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The fall of the League.

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"All that was real, or was it just a dream?" I awoke covered in sweat. I had slept on a hay pile, and the room was so dark, I could barely see. I couldn't clearly remember the past day's events, but seeing all the blood-stained bandages on me, I instantly knew that I had been injured in battle.

My eyes started to grow used to the absence of light. I soon became able to see the people around me, and it didn't took me long to guess that the place was a precarius war infirmary.

"You're finally awake", said Soraka. "I started to fear you had fallen into a coma".
Ever since I became a champion for the League, I had forgotten the pain caused by severe injuries. I had forgotten that I was a mortal being.

You know, from time to time, some snow-backed milk-drinker comes and says he's going to rule over everybody. He creates a great empire, then he's violently killed, and his succesors are so stupid that the empire crumbles. History taught me that lesson.

I knew it from the very beggining, the League of Legends was a momentary thing. Sooner or later people will get tired of the summoner's self-proclaimed supremacy, punishing kings for waging war whenever they wish.

And so it happened. A great uprising. Everybody versus the Institute of War. We tried to mantain eternal peace, and now we just caused another massive battle. The stupid summoners don't want to use their fancy magic because it would contaminate Runaterra and make it inhabitable.

So, here I'm, receiving arrows in the chest and spilling my blood for a ruler who is uncapable of ruling.

Everything I saw wasn't a dream. It was real... And before I tell you about Soraka and the war infirmary, you have to hear this.

Chapter I: The day before.

I was in the middle of a battlefield... The most bloody battlefield this world has ever seen. The clashing of steel, the screams of the fallen... Magnificent. Snow and ice became red, as we killed enemy troops by thousands. The enemy retreated, and I got a chance to rest, so I entered my tent, and ate and slept as much as I could.

Campaigning. The most horrible life-style. I asked myself: Who put me up to this?

Ashe. You know, I've always had a weakness for women. They just drive me crazy. She told me to protect Tryndamere, for should he get killed, controlling things up in Freljord would get difficult. She "paid" me to do it, so I couldn't said no.

The barbarian king would had surely cutted me down, should he had knew of my, um, "negociations" with the queen. They always say it's just a pollitical marriage, but I don't believe a word of it. Luckily for me, Tryndamere didn't ask no questions. I offered my help, and he accepted.

So, basically, instead of simply going to a brothel, I payed the, um, "services" of a, um, "happy woman" by protecting his husband. A pretty stupid idea, but in this times of war, a man must get his needs satisfied.

Next day, I awoke to smoke and fire. I assumed the enemy had ambushed our camp. Good thing I never take off my armor... Leather, you see. Pretty comfortable, able to stop arrows and some weapons, and you can slept with it put on. Saves you a lot of time on death-life situations.

I took my halberd. A nice weapon, you see... Can cut a blue-blood knight and his pathethic horse in half with just one good strike. And MY halberd has a long, long blade. Some idiots even tought it was a sword with a large hilt. But no, mine was a halberd.

So, I was ready to battle this rebelious freljordians, or whatever they call themselves. I ran across the camp, looking for Tryndamere, killing the occasional maggots on sight. I finally found his tent, surrounded by an elite guard of soldiers from I-dunno-wut-random-tribe of barbarians.

Inside the tent was Volibear, Tryndamere, and a handful of loyal brain-washed soldiers that supported the League. Togheter we cutted through the stupid tribal guys almost without challenge.

Now that we had a few seconds to catch our breath, we quickly made a plan: Find Sejuani's unit, and regroup our forces for a final assault on their headquarters. Luckily that would suffice to "reunificate" Freljord. Duh, after two months of non-stop fighting against barbarians, I doubted that they were going to give up just because of a miserable stronghold. But I seriously know nothing about strategy, so I simply followed the commander's lead.

When we found Sejuani, we realized that we had already won the battle: Not even one of the enemy soldiers remained alive. But our casualties where heavy: While we, champions of the league, are able to single-handely slay tenfold of them, regular humans, summoner-ass-kissing soldiers are not. We had to act before we runned out of men.

Tryndamere ordered that we used the rest of the day to rest, eat and, um, satisfy "our needs". I seriously started to grow tired of courtisans, but if I'm going to die, at least I'll die happy.

Then, Sejuani appeared. Why does she wear almost no clothing in this god-forsaken floating piece of ice and doesn't catch a cold, I'll never know. But she does look pretty atractive.

"You. We've never fought togheter nor against each other, until today. You're strong" She then entered my tent and stared at my eyes. "I know what Ashe did to convince you to come here and protect that brute and false king of a husband she has".

"Lady Sejuani" I answered "If you've come to blackmail me, then you should leave right now"

"Blackmail? I was going to offer you a negotiation. I've seen how you stare at me, captain. And I think that there's something you need, but that courtisans cannot satisfy".

So, a barbaric female chieftain comes to me offering to, um, "Satisfy me" if I kill the barbarian king togheter with Nunu and Volibear to make sure Ashe runs out of allies. This way Sejuani can then kill Ashe and claim Freljord for herself.

