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[New Item] Scavenger's Kit

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Moving this over here from GD. It _seems_ like it should work at helping to change the Meta but I'm sure I'm missing something...

Scavenger's Kit
Built From: Regrowth Pendant+415g
+20 HP/5
UNIQUE Passive: Allied Champions within Sight Radius receive -10% Gold for any Kill, rounded down, while the Owner gets four times that amount if they did NOT get an Assist.
"Leave the necklace, grabby hands! It's worth WAY more if you don't break it."

Without making a spreasheet right now (if this seems to be a well-received idea then...), your Carry loses 2g per MM for the first 40 minutes (the "rounding down&quot and 1g per CM for the first 20 minutes then 2g and 2g per SM for the first 7.5m and 3g after 30m (give or take times), while you gain 8g for MM "assist", 4/8g per CM, and 8/12g per SM.

At the 10 minute mark (assuming you somehow bought a Scavenger Kit at the start of the game...) that's roughly a maximum possible 400+200+75=675g out of the Minions in a Lane while your Carry is out only 170g. The 200 extra Gold over a Gold/5 Item is in trade for being a LOT less certain.

Now assume you and your lane partner score 2 Kills per opponent at 300g, 300g, 273g, and 273g. IF you somehow were in Sight Range but didn't Assist, your partner gets 270+270+246+246=1060g and you get (30+30+27+27)*4=456g. HOWEVER, compare that to Assisting where your partner gets the full 1146g and you get 668g.

So, you have an Item creating a small extra Gold stream and encouraging getting in on a fights to maximize Team Gold. Packaged with a small sustain to stick with your lane partner but requiring thought for use in late-Game.

Just a quick brainstorm, feel free to attack it :-).

Thought: Or would it just encourage the Meta? Would a Jungle+Roaming Support pair make use of an Item like this, teaming up for stretches of jungling?

EDIT: Well, one reason to Buy it would be because Team Gold goes up about twice as fast as the Gold Per 10 Items IF it is used properly. It gives another option to a 0CS Support and an increased Gold Stream to, say, a pair of Ranged AD gone bottom lane.

Not sure if it's enough though or even done the right way. In (possibly off-base) theory, it is a way for two Champs that need Gold to lane together; if both Buy this the Gold Stream increases 30%.

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The Blue Jelly

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HIgh level play, OP due to the massive buff in team gold if it ever procs (which will be hard since in high level play you generally try to all contribute for assists anyways), and low level, would be used to grief too much.

Oh this works on minions too? HELLA grief, and HELLA OP- suddenly it's Ashe (who has a gold gain steroid) + anyone with this bot.

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This item doesn't make any sense. Gold values help the engine work with who did the last hit/who gets the gold. Making this would make developers cry at night.