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Malzahar - Tips n tricks , pls :)

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HI all, malz player here too

My usual build for Malzahar is as follows

Dorans ring
Sorc Shoes
Catalyst the Protector
Banshee's Veil
Void Staff

After that, it's all AP and survivability. Occasionally I will use my Catalyst to buy a Rod of Ages for the extra AP, but that only happens in games where i'm 100% sure I can carry.

I buy a Dorans ring first for the extra hp, and mana regen, and a nice bit of AP, after that Sorcerer's Shoes are the best damaging item you can get, since before they build magic resist, with magic penetration runes and this you will bring them down to 0 MR, which gives you about 30% increased damage to them (bouncing your Malefic Visions off a minion onto the enemy champion is an incredible way to harass). Next I build a catalyst since Malzahar can be extremely mana hungry early game to pull off his combo, and this helps immensely, and it also builds into a core item, your banshee's veil (Malzahar REALLY needs this, to stop crowd control from knocking him out of his ult, just like Nunu). However if you are really confident, feel free to build a Rod of Ages first, and get the Banshee's veil after you have your Deathcap.
After your void staff (for the penetration, because at this point if they don't have MR, you've won), I'd recommend a Zhonyas Hourglass against Attack Damage teams, or an Abyssal Scepter against Magic damage, usually you would get both.

As for runes, standard caster runes as follows:

Magic penetration Marks
Mana regen per level Seals
Cooldown Reduction per level Glyphs
Health/Magic Penetration/Ability Power Quintessences (your choice)

Gameplay tips

PLAY DEFENSIVELY before level 6. You are a very squishy champion, and your damage isn't amazing early game. Put a single point in Call of the Void (Q) at level one, and use it to check brushes (you need to aim it so that the corner of the spell hits INSIDE the brush, otherwise it will not reveal the area) After that, max Malefic Visions (E) to farm minions and regain mana.

Abuse your voidling. It does absolutely insane damage in the early levels, and if there are no minion waves around, and you're not at risk of being counter-harassed, cast your E skill on the enemy champion, and just hover around near him so your voidling will attack him. At the third growth it hits almost as hard as Xin Zhao.

Farm. Malzahar is an absolutely amazing farmer with a few ranks of his E up. Combined with your Voidling and auto attacks, you can reach 200 cs by the 20 minute mark (my personal best ). be VERY cautious about this however, Malzahar has no escape spells and Flash is necessary to get your combo set up, so wasting it when a jungler ganks you because you over extended is a bad move. If the enemy team has 5 on screen and no jungler however, go to town! You don't know what it feels like to be a god until you have sorc shoes and a Deathcap 17 minutes into the game.

Hope this helps all fledging Prophets of the Void

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Junior Member


I don't main malz, and I will keep this short, like any ap carry, its all about spell placement. Put your spells in the right spot and you can win any fight.

- Null zone works well for your team when the enemy commits to a fight and the front line's start going at it, a well placed null zone when you are out of range of nuking someone works great for your team.
-Don't go 1 for 1. like most ap/ad champs end game, malz is exceptional and nuking an enemy champion, but never do this at the cost of your own life. You are a caster and you should think like one, be conservative and pick targets carefully( sure you can one shot that support, but if you do their team will be there to kill you, don't do it)

Those are to two main rules that I follow when I play malzahar, the rest of his kit is pretty straight forward, but this isn't only for malzahar, this is for all casters.

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I build glass cannon CDR Malz since with the right items you can erase any non-tank with just visions, null zone and Grasp.

Athane's for CDR, Magic Res, AP and Mana regen
Deathfire for more CDR
Deathcap for AP
Zhonya's for AP and armour
Sorc Shoes for magic pen
Void Staff if they build magic res, Archangel's Otherwise since when fully charged it's awe passive gives as much AP as the Needlessly Large trio.

With that set up you'll have about 40 seconds on your ulti and will be able to melt all but the tankiest of targets in a few seconds. Using that i ended an Ahri before my Nether Grasp could finish it's full duration, half my team was like O_O lol