A most solid plan, but I've fought side-to-side with this men. They've saved my life countless times, and I've saved theirs, too. We've been in this shield wall, killing barbarians togheter for a lot of time now, and I bonds of sweat are more stronger than those of blood... And, um, "Satisfaction". No, I didn't accept Sejuani's offer.


Oh, what the hell. I did, I accepted the offer. Cursed be my weakness for women. I did had quite a bit of fun, tough.

So, I awoke next day, the princess of Freljord laying by my side. My mother always called me a loser, but right now that is way past me. Oh, mother, if you weren't selling tomatoes in some random place in Zaun, you'll be so happy to see this.

Oh, but I digress. The plan was simple: I was to make sure we captured the enemy stronghold, BUT Volibear, Nunu and Tryndamere had to "Fall heroically in battle". Should I fail to do that, Sejuani would tell everybody in Runaterra about my, um, "Treaties" with the princesses of Freljord. Failure was not an option.

The march started at 5am. Sejuani was riding that giant piss-smelling animal of hers. Sometimes she turned back and gave me a wink, which means that my teory of her being a total wench was an absolute truth.

We were ready to assault their main camp. It was defended by some half-starved brats, barely old enought to grow their first chin hairs. Easy task would be take the stronghold, but, how was I going to kill three champions without nobody noticing? I had no idea.


I love it when they give that order. Run towards the enemy, weapon in hand, ready to kill or be killed. Battle was my scenario, and this war was my great play.

Stronghold captured. Tryndamere shouted "Victory!" and everybody started raising their swords in joy. But I didn't. I stared at the horizon, and saw a massive army or enemies, riding to glory.

"Don't say a word" Sejuani told me "Let them do their little suprise attack".

"Have you gone mad? If we lose this battle, we're DEAD".

"Oh, don't worry, captain, you'll live. You'll never touch me again, but you'll live. Let's just make sure our friends get killed, and then we'll slaughter this fools".

You know, I'm expanding my teory. Sejuani isn't only a total wench, she's also daughter to one.

Tryndamere saw the enemy army a couple of minutes later. He ordered the men to stand still and prepare their spears. If the enemy wanted to charge us, let them try. Nobody was going to enter our newly-conquered stronghold.

But that was their plan. Nobody was going to enter... And nobody was going to run.

Arrows. Thousands, maybe millions of arrows. Ignited ones. How do this barbarians are able to set things on fire when the weather is this cold, I don't know. But the moment I saw that massive volley, I knew things wouldn't end up good for us.

Volibear was the first to fall. He was hit by many arrows, but his might allowed him to persist. When Tryndamere ordered to charge the enemy, Volibear was in the front lines. He was brave, strong-willed, and had the hardiest constitution I've ever seen... Well, he was a bear, so... Nevermind, I shall make no jokes about the lineage of my fallen comrades.

It was a most glorious sight. It was the extasy of war. Volibear send his enemies flying, and gave our troops much hope. It seemed like he alone would win the battle... And then, he fell to the ground. His once-white fur was covered in blood from his own wounds, and he could barelly breath. I rushed to his aid, but it was too late.

"Captain... " He said "I'll die this glorious death... With you by my side. The heavens... Have blessed me"

"Close your eyes, friend... Rest easy, for victory will be ours".

The battle went on. Nunu's yeti had eaten a lot of enemies, and then someone realized that the one controlling the yeti was a child. He was killed in a most horrible manner, which I will not describe. A child's death is not something to joke about.

Sejuani smiled. She didn't plan all this, but it was convinient to her cause.

I then realized. If we won the battle, and Tryndamere wasn't dead, I would die anyway. If he knew the, um, "Things" I did to his wife...

But no, I must erase those fears from my mind. I must keep fighting...


It was Tryndamere. Surrounded by enemies, our troops almost depleted. Sejuani wasn't going to help him, but I did. I ran, as fast as I could.

Tryndamere. The barbarian king. Feared and hated by everyone. He's summoned in alomost every League combat. Was it the Twisted Treeline, the Summoners Rift, or that pesky anphetamine-loving crystal scar, he was hated by everyone. I was one of those, for never I've been able to best his acursed Inmortal Fury.

But nothing of that matters in the field. Back against back, we fought our enemies. How many fell to our blades I do not know, for I soon lost count.

Glory. We had lost two champions and half our army, but victory was ours. We had conquered Freljord. Peace would reign again...

"Wait a second... What is that thing?"

Another massive volley of arrows. I didn't had a shield, neither did Tryndamere. We where going to die.

But Sejuani saved me, for reasons I ignore. She abandoned Tryndamere and what was left of our army. I swear, I could hear the barbarian king shouting his anger as countless spears, swords, axes and arrows pierced his flesh.

Our forces were utterly crushed. Defeat. It was just me, Sejuani, and her decimated unit.

We went back home, barely having our own skins. Shame was the only thing I could feel.

The Institute of War, full of wounded people, and little hands to heal them.

