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Twas the night before Patch day...(An April First Poem)

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Lord English

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This is dedicated to a Champion who will forever live in our hearts. <3

Twas the night before Patch Day, a good April first
This Summoner was waiting, with an unquenchable thirst.
The Patch Notes were posted at Seven o’ Three,
Opening the page, howling a squee.

Some players were surfing, browsing the web.
Others were dreaming that Teemo was dead.
But me and my friends, who stayed up through the night,
Eagerly awaited the Champion Spotlight.

When up on the home page newly refreshed,
Came a new post, from Rioters Red.
Quickly I clicked, extremely excited,
Like ulting as Mundo, instant ignited.

The video and text on the slow loading page,
Hasted me too, like an attack by a Phage.
But very soon after my ranting on Skype,
Up came the page, increasing my hype.

Clicking the Play button, speedy and ready,
My old computer chair could barely hold steady.
For like Irelia players, not expecting a nerf,
Shocked I was to see, it was the Manatee Urf.

Phreak was presenting, in a serious tone,
That if you jungle Urf, your enemies are boned.
“Onto mid-lane, trusty Trinity Force!
Gank them to death, show no remorse!”

As Urf ambushed, coming from river
Ranged AD appears, a 7/3/1 Sivir.
But this didn’t make our hero worry,
Because Panth was Ulting and pinging “Hurry!”

The Fiddlesticks Crit, with Infinity handy,
The Pantheon dropped, AP 590.
And as the enemy quickly flashed out of the fray,
In came Urf Ulting “You can’t get away.”

A Tidal wave formed, reaching max height,
A full feasted Cho’Gath would cower in Fright.
As the enemies were slain, all made by Xypherous,
The match that Phreak owned, exploding the Nexus.

Tons of damage was dealt with Spatula in hand,
Down fell the carries, Kat, Cait, and Brand.
Gun on his back, spinning and shooting,
The enemies left like an AFK booting.

When Phreak displayed Urf’s jokes and Skins,
You would be awed at their beautiful grins.
If you saw them in game you would be jelly,
They make him look sexy, like Gragas’ Belly.

More gameplay was shown on Summoners Rift,
Ten Teemos chasing, all were too swift.
As they surrounded, looking all big,
The Yordles were wiped, like an Ulti from Ziggs.

He owned on Dominion, capturing tower,
Jax had leaped in, ready Empower.
They mentioned his team, all but two gone,
Despite the odds, just the two won.

As Phreak concluded with masteries and runes,
The music was fading, be gone the tunes.
And as I sat there excited, filled with delight,
I quickly realized, it was an April Fools Spotlight.

~By Summoner SuperHeroClock

Link to General Discussion post: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=22566882

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