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Tips on Ezreal Please?

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I think I'm pretty goo with Ezreal, usually when I play with a friend of mine who always tanks, I can go about 10-0 atleast every time. What I do is use Essence Flux whenever they are close enough, and I try to get into a position where I can use Mystic Shot on them. I harass them like that until they are forced to recall, then you get to level alot, (supposing your solo'ing mid lane on 5v5), in a 5v5 team fight, I usually try to get behind my opponents, fire off Q/W and then start throwing out my auto-attack, I usually buy Sheen/Lichbane, Nashor's Tooth for the CR, and somehting for attack damage. It also helps alot if you buy cooldown runes, and you can just fire off your Q every .5 seconds.

Hope this helps!

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Bumping up an old thread ^_^.
The only time I've had trouble staying alive with ezreal is when the team has no tank. And I don't mean if no one is a tank hero, but when the malphite has 20 last hits 20 minutes into the game and no kills. This was my last ranked game Q.Q