I was good at hiding how really injured I was, but I couldn't bear the pain anymore. I entered the room that once was a summoner's personal quarters, and saw how they converted it into a poor infirmary. Soraka healing whatever wound she could, maggots crying because of the pain and war heroes taking their last breath.

"A hay pile... Good. I'm in need of rest. Two much has happened in the last few days".

I awoke three days later, and told you my story.


Chapter II: Today.

Like I've said before: here I'm, receiving arrows in the chest and spilling my blood for a ruler who is uncapable of ruling. But I wasn't the only one.

Many champions of the League suffered harships now that the common folk were rising. Demacian champions were soffocating the uprising within their own walls: Garen, his friends, and all the army of blue-bloods against the rebels.

In a similar state of civil war was Noxus. There's no uprising in Zaun or Ionia, but the rebels are sure to conquer them sooner or later if they don't join their cause.

And then is Freljord, but I've already told you what happened there.

I spent the rest of the night in the infirmary. I was expecting for some sexy nurse to come and change my bandages, maybe Janna, Akali, or that mute girl Sona. But no, instead of that, I get a hybrid of goat and unicorn called Soraka. Well, at least it wasn't Taric, because... Oh, well, let's just say that he drives by the wrong side of the tracks (If you know what I mean).

But no matter her physical appearence, she healed my wounds with that strange magic of hers. I don't care too much for mages, but it does feel good when their fancy-pants incantations come to my aid.

My wounds were healed, but I wasn't out of trouble yet. I wondered if Ashe knew of my failure, and how did she plan to gut me alive when I tell her that our army is no more, and that Freljord remains in hand of the rebels.

Women. Letting one down is the worst error a male human can commit.

"Captain. What happened at Freljord? Sejuani refuses to speak with me about it".

Cursed be my luck. Why do I always get to live another day just to get myself in more life-death trouble?

"Ashe" I told her "Our army found defeat at the hands of the barbarians. Nunu and Volibear fell in battle".

"And my husband? What about Tryndamere?"

"I can't exactly tell you if he's dead. But the last I saw him, he was isolated amid a sea of enemies, having his limbs ripped apart, countless spears penetrating him, giant blades butchering the... "

Oh, no. I should've said he was taken prisioner or something, it's not like she's ever going to find out I've lied to her. But as always, my mouth is too big and my brain just can't keep up with it.

Ashe didn't say a word. In fact, she didn't even emit a single sound. But I could tell she was seriously angry for the looks of her face. She just walked away from me, and I hid, just in case she decides to throw some giant ice arrow to my face.

I tought the rest of the day was going to be boring meetings with the summoners who were "Planning the war", but I was wrong. Galio entered the Instute of War, one of his giant stone gargoyle wings pulverized.

"The king is dead!" He shouted "Lord Jarvan is holding with what is left of the army... Inside the palace. I was sent with Poppy to deliver this message... To ask for reinforcements... But... "

Galio's face turned pale. Well, he's a giant mass of stone and magic, so I'm not sure if he did went pale or I was too high from the medicine. But then some random guy watching the scene asked him about Poppy, and Galio just kept silence.

"Poppy... She... "

He showed us a giant hammer he was carring with his left hand. It was Whomper, no doubt. I dislike yordles, but Poppy knew how to fight, and I respect that. I wanted to believe she wasn't dead.

"Ambushed" Galio continued his speech "Ambushed by rebels, not far from here. I got my wing destroyed, and Poppy... She didn't make it".

Galio fell on the ground, and people dragged him into the infirmary. I stayed there, in silence, alone with my toughts. Nothing I could do to save my friends and companions from dying everywhere around me.


Here's the random dude again. I always forget his name, so I just call him 'Random dude'.

"We've received orders to march towards Demacia and assist Jarvan. You must prepare for campaign once more"

You know, the thing I hate the most about politics is that it's never the politicians themselves who spill their blood. It's always us, the idiots who signed a contract with them, condemned to die sooner or later.

"Very well. I shall make myself ready"

There's nothing I can do about it. I went to sleep. And this time I was alone, mind you.


Chapter III: Things just keep getting worse

Good ol' righteous and mighty city-state of Demacia. They have no brothels, casinos nor organized crime, but they do know how to fight and give priest-like speeches. But this time I wasn't going there for some, um, "turistical investigation" about, um, "houses of pleasure". This time I was there to take the city.

Our army looked capable enough. We had Kayle, Riven and Alistar by our side, plus more brain-wash soldiers. Galio wanted to come, but he'll never be able to fly again, so he's basically useless right now.

We were near the city. Commander Kayle orders to set up camp and prepare to assault the walls by morning. I seriously dislike that a winged chick that looks like a guy is giving me orders, but, like papa said, "Whateva".

I was sitting around the fire with the soldiers, when I discovered that none of them was chatty. Seriously, the army that supports the summoners is full of weird people. But then I heard a soft, delicate, yet strong voice calling me.

"Hey" Said a lady "They say you killed thousands of enemies in the Freljord campaigns"

I looked around, searching for the source of the voice. It was Riven.

