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Shyvana Cosplay in the making

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Malleus Malefica



Pro cosplay, I went to anime detour and met a few league cosplayers there but didnt see a shyvana sadly

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Coco Rocha



I believe I saw you at the photoshoot! It turned out great! X3 I was the poor Veigar that couldn't see a thing. :<

Do you have any details on your Nocturne construction? I plan on making ghost Nocturne for my boyfriend for next year, but not sure which material to use that would make it light enough, nor how to construct it so that he can hold it up and not have it break.

As promised here is what I have! Sorry its not very detailed =(, but you can see from the photos how I made it...but with the ghoast Noc, I guess you only need the knifes and the head piece! Should be pretty easy! http://glamorousgamergirls.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/nocturne-cosplay-at-anime-north/

Here is how we made the knifes:

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Junior Member


Wow! Great Job!