common such disagreements are, I would like to see you address it as well.

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Riot, i need you to check out this thread please.
Get back to me.

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Allow people to queue for roles. A frequent problem in ranked is people refuse or cannot effectively play roles.

Require new people to ranked to only be allowed to queue for support.

Require ALL people to be required to always queue for support.

A frequent problem I run into is people being unable to play certain roles and getting forced into that role. It could be jungle, it could be adc, and even apc. Most of the time people also refuse to play support which is a huge problem. I'd love to see support picked earlier but not limited to specific champions. The role needs to be more well illustrated in it's play style, execution and build order. It's pretty easy to watch 1 tournament game and figure out 90% of the support role. Learning how to ward is not very difficult either.

Next, the summoners code needs to be mentioned. Fill as you go needs to be hammered in. People don't even know that exists and that they once consented to it.

Tribunal needs to exist in the lobby. If lobby chat went to the tribunal as part of a case or only a case than toxic behavior would continue to be curbed. I've had so many games fail at the lobby for a plethora of reasons from troll bans (baiting their favorite hero pick) to fighting, to failed role selection. Don't get me wrong I've had some amazing victories. I once won a ranked game with 5 jungles and we all had smite. While I will forever remember this game, it is not worth all the other fail lobbies that set our team up for failure. The lobby is so important and it needs to be given more respect.

Dodging needs to lose a penalty. If someone dodges it is often -justified-. Dodging should be part of the game and a simple button you click. Forcing people to play with toxic, bullying. and uncooperative players is horrible design and one of the reasons players are so toxic (but not the only). By empowering people with the dodge option, at a minimal penalty (perhaps earned in the same way champion rerolling is earned in aram) we can help improve behavior. In addition, players should be able to report from the lobby or even vote kick someone off their team if all 4 people consent. This forces people to treat each other with respect (except in the case of duo queue in which case it only takes 3 votes).

My 2 cents.