"Oh, that's just an exaggeration" I answered, and then offered her a place to sit "Maybe dozens, but not thousands. They weren't so many"

"Still, only having a look at you, I know that the tales about your strength aren't exagerated"

I smiled, and she did too. Can you believe it? Riven. Smiling. At me. I had enought experience in this matter to know that she wasn't here just to congratulate me for my "bravery".

"Well, thank you" I said "But I do grow tired of this war. So much death. It's not an honorable battle anymore, you see... Just a carnage"

"I think exactly the same" Riven whispered "I hope that peace comes soon".

Well now, honorable, strong, delicate. This isn't your normal blood-lusted barbaric battle-maiden. Riven was seriously cut above the usual brutes and wenches of this world.

"Oh, captain" She said, before going to her tent "If you're still alive when all this is over, I'll very much like to see you again"

"I say the same, my lady, I say the same"

Man. Now THAT is a triumph. Screw all the snot-nosed b*stard princes and their heroic conquests of three inches of unfertile terrain. I had conquested the heart of the perfect lady. No more tavern wenches, brothel wenches nor Freljord wenches. I had found that lil' thing they call "Love".

The next day I prepared my equipment for the battle ahead of us. Before giving the signal to attack, Kayle gave us a speech. You know, after hearing that, I kinda know why Morgana hates her sister so much.

And then, fighting. Again. It's hard to describe, the emotions that one feels in battle. Things usually go blank, and the body moves on it's own, like if your instincts took ahold of you.

The rebels quickly fell to us, and retreated. At the end of the day we had taken half of the city. I tought of helping myself to some bounty from the little shops around town, but Riven was watching me. And like I've told you, letting down a woman is a man's worst mistake.

I spent a couple of hours chatting with her around the fire. A very interesting person she is. How did she gave up her old life and renounced loyalty to her very nation to redeem herself. And have you seen her fight? She can kick your arse with just a hilt.

Another day, another meal. My relation with Riven wasn't going exactly quick, but that was a good sign. I've had many, um, "Instant relations" over the years, and they just last one night. No, this thing was special.

"Alistar! We'll charge the rebels! I'm counting on you to break their lines!" Said Kayle.

"Yeah, yeah" The minotaur replied "Whatever you wish, commander Kayle"

I approached Alistar some minutes after that. He didn't look very good, and that isn't good if you're going into battle with an army full of psycopath ultra-overdosed demacian rebels.

"What's wrong, old friend? You don't seem too sure about this"

"Captain. I dislike this commander, and I'm pretty sure he is sending me to my death"

Wait a second... Did Alistar say that Kayle is a MAN? Oh, boy, I knew it from the start.

Again, it's time for battle. Alistar would be in the front lines, with the most idiotic and berserk of our troops. I was going to command the second wave after Alistar smashed their formation. Riven and Kayle would then charge with us into the palace, freeing Jarvan and the others.


Glorious. Alistar made the fools beg for mercy. The melee started, and the usual pre-battle shooting with arrows ended. My unit crushed many skulls, and my halberd did taste a lot of blood. I felt like a conqueror, you know, making history. Maybe one day kids at school will read something about me in their textbook.

Kayle then joined us, and we prepared to assault the palace gates. But I couldn't see Riven.

"Commander! Where is Riven's unit?!" I shouted.

"She was with Alistar, captain!!"

Wait... What? No, that cannot be...

Palace, taken. Rebels, defeated. Jarvan, saved. Demacian champions, alive.

"Riven!! Where are you... ?! Riven!!"

But no one would answer me. I searched, and searched the battlefield for her while Kayle and their idiots were taking the palace. And then I saw her. Wounded by many arrows, laying in a pool of her own blood, barelly alive.

"Hmph... Look... At this... What a shame... "

I rushed to her aid, and took her in my arms. I'll never leave a fellow comrade to die alone like a dog.

"I wanted peace..." She said "So that everything would be back the way it was before this terrible war... Before our friends started being chased and killed"

"Don't worry... There will be peace... One day, thanks to you"

"Captain... At least I'll die here... With you by my side... "

I don't know why I did it. It's not wise to completely fall in love with someone you can't ever see again... As Riven's life was fading away, we both stared at each other.

And, just like in battle, things went blank, and instinct took ahold of us. We kissed each other's lips, for this was the last chance we had to do so.

"I... love you... C..."

She died. She didn't even had enought time to say my name. I left the battlefield with her in my arms. Nobody saw me, so I silently shed a couple of tears.


And now... I'm all alone.

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Nice job.

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Hey, our stories are actually much alike. I'd be happy if you'd read it and leave a comment too.

I like a critical view on reality, and yes the League is a kind of Fairy Tale in the general lore, having full control over the land and no one can even hope to stand against them. This is like tyranni and a general uprising is actually not impossible to happen.

Just that incredible lust... Your hero is a strange one for sure, can't calm his c.ock .But well, from the style he tells the story I can conclude he's a simple man without much wisdom or might, he cares for killing and women, but of course that's a perfectly viable and realistic concept. It's just that I prefer people like those high in the level of martial arts, having the ability to outwit any opponnent, but their wisdom holds them from unnecessary slaughter.

