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Match Replay

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Now, before you go on a rant saying "OMG SUGGESTED ALREADY", hear me out. I searched the forums, and I did not see anything like this already.

I also apologize if this is the wrong forum section to post this idea in.

Alright, so as you all know, we have players in games that tend to be problematic. And while The Tribunal is nice, you only get to see the chat logs and final score, not necessarily what lead the person to say/do the things they did, or in some cases, people might have been trolled and reported.

So I say, for the sake of both cool videos to upload when you get that sweet pentakill, and also so we have something to look at that gives us just what we need to accurately gauge how a player acted in a game, there needs to be something similar to Starcraft and Starcraft 2's replay system.

Now, I know that the main problem with this is that if it were to work for the tribunal, that means that Riot would have to reccord millions of games/keep millions of games recorded for tribunal purposes (The replay could just be saved to people's computers at the end of the match, then the match be wiped from riot's servers after the match is over if someone isn't reported in the match). I however think that this would be more beneficial, since the match could be watched (With fastforward options and stuff) to better judge cases.

I don't know how difficult this would be to implement, but I can only see benefits from this for the community, in both solving problems and adding something new to video making.

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YES!! Bump. I REALLY want a replay feature. They help SO much in increasing skill!! Watching pro builds and strats and all that is ridiculously helpful. In Starcraft 2 it is what helped me increase my skill the most apart from just straight up 1v1. Plus not to mention the aid in accurately reporting players.

A replay function would definitely do some cool stuff for the meta game as well...being able to see other team's strats and sparking ideas of your own...greatness. Nothing but good can come from replays.

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Rebumping cause this would help immensely. Me and my buddy are trying different bot combos together and while Lolrecorder is nice, it doesn't show the enemy team at all and can only see bars of what the person's POV can see.