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Sound Balancing

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League of Legends is a fun game, but could have a lot more 'epic' impact depending on audio cues, the sound effects I believe don't have a high enough volume and at some times the announcer is too loud, but doesn't sound enthusiastic enough...

By tweaking up the SFX it will increase how much players feel drawn into a game.
By the background musical score being more epic sounding with a little more tempo it will make the game seem more... well... 'Actiony'
By the announcer not overpowering these to such a degree, and sounding less like a dude talking into a microphone with some sound effects thrown on top, it will sound more awesome.

also, sound crackles when using a noise control system outside of the game, this is due to low bit-rate, if there was an audio quality option then that only changed the bit-rate, users with more powerful machines could have flawless audio, whereas less powerful machines could lower the quality of the audio, keeping audio on, and it would use less processing.
Audio could still be turned off to save on processing.