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Which do you think is the best support overall?

Soraka 24 20%
Sona 9 7.5%
Taric 10 8.33%
Lulu 15 12.5%
Janna 41 34.17%
Shen 4 3.33%
Nidalee 2 1.67%
Leona 3 2.5%
Kayle 4 3.33%
Galio 1 0.83%
Heimerdinger 1 0.83%
Zilean 6 5%
Voters 120 .

Poll, which is the best support?

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Statisticly, Janna currently has the highest win ratio in the game, of any champion, pretty much however you sort the list (not just highest of supports, highest of any champ). Soraka comes in close behind at either 2nd or 3rd, depending on how you sort, ranked vs normal, etc.


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wheres alistar and blitzcrank? anyways i chose janna.

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Nunu where are you (Buff and self heal)

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Maybe I need to reread the description, but Heimer is considered a support? Heimer is a pusher. I suppose he kindof supports in teamfights with his turrets, But all his abilities (save grenade) are based on pushing and keeping himself safe while pushing. Not exactly a combat champ, but he can fight well enough on his own that once the opponents return to base, the only counter is to have someone else protect the base to make sure that Heimer never gets the opportunity to touch a turret. He is definately a chamion that requires being supported, but I wouldn't call him a support. Only his passive gives allies any buff, and his turrets are put to better use turreting than fighting (though they work for both).


The problem with these three, is that if your enemies have half a brain, they won't get hit by the CC early, and without any kind of real sustain, increased AD, or damage mitigation, you might be at a disadvantage early game leading into the enemy snowballing into late game by zoning you and getting free farm.

Lux pushes the lane with her harass, her CC is not reliable, her shield is not instant and if the AD carry is moving around to dodge skillshots, the shield can miss rendering it completely useless. She also does not have any kind of sustain or useful aura, and her utility late game is pretty low.

It isn't like anyone intentionally gets hit with any ability you know, that doesn't just apply to CC. The idea is to make them get hit through superior skill. And while Lux may not be a perfect support, I would point out that unless she is in a position where she can support someone if necassary, she is typically very bad. She needs a fighter/tank/mage to lane with her for maximum use. For example, if she isn't a support, why does a Soraka-Lux fail so badly? Her ult lays on damage nicely, but not so much her other abilities.

The rest I agree with.

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I would have said nunu as a great support, janna up there as well.

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No Alistar, but Heimer? Errrrrm okay.

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Striker Bulgaria



LoL .. Karma the best support ever! Her shield is epic and does alot of damage , also the heal , the move speed buff , the slow , THE LVL 1 ULT !!!

I will post some good combos for bot lane :
1. Ashe+Janna (Janna has AD buff and ashe needs it cuz her damage is not a lot)
2. Graves+Soraka (Graves passive + Soraka's passive = the tankiest bot lane )
3. Caitlyn+Blitzcrank (Pull+Trap=Death)
4. Varus+Alistar
5. Kog Maw+Sona
6. Vayne+Karma
7. Corki+Taric