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[Discussion] Kayle

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Rezzing this thread instead of making a new one.

I find myself constantly with mana problems when playing Kayle. Normally the answer to this would be to just get a good mana regen item, but because Kayle is a rather poor farmer whatever mana regen you are getting should hopefully lead into something else, consolidate your gold. The gold per sec items (mostly because they dont usually build into something) all seem rather lackluster considering after 10 minutes you get what, 300 gold? The exception perhaps being Kages Pick which you could use to build the Deathfire, but I havnt tried that with Kayle yet.

For reference, here is my build with her so far (trying for a more DPS build):

Boots (Berserker usually, Ninja/Merc if the team makeup calls for it)
Catalyst -> Banshee's Veil OR Starks, depending again on team makeup.

And usually the game is over by then. If not, I usually shoot for a last whisper. For Kayle it seems like, half of her build is trying to get the absolute most for your gold as you don't have much to spread around. Might try building Kage's Pick first, use the AP to harass a little better and arrange masteries/runes for mana or mana regen. Thoughts?

Don't build a Kages Pick... Well unless you are going for Deathfires but I don't think it's a very good idea.

Definitely go 21 into support as you need the mana regen, move speed and 6% cdr.

As Kayle on TT I almost always start the same way, Dorans Ring -> boots -> Codex.

Once you get your codex you should have more than enough mana to sustain your skills and harass the **** out of anyone.

I would say trying to rush catalyst so fast is going to hold you back unless you go for all mp/5 yellow runes. If you do that more power to you I guess.

Really though, try this build:
Dorans ring
Boots 1
Stinger -> Nashors
Boots 2 (can get before Nashor's if you like)

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Mmm Whatcha Say

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Just sharing my own build:
Start: Meki and 2 hp pots (why many people don't buy these?)

When you go back: Boots, as much of Deathfire Grasp as possible, with Codex before Kage's pick. Mind you, going back is sometimes going to take a while. Had a game when my 1st trip back was at level 13 and I had about 4k gold accumulated and lots of assist, some kills and no deaths.

Boots: Get Sorcerer's shoes/Ninja tabi or Mercuries. For summoner spells I grab Cleanse(Why so many people don't choose this spell?) and Ignite if there aren't already 3+ ignites in my team. If there are more than 3 ignites in my team, I pick Clairvoyance.

If I'm doing good I get Mejai's Soulstealer. Late game, you can grab Soul Shroud or Aegis, but she's a bad farmer, so don't expect it.

Swap that point in improved Clair with something else, if you aren't running Clair.

Red: MPen
Yellow: I don't know what to choose for yellow :S
Blue: Cooldown redux
Quint: AP/lvl or MPen, whatever you want

Tactics: Reckoning spam in early, take a point in E if you need it, but R>Q>W>E. Midgame help with ganks. Lategame stick with team, ult carry/someone who is getting focused.

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I play the balls out of Kayle right now and I build as a supportive tank. I have a very specific early-mid game build that I have tested and tweaked over about 20+ games as Kayle since the recent buff patch.

Skills - Max Q and W first grabbing a single level of E (ranged) at around 4-8 for that extra ranged power. Ult at 6, 11, 16.

Here is my very tested, very thought over, theory-crafted item build in order.
1: Mana Manipulator - because you can heal yourself and this gives great synergy with a mate
2: Meki Pendant - again, you can heal yourself so this really ups your harassment
3: Boots - obvious
4: Farie Charm - more mana regen - because spamming Q takes a ton of mana.
5: Amp. Tome - to make....
6: Fiendish Codex - -CD, Mana regen and the early boost to AP makes reckoning a monster (creep kills, harass, killer - 300+ dmg nuke on a 6 sec CD)
7: Ruby
8: Cloth Armor
9: Heart of Gold - You are not a farmer so having a nice HP item that gives 5gp10 is awesome. I very rarely end up selling it with my item build
10: Boots of choice - Tabi for DPSers, Mercury for magic and snare - Berserkers works too. No need for more speed - your Blessing will give you 420+ speed with lvl 2 boots.
10: Giant belt - to make...
11: Soul Shroud - Great aura for you and team - -CD is amazing on Kayle (27 sec Intervention CD!) and its a great tank item (3000ish HP at this point)
12: Finish Stinger - that is why you bought F. Charm and also to make....
13: Nashtor's tooth - now you COULD make this before Soul Shroud, but I like to be more tanky and Nashtor doesn't give a ton of stats for combining (you could keep Stinger and Codex separate if you want for most of the game)

Also - you are now at max CD! 4.68 sec Reckoning (4 sec duration), 15 sec Fury (10 sec duration) and 27 sec CD on intervention at 16.... oh yeah... hardcore support

Now things get more situational
Personal favorite - Aegis of the Legion - because you are supportive in nature this works really well - it also makes your heal better than simply HP stacking. The dmg is just a treat.
Rylai's scepter - More HP than AoL and wayyyy more dmg than anything else but the slow is kinda "meh" as you only get to use it with Reckoning. The AP is a monster on your heal, nuke and on your Fury dmg. It is also more expensive than Aegis.
Warmog's - Welcome to 4000+ Hp - you are pretty much unkillable with any of these items, but this one makes you a juggernaut - problem is that it does nothing else and doesnt support. But boy can you soak dmg.