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Just that incredible lust... Your hero is a strange one for sure, can't calm his c.ock.

That's the idea e.e

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That's the idea e.e

Much like yourself? Or just a concept?

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Much like yourself?

Just a little bit.

Theme for Riven's death scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOAutXVDsGY&feature=related

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How would it be like, if "The Captain" turned out to be Captain Teemo.
Or maybe Captain Price?

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How would it be like, if "The Captain" turned out to be Captain Teemo.
Or maybe Captain Price?

You've just spoiled the great ending.

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Chapter IV: Down in a hole.

An engraved tombstone, fit for a war hero. I couldn't bury you in your beloved Noxus... Forgive me for that. But I think you'll like this little jasmine garden.

This is indeed a quiet place... Far away from the acursed politics and wars that have separated us.

Rebels are gathering by thousands, my love. I fear that the peace you wished for will not come soon. I fear that I will have to take many lives and see many comrades perish before this is all over.

I will keep fighting until I fall in the cold, loving arms of death, for battle is the only thing left in my hearth.

Good bye, Riven.


Demacia was ours. Everyone was suprised, for crushing the rebellion that had almost brought the League to it's knees was pretty easy. People celebrated all night long for their stupid victory, but I knew better. I had seen how the rebels fight when I was in Freljord... When you think you've killed the last one of them, they suddenly appear to stab you in the back.

"You're injured! Let me help you... "

Blonde, skinny, young. It was Lux, Garen's sister. I knew her from League combats, but I never cared much to grow a relation with her. Her brother knew of my, um, "exploits" with the other female champions, and would sure cut me in half if I ever tought of touching one little hair from her head.

"It's nothing, lady Lux. I can take care of my own"

"Captain! You're bleeding!"

"Oh, it's nothing. You shouldn't worry about it"

I lied. This hurts, a lot. I should seriously worry about it, because I've lost a lot of blood. But I want her to go away, before Garen sees me. He'll kill me for sure.

"Okey... Come find me if you start to feel worse"

I started to feel bad, but I wasn't going to let that horny teenager get too close to me. I wandered off, trying to ignore the pain, but I just couldn't. I ended up laying face down in a little, dark room, in the middle of some abandoned house in the middle of some stinking poor neighborhood. I sensed a horrible smell, and then heard a familiar voice.

"Captain, HEHEHEHE... It's been soooooome time since we last met" Said the stinky thing.

"Ah, Twitch... Long time no see, old friend"

Okey, I avoided Twitch all the time because of the smell. He should seriously think about taking a bath or something. Right now I coldn't avoid him because my wounds hurt so much, I couldn't walk. Acursed be my luck.

"Heeyyy... BRUDDER. HeehEEHheheEHEH... I have something for you"

Twitch showed me some kind of pretty strange medicine bottle. It didn't took me long to recognize it; It was a little potion created by Singed while he still had a body. They say that when you take it, you stop feeling things. All the emotions just go away, and you give a good trip to the clouds.

I didn't want to take that thing. I'm just a bloodthirsty soldier full of lust and greed, no need to take drugs and become some kind of junkhead to leave my troubles behind. Nope, I wasn't going to take any drugs.

"We're going to die anywhere, bro" Said Trundle, who suddenly entered the room.

"What? Don't you even have hope for victory?"

"Many champions have been killed. We all know that sooner all later we'll all fall in battle. We're mortal, after all"

The stupid troll was right. We were doomed. I wondered why did all the most horrible junkheads ever to set foot in the Summoner's Rift were living in that house, and why did they smell so bad. I just couldn't take it anymore... The pain of my injuries, Riven's death, how much my life had changed... And, for god's sake THE SMELL. THE UNBEARABLE SMELL.

I did it. I took the d*mn bottle, and injected my veins with the liquid. The pain was gone, everything was gone. I went to a place far away, and I didn't cared for anything no more.

Next day, I awoke in that house. I had slept in the ground. Trundle and Twitch told me that they had heard echoes of battle. The d*mn rebels did exactly the same thing they did to us in Freljord.

This time, there was no barbaric wench to tell me what to do. I was going to save everyone... I wouldn't allow anyone else to die.

A great batallion of rebels, trying to tore open the great doors of the demacian palace. I could see that a unit of my allies was outside in the courtyard, fighting them. I cutted my way through with my halberd, and reached them.

"Nice timing, Captain" Said Garen

"It was luck, sir" I answered

That was one of the most important battles of my life. The enemy never stopped coming, but we cutted them down one by one. It then became obvious that we should retreat, so Garen and I held the enemy back while everyone else safely entered the castle.

A perfect plan. Almost no casualties. Time for me to pull back... But when we were running towards the gate, a great javelin flew right into Garen's shoulder.

Misery. I had promised it. I wouldn't let anyone else die. Garen fell to the ground, so I dragged him with me. I almost got killed by the javelin throwers, but in the end I was able to save both of us.

"You saved my life... " Garen took a breath, and then kept talking "I WIILL reward you for this"

Whateva. Just doing my job. Now was the time to worry about the rebels getting inside the palace.

