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Questions For Lee Sin Pros About Runes Set-Ups For DPS (Marks Section)

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I would like to know which configurations of Marks yield the highest DPS for Lee Sin versus Minions/Jungle/Champions and if different configurations are best for specific targets (i.e.: A set-up to quickly take down minions, a set-up to quickly take down jungle-monsters, a different one for champions, etc.).

How would you rate these following Mark set-ups ?
Set 1 Marks:
Armour-Penetration: x3
Attack-Speed: x3
Attack-Damage: x3

Set 2 Marks:
Armour-Penetration x9 (Stacked)

Set 3 Marks:
Attack-Speed x9 (Stacked)

Set 4 Marks:
Attack-Damage x9 (Stacked)

I did notice that not much damage was done when I stacked Attack-Speed until I started buying items so I am assuming from my limited experience with only having Attack-Speed Runes collected thus far for this champion that it's better to go with some combination of Armour-Penetration & Attack-Damage ?

Does 6 Penetration + 3 Attack Damage sound optimum ?
(Post-Tracking: Habimaru)

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i do flat attack damage marks always on lee. you definitely don't need attack speed with his passive and most of the damage in trades coming from your spells. armor pen is ok, but i would save it for the quints if you are against a high armor opponents or in high elo matches. otherwise use flat AD for both marks and quints since the ratio scales well with 3 of your abilities

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the highest most damage effective jungle setup for lee is:

3 Flat Damage marks
6 Flat armour Pen Marks
3 Flat Ad Quins
9 Flat armour seals
9 Flat Magic Resistance Glyphs {for better ganks vrs ap use these}
9 Flat Cooldown resitance Glyphs {slighly faster jungle times}

i run this in conjunction with a 21|9|0 mastery page

lee starts with 72 damage with 16 armour pen +10%

this optimizes his damage for auto attacking each jungle creep dealing