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Restore to default settings

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Hey I have a Dell Inspiron 1470, when I first got it league ran smoothly with little to no problems at medium quality, effects, etc. These days my FPS hovers around 13 on average and during team fights falls to 5 and below, all while on the lowest possible in game settings. I don't recall if I've downloaded any drivers or anything that may have altered performance.

I can't seem to find the box my laptop came in which sucks. Hopefully my parents didn't throw it out. Anyway I have win7 and was wondering if there is a safe way to restore my machine to factory defaults without having a win7 disc. I saw a few things while googling but none of them seemed to work.

I don't have anything important saved on here that I wouldn't mind losing that isn't already stored in some other way. So losing any data isn't a problem. I just want to make sure when it's through that I have win7 running on here again.


Edit - It has also been like this way before the lulu patch. I know a lot of people have been having problems since then, but my FPS has dropped significantly prior to the past few patches.