They smashed the door countless times. We had reinforcements, and a formation that would allow us to reject their attacks, despite their numbers. So, it was me, wounded Garen, Twitch, Trundle, and some random yet mighty demacian guys.

The gate crumbled, and the enemy poured in. We busted their heads pretty hard, as the fools charged hard for our iron-clad defensive formation.

Ah, the spraying of blood. You seriously make me happier. I get drunk in you, good ol' bloodthirst, and let things take care of themselves.

The rest of the army arrived. The castle wouldn't stand for long: We had to get out, and escape Demacia. Jarvan, Xin Zhao, Lux, Kayle and Alistar. We had enought muscle to crush these fools.


We charged onward, killing anyone who stood in our way. We were heavily outnumbered, but the men of Demacia had enough morale to overcome the most disadvantageous odds.

With almost no casualties we escaped the city. From afar we saw how the palace got looted and destroyed. Many tears were shed by the demacian patriots, but we had to keep going.

To the Institute of war, again. Looks like the campaigning game is over. We can't do nothing but reunite as many champions as possible, and defend our last stronghold when our enemies launch their final attack.

I went to my old room. I looked at myself in the mirror, I cried... and I couldn't stop. I had to make the pain go away again.

I injected my veins with Singed's drug once more, and fell asleep.

Chapter V: Junkhead.

You know, I've never been afraid of death. Mother kicked me out of home because I was a serious donkey and good-for-nothing. Back then I was just a brat, and fighting was the only thing I was good at.

Time passed, and the League appeared. Barelly 28 years old, I was a veteran, full of scars, pains and aches. There was no more room for experienced soldiers like me in the world, so I joined up with the league. One of the first champions to do so, if I recall correctly.

"Captain, captain! Are you there? Open the door!"

Oh, cr*p. I was still dizzy from the drug dose I had last night, and I couldn't allow people to see me like this. Nobody trust a captain who takes drugs and doesn't hide his pains and fears.

"Comming, sir. Hold on a little bit" I said, trying not to sound like the drugaddict I was.

Okey, I had gained some time. About, what? Five, seven seconds to fix me up? Curses, I'm all screwed up. I just can't even dress properly with so little time.

And now that I think of it, maybe I've been thinking too much time, and the seven seconds turned into twenty, maybe thirtysix. This doesn't look good for me.

"Captain, is something wrong?"

"N... No--oOO!"

Oh, what have I done? I'm too messed up, can't even move my acursed legs. And to make it worse, my voice is the perfect evidence of that. Why do people talk different when they are on drugs, I'll never know, but it's gonna be the end of me.

Silence. I hate it, the horrible silence. However was this random dude knocking on my door, he was growing inpatient and suspicious. Maybe he has a sister I accidentaly, um, "played with", and now he thinks I'm doing it again.

"Okey... Looks like you're bussy, captain. I'll come back later, forgive me for bothering you"

Oh, thank Arwulf he's gone. Maybe now I can get another dose or something. Nothing else to do around here.

*Knock, knock*

Oh, not this again.

"Who is it?"

"Katarina. Open up"

Wait, did she said "Katarina"? I've gotta open DAT door. This is obviously a signal from the heavens that I must go on with my life. Screw the new "no wenches" law created by me. The problem is, I can't open the door. My legs just won't move.

"Emm, I can't open the door. I have a... Little problem"

"Really? Let me fix that"

She then picked my lock and went in, then closed the door again.

"You should change that lock, it's too easy to... Well now, you look pretty well done-in"

"Is that a speech, m'lady? Because you once loved this thing as much as I"

"Oh, I see. Singerin morphine? It has been long since you stopped using"

Well, now that I had a female on my sight, I started to feel a little better and less depressed. But Katarina never came to me for meaningless things, she always delivered some important secret, or came with some kind of gangster intimidation message.

But, before I could ask her what did she came for, she opened her mouth.

"I have things to tell you, but it can wait. I really need a take, and I'd rather start using again with a friend than alone"

Wait, WUT? Katarina was still a junkie? Man, I didn't see that coming. Years ago, half of us, champions of the League, used drugs, mostly because we were young and stupid. But apart from the little junkhead crew composed mainly of Maokai, Trundle, Mundo and Cho'Gath, almost nobody used right now. But I suppose that one's youth is never forgotten.

So, I got the needle, and gave her the bottle. We both got almost overdosed. Don't ask me what happened next, because I don't have the faintest idea. Just some blurry images.



*Something about a chicken and an apple*

*God, you're so pretty... *

*Can I hug you, captain?*

*My bed is too big, we should use it*


Okey, things almost went back to normal. It took a couple of minutes until I regained sight, and then I realized that I was in bed. Then I heard Katarina's voice.

"Your room it's too cold, captain... Give me more blanket..."

"Here, I have plenty to spare"

Okey, I don't know what the hell I've done. Yeah, yeah, I love Riven, but I'm too hard to kill and my bodily needs just can't wait. Also, I don't remember a thing of how did I ended up in the same bed with Katarina, so nobody can judge me. It isn't illegal if you're on drugs.

