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Tryndamere Help - the best way *sigh* i dont know :(

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Tryn is my favorite champ. I almost exclusively play him.

So this randomly turned into a full guide because I had some time on my hands, Enjoy.

First off crit chance is a must I have about 15% with full marks and quints crit chance. For the others I'm up in the air about what is best, the 5% extra crit is nice but you could get almost 7% dodge and 6% (I think) cool down reduction.

Thinking about it after I wrote some stuff you play TT you want full crit chance all 20%.

Summoner spells!
I love going with Ghost and Heal.
ghost is pretty self explanatory, use it to kill, run and just be all around awesome.

Now lets talk about the nub skill, Heal!
Heal is basically required now that cleanse does not cure DOTs. nothing is worse than just getting away with ER and dying to that DOT or minion attacks following you. heal + bloodlust will usually take you to 50% HP if you just left a fight and then you can get right back into it when most people think you are basically spent. Also heal is a 1st level mastery spec to reduce the cool down which make it that much more useful over cleanse.
get your treads they are good enough so you don't need cleanse.

defensive I get heal and nimbleness, for the first 3 I just pick what I'm most afraid of magic or physical damage.

Skilling up:
Before level 4 is the only time skilling up is ever any different.
Being on TT you might need to start with W or E just keep these in mind and adjust according to your situation:
You want E if you think you will need to get away at the start
You want W if you think you will be chasing them, Or if they are mainly auto attack dealing champs pop this right at the start of the fight at champ level 1 it's a significant damage reduction for an early 3v3
You don't want more than 1 point into these until you have maxed Q
by level 4 you should have 2 in Q and 1 in each w and e. then max W before E

Before I talk about my items I think there is something that should be mentioned. Tryndamere will be bad if you cannot properly time your ER. Items aside if you mess up ER your dead if your dead your worthless.

Trynd is a terrible champ at the start. Why? because he relies on crit chance and at the start you basically have none. Also his best defense is at level 6. So this makes it harder to play the character on TT.

Start with the standard glove and 2 pots.

So items. I would suggest getting two avarice blades at the start I usually always do this it's 24% crit chance and cost 1500 gold. take away the starting gold and it's 1100.
(ok I am going to just say this 2 might not be best I am currently looking into cloak of agi or executioner's calling and 1 avarice blade, you need one)

So right there with your full page of runes your at 44% chance to crit.Your crit chance is basically taken care of for a good amount of time.

Keep track of your money though if you go back at first and don't have enough for 2 blades get 1 blade and boots of speed. and then the other blade next time you get back.

Ok so boots are next, to tell the truth I love getting berserker's. but they are nothing compared to treads so take a good look at the other team if they have stuns you need treads a stun is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Next item on your list is the Ghostblade. This item is amazing for trynd, every stat is useful and the 8 second duration on the ability fits perfect with your ER time frame.

Here is why I get a ghost blade instead of phantom dancers.
PD = 30% crit, 45% attack speed, 15% movement (20% dodge counter productive with your ult)
Cost = 3395

Ghostblade + arvice blade = 30 damage, 20 armor pen, 15% cooldown, 27% crit,
Active: 50% attack speed 20% movement speed
(5 gold every 10 sec)
Cost = 3437

The Ghostblade + avarice gives you everything the PD does and more. you will notice the 15% cool down on ER and bloodlust, the extra gold will be amazingly helpful in getting your IE, and if your playing trynda and your good at using your ER you should be good at using your Ghostblade.

Just to finish my build, next item is Infinity edge.

After that you need to look at your opponents your next item will be one of three:

Last whisper: if they have armor you need this asap after IE

Phantom Dancer: this is the standard item to go for after the IE get this unless they have armor

Sword of the divine: What? lol ok this is only used if you have to kill mainly jax but this has the attack speed that you need at this point in the game.

If you didn't get Phantom dancer get it after what ever it is you got.

After that I am debating what it is I really want I usually go for a black cleaver but I've been thinking about a bloodthirster because really a bloodthirster offers a lot more damage and life steal is good later on. But this is so late in the game it usually doesn't matter.

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Really really big thx for that. The thing with Ghostblade sounds plausible. But ingame when it gets hectic i always mess up with activating a weapon. I allready tried to bind it to a key but 1) dont find one that fits my fingers best and 2) i usually anyway forget to use it

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That's the problem when I first started to use it, once you get it down though it's great.
Just need to practice.

Just try to use it.
Use it to farm some minions, use it before a fight, use it just for the hell of it.
Don't worry about wasting it just try to get to the point when you are using it.