Other items to consider - Sheen (because you spam spells), Malady or Wit's End (to improve your Fury attack speed and dmg. Phage make you ever tankier and is rather useful. Atma's is also good but expensive - better with Rylai and Warmog - very hard to get all that done.

Most games end before I can get the final item unless we did Baron Nashtor or kept up on killing Dragon. As I said - you are not a farmer so money will be a bit of a problem.

Actually the best Kyle item guide I've seen. Others don't work or are way to situational and expensive. Your is... As you said, very thought over.

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Actually the best Kyle item guide I've seen. Others don't work or are way to situational and expensive. Your is... As you said, very thought over.

I think that guide is not really good. It is just an average guide.

Take into consideration that guide is not a huge farmer. 2-3 items +boots is the most you will be getting out of him.

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I personally go Sapphire first along with two health potions and then try to get some cheap boots before trying to get Rageblade.

After that, I go Nashors. I'm a fairly new LoL player though but I decided to stick with Kayle. She's quite helpful as support and I hopefully will get better as time goes.

Rageblade really is useful for Kayle me thinks though! Mejai's soulstealer is something I've been trying too recently, fairly cheap and it's fairly easy to at least assist with Kayle I think, so you can build up stacks quite nicely!

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you build her the same as jax basically...

rageblade/lich bane/merc treads

I like 2 rageblades personally since its the most cost-efficient AD/AP item in the game. just stack AD/AP basically.

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I've been doing really well as Kayle. I'm not a super high level, but I usually end up being the winning force in the games I play.

i'm level 13, I run mana regen and cooldown runes for my blue and yellows and armor pen for my reds. Only Tier 2. These are enough for all of my mana regen needs. My masteries are all in Support except for 1 point in ignite. I focus on the +XP and +mana regen masteries so far.

I queue up with Ignite and Teleport as my summoner spells

As soon as I get into the game, I grab the 350g boots and head to the lane and get into the grass. I take a point in Righteous Fury. The boots help a lot with staying alive while waiting for RF cooldown to end. I go RF, Reckoning, Divine Blessing, RF, RF, ult, RF, DB, RF, DB usually. The reason to focus on RF is to keep lowering the downtime on the ability.

I work towards a Rageblade first, since its super amazing with Kayle. Then I build either Ninja Tabi (melee in my lane), Mercs (CC in my lane), or Sorc (ranged in my lane), and then I build Nashor's Tooth. I generally do not need mana regen items - if I run out of mana I typically should be blue pilling to get my next item anyway. I farm pretty quick with Rageblade and Righteous Fury- and I can XP starve people fairly easy since RF has a decent range. I work BEST in a lane with a jungler next to me to come in and gank as I get people low - this process happens slowly since I play conservatively early.

After I have rageblade, tooth, and ultimate and part of the tri-force I can usually solo towers *without creep support*. Run if you see another champion come up - but generally between the ultimate and divine blessing un-defended towers go down like butter.

You also provide some crazy support and damage in team fights - you can heal people and allow them to run out, invulnerable someone getting focused (go ahead other team - burn your cooldowns muahahaha), and do a lot of AOE damage. With enough cooldown reduction RF has nearly 100% uptime - so you are practically a ranged champion.

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rageblade-mercury treads-nashors-frozen mallet-will of the ancients-bloodthirster- total domination

crit on kayle is stupid

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I have been playing kayle for a very long time and right now I think i cornered a very good build :
Sumoner skilsl : cleanse, clarity
Start with the 15% attack speed dagger and 1 hleath pot , reason being that she is very bad farmer at start because she attacks so slow, this should fix it. Use clarity for mana regen at start, max out w, 1 point in q by lvl 4, and the rest in e and r. Main strategy should be assist nuking with e, using w everytime you can and use q to slow down peeps.

I return to town when I can build stinger, get first boots and meki pendant usually, about 1400g. From there finish Nashor's tooth, then mercury's treads, then rageblade. By now game should be over but I usually go for rylai's staff

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Here's something to be laughed at (most likely, but I like it )

Nashors Tooth, Boots of Swiftness, Sword of the Occult, Trinity Force

And whatever else, Youmoo's, Bloodthrister, etc...

Attack Damage on Kayle is amazingly good for her Righteous Fury. With cooldown and all of her short spell timers, you can do great damage with Trinity Force. Cast Righteous Fury, jump out at someone and proc Triforce, slow them with Reckoning, proc another Triforce, heal yourself for the health or speed buff, or whatever just to proc another Triforce. Dead or running...

Getting stacks with Kayle is easy. If you cant get to the killing area, heal someone who is. Once maxed out you have a really really really really ..... ya fast kayle, with swiftness boots (or mercs, examples with swift) occult buff, heal buff. zoooom. (I'll probably write a better guide when i tweak the idea).

The 30% of the high amount of attack damage you do will still give you favorable heals, fyi.