We spent the rest of the day there. Next morning we started feeling "normal" again, and it was about time we got up and dressed.

"Oh, captain, now I remember what I had to tell you" Said Katarina, still half-naked.

"Very well then, what is it?"

"We've succeeded in crushing the rebelion in Noxus. Now we're going to reclaim that hellhole of Demacia"

That did sound like good news. I think that last night's, um, "adventure" was more interesting that killing rebels who are going to come back to kill us all anyway. But just in case, I smiled and congratulated her for the victory.

*Knock, knock* "Captain, the summoners have ordered all champions to gather togheter in the main hall!"

"Got it. I'll go there in a couple of minutes"

I looked at Katarina. She was one of those complex no-hearth ninja ladies, and I was pretty sure she didn't wan't anybody to know about our, um, "discreet meetings". I was wrong.

"Why didn't you mention I was here, captain? I tought this thing was serious"

Great. Maybe it was the apocalyptical battle that had brought us all to this misery, but Katarina actually looked happy and in love. I had to quickly use my incredible verbal skill to make up some stupid argument about chivalry to avoid looking like a fool who tought his new girlfriend was nothing more than a wench.

"A gentleman who respects his lady's honour must keep certain thing in private"

D*mn. I'm so good, I scare myself sometimes. Not only I avoided making her angry, I also made her even more happy about being with me. You know, maybe I'll die at the hands of a massive rebel batallion, but I know I'll die quite happy.

But enough talk, it's time to go to the great hall. Katarina and I walked hand in hand, like if we were children. We both smiled and laughed, like if nothing could bother us right now. It was... Pure shared happiness.

I don't know WHY she wanted me to walk hand in hand with her, but who cares. I'm going to die, anyway, so there's not much harm in looking like a stupid child in front of the whole Instute of war.

We finnaly entered the main hall. All the remaining champions were in that giant room, while some random summoner dude was reading a list of the deceased.

Galio, the sentinel's sorrow. Suicide.
Nunu, the yeti rider. Fallen in battle.
Poppy, the iron ambassador. Fallen in battle.
Riven, the exile. Fallen in battle.
Tryndamere, the barbarian king. Fallen in battle.
Twitch, the plague rat. Drug overdose.
Volibear, the thunder's roar. Fallen in battle.
Ziggs, the hexplosives expert. Drug overdose.

Galio commited suicide? I didn't expect that. I suppose he couldn't bear all this pressure, all this battling, all this death... And be unable to help just because of his broken wing.

I also didn't expect Ziggs and Twitch to die of an overdose. I did knew that hey were the number one junkies of the League and great friends of Trundle's junkhead crew, but if they had used this long and where still able to fight in League combats, then Singed's drug seriously wasn't doing them too much effect.

But I didn't had too much time to think, for the remaining champions started discussing what should be our next move.

"We should hold on until our true enemy shows his face" Said Swain "They are clearly trying to make us weaker, killing our champions one by one with their ambushes"

"Well now, that's exactly the kind of strategy I expected from a noxian coward!" Shouted Garen, but Jarvan instantly ordered him to shut up.

"Although I do not aprove cowardice nor dishonorable tricks in battle" Answered Jarvan "After my father's death, I do think that we should be more careful and plan our attacks with time"

The honor-tactic dispute kept on for some seconds, and then everybody noticed me and Katarina. For a second, I thought the male champions were looking at me with a "Congratz" smile, and the female ones were looking at Kata with a "Heeeeeey" expression. But nevermind.

"It will be easier for me" Said Talon "If we fight from the shadows, I'll be able to change the tide of this war"

"I think the same" Quickly replied Evelynn "Our talents are wasted in open campaigns and battles"

"You're right" Said the effeminate Taric "We warriors can take care of the defense of our remaining strongholds, while the kinkou and the other stealthy champions get enough information about our enemy's weak spots"

Okey, I hate Taric and his pink armor, but he was right. The straight-forward fighting had only brought us misery.

"What's on your mind, captain? You've been quiet this far" Said Jax, who's voice inspired so much respect on the other champions, that it made them instantly shut up.

"Too many of our comrades have died in my arms. However, our army is limited and they greatly outnumber us... We can't defend the Institute forever, and neither we can launch massive campaigns, even if we knew their weak spots or the position of their leaders"

F*ck, I shouldn't had said that. I was one of the oldest and most respected warrior champions in the league. My great campaign experience made me an invaluable war counselor, and when I said things looked grim for us, everybody's moral suddenly went down.

"Then we must be togheter the moment they come for us" Said Mordekaiser "We can easily kill tenfold dozens of this fools. If our defense is strong enough, we may be able to get back on our d*mn feet"

Everybody agreed. Thanks the heavens, my words didn't make them lose hope.

The plan was set. Swain would think of ways to weaken the enemy, and send our "special agents" on missions to do so. I started helping with bettering the Institute's defences, as well as training myself.

Katarina decided she would stay by my side. I was happy to know that, for at least I wouldn't die alone.

