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All random all mid

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Jynx Knight

Senior Member


Plz riot make this game real with the rules. i know its gonna be hard to do that cause u gotta change alot of the coding for the game but DOOOO EEEETTT

A map with only 1 lane
Blue pill taken away ( its kinda impossible to make it so no 1 can run back).
Restrict summoner skills so no fortify ( Ive been in games where a team stacked fort and they went forever).
Each players can pick up to 10heros to play. and 4 heros to ban. after the pick the heros will be randomly picked to the players ( this allows ppl to play chars they like/know and ban others while still being semi random, cause everyone knows when u get a gimped char its already gg)
Stack items will need to be banned ( i love my mejas but that's cause i know how op it is in this type of game)
Make the shop locked to all that arnt dead except at start

i dont know how but doo eet