I use the standard keyboard setup so I always just keep it in slot one where it is bound to the 1 key.

It can take awhile to get used to it but once you do it makes you a much better player, and on other champs you will start to consider active items.

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The Fish Fist

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what does IE mean?!

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The Fish Fist:
what does IE mean?!

infinity edge

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I think crit<armor pen is correct on any champ BUT tryndamere because 3/4 of trynd's skills support crit. Bloodlust at max stacks give u more dmg/crit chance. Spinning slash's cooldown is lowered with each crit he has. and Endless rage gives u bloodlust stacks which again increases dmg/crit chance. So I build my trynd crit.

my end game build looks like this

1) ghost blade
3) phantom dancer
4) infinity edge
6)spirit visage

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Getting Armor Pen on Trynd is counterproductive, so is skilling up ANYTHING other than Bloodlust, every single time a point is available for it, until you hit 5.

Tryndamere is 100% reliant, in everything that he does, on consistently landing crits on his foes. If you aren't a crit strike machine, you are asking for failure - I've seen Trynd rush straight to an IE, get a string of non-crits with his sad attack speed, then hit Undying Rage and Spin out. Net benefit? None.

Put your first point into Bloodlust, then I do Spin next so that you can at least not die any time anyone with a less item dependent champ decides you look tasty. At level 3 you get to Rank 2 Bloodlust, now you actually can heal yourself for a fair amount, so you become a bit harder to just harass out of the lane. At level 4 you get Mock, now you're actually kind of dangerous. You will snowball like this just from your skillups until about 9, when you max out Bloodlust. Now it's all about your item choices.

Likewise, if you do not start with Brawler's Gloves and 2 HP pots, you are gimping yourself, and you will lose against all but the stupidest opponents. With proper Runes, Masteries, and your Gloves, you'll show 18-20% crit chance at 100%hp at level 1. This is very low, and is only marginally effective - read as, barely effective enough to keep you in the game if you play smart - anything less is just embarassing failure.

Once crit chance is getting high-ish (like say, 50% at full hp), I like to grab Last Whisper. Now, you're not only critting very frequently, but you're really whipping them out at a furious rate, and the 40% Armor Pen is really all that you should need, or ever get (stacking Flat Pen with % Pen erodes the cost effectiveness), and you can start thinking about your IE. Basically rushing Infinity Edge before you get your Crit and Attack Speed high enough, is like gambling on snowball items - if everything goes your way, you're golden, but your entire game can just blow up in your face, leaving you with a senseless loss.

Very well-said. You should try boots 1 + 3 Hp pots at level 1, see how you like it. I like it a lot because it lets you spin and quickly close distance to ranged players and chase them or likewise retreat quickly out again if things get hairy. 3 HP pots will keep you plenty healthy too until bloodlust is a high enough level to take over.

As for an overall build, I've tried going heavy DPS via 2x Avarice blades, merc treads, IE/last whisper/ghostblade in varying orders but I feel like Undying Rage, although good, (I guess), is hardly reason enough to forgo survivability.

I really want to try 2x Avarice->Merc Treads->Frozen Mallet->Atma's->Last Whisper->Ghostblade.

It's a bit lacking in raw damage but the increased survivability, even from the Atma's armor, will let you stay out fighting longer to compensate. Give it a try and give me some feedback if you like. I'll give it a go when I get home from work today.

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lmao funny thing here is, i land crits all the time, and i dont even have any crit changing runes no need for em when i can have the more important runes that will help me push and carry for an offensive trynd build, tho all the builds ive see on here, very good to say the least

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um, i main tryndamere and i go with 10AP starting out, 15 ap by 18, i dont but any items early game and just farm up until i can buy blasting wand, then i go for kills really easily (most of the time) since most players do not expect high damage dealing whirlwinds (i also have ignite mastery and cast that to gain a bonus +10 ap). i don't mind getting low, i tank minions and champs and crit opponent as much as possible while they try and kill me at low (which i just heal out of with q unless you're silenced then you're screwed), i have 6% crit chance and 30% crit dmg starting out (masteries included).

blasting wand i upgrade to either a zhonyas if im destroying their team, guinsoo (rarely), or that purple wand thing to help out my teammates and boost the whirldwinds magic dmg.

i usually get 2x ap items at most (one early game, the other is the last item 6th slot), and 1 or 2 zeals, red and green pot, then infinity edge

this is my build it works well for me but just keep practicing until you find what you're good at depending on your playstyle (whether or not you like to sit back or harass hardcore)