This strange mix of misery and happiness clouded my judgement... But I was fine. A large struggle was ahead of us, and I was ready for it.

Come for me, rebels. I dare you to try and take my head.

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Chapter VI: Love song.

Where do I go from here? I just don't know. I don't know what keeps me going. Was it Katarina, the drugs, my friends, or the food, I didn't knew.

I was sitting on my floor. Katarina was around my "apartment", but I just couldn't remember where. A guy opened my door, and stared at me.

"Look at you! You're a mess, captain!" Said the guy.

"I don't need your... your... eem... THAT THING OF YOURS!"

"Can't you recognize me? Your great battle comrade?"

Wait. I know him, I'm sure. I took my time, and focused my sight as much as I could... Ah, now I know who this guy is. Olaf.

"Ah, it's you, old friend. Long time no see"

I didn't care for this brute. But he did knew how to fight, yes. We had crushed many skulls together, for we usually fought in the same side in League combats. Because of that I grew accustomed to his presence.

"Hey, comrade!!" Said the viking "Pick up your things and let's go!!! The boys and I are going to Zaun!!"

"Zaun? Why? It's at peace. No rebels there"

"We've runned out of graggy ice, friend!! We've to get MOAR!!"

There was such a great risk of being ambushed by rebels anytime you got too far from the Institute, that only an absolute imbecile would do such a thing. The summoners had found the right person for the job, it seems.

I should stay at my room. Enjoy my last living days with my girl. But that's not my stile, that's not how I do things. If my name went down to history, it would be "The guy who killed a lot of maggots before going down", not "The guy who died with a female ninja sitting on his legs". Well, now that I think of it, "Female ninja" makes it quite a pleasurable death.

Also, there's one little problem. I doubt Katarina would ever let me sacrifice my life for graggy ice. She would rather kill me herself than to let me run blindly into a rebel ambush party.

"What's up?" Said Katarina, who was in my bathroom.

Olaf heard her voice and then looked at me. He just couldn't believe my good luck. Well, neither could I, but I got used to it.

"It's nothing, dear. Just a little mission to... "

"You're not going to give one step outside this building. And that's final"

Whoa, now that was quick. Not even my parents gave me such strict orders.

"Hmm... Seems like your lady doesn't want you to get killed. Well, if she changes her mind, come see me, comrade!!"

Olaf left the room and closed the door. I started to think if I was doing the right thing, refusing my own gift for battle. I'd never turn my back on a good fight, especially if it was a challenge... And, also, I didn't like the idea to leave my comrades alone, both in life and death.

But what could I do? I needed the drugs, and ever since Twitch died, Katarina was supplying me.

I was trapped between my two passions: Blood and women. And drugs, but drugs came with women, so it's the same.

"Sorry if I embarassed you in front of Olaf... But I don't want you to leave my side"

"I understand, Kata. Don't worry about it"

Ugh, I make myself sick. Why does my attitude change so much when I speak? I had mentally told her to go to hell a hundred times in just a second. But my lips just said sweet words that made her feel good. I'm too nice, that's my problem.

I was happy, though. She made my pain go away. She was the only person I didn't hate right now, the only person that could make me smile.

This thing between us was beautiful, perfect and stupid. Everything was just like that. Like an endless worldwide-hit love song, that makes idiots happy and fills them with joy. The most stupid way to live a life, yet the most satisfying one.

We cuddled. We made love. We kissed. We laughed. We smiled. We stared at each other's eyes. We got as high as possible, and decided that the world around us could burn in hell, that nothing would separate us. We would be happy together, and enjoy our lives for as long as we could.

Just for a second there, we even thought of escaping the Institute and start a new life as husband and wife. Learn an honest living, have a familly. Renounce to this meaningless struggle.

But time passed, and we finally got bored of talking, eating and smoking. We dressed up and went for a walk in the long hallways of the Institute.

You know, I could get used to this. No League combats, no campaigns, no nothing. Just do whatever I want. It's kinda cool, you know.

As we walked, we got near Lux's room, and I heard something that sounded like Jarvan's voice. I told Katarina, and she said that she did too. We were too curious, so we put our ears to the door, see if we could hear something else.

"This isn't right. I shouldn't betray Garen's trust" Said Jarvan

"Don't be ridiculous! He's never going to find out!" Answered Lux

"I... Oh, what the hell, you're right. Come on over here, baby"

I didn't need to hear anything else. We kept walking, occasionally laughing when we remembered the conversation we had just ear-witnessed.e

The day continued like that for a few hours. From time to time we would see something weird and funny. Sometimes weird and scary. And then, suddenly, everything changed.

It was Garen. When I first saw him, I laughed, for I knew now that his sister was Jarvan's personal wench. Me and Katarina tried to hide our smiles as best as we could, for we didn't want him to suspect anything.

We then approached him. He put his back against the wall. When I saw him up close, I realized that he had a large wound on his left shoulder.

"Help me" He said "Captain... Please, help me"

The floor was painted with his blood. I stared at his now pale face with horror, as the entire illusion of safety crumbled in a second.