Client/Launcher lag?

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K when im in game i have no lag, it runs just fine. In the launcher/client before in game its like it lags. When going into champ select i always show up after most ppl sometimes pretty late and sometimes i dont even load into champ select and im still i lobby and i can see my party i queued up with but they will be in champ select, i can hear the champ select music but i can leave the lobby and click on play and go into the shop. If i just let it go it runs out of time and i dont select a champ and it dodges so only thing i can do is have someone on my team dodge or restart my client making me dodge. It used to not do this and idk why it has been, I tried repairing the client but still does it every now and then.

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Get ****ing necro'd
But for real I have this same issue that started a few days ago! Reviving this thread because its preventing me from playing games and this problem has gotten me banned from queue several times. Do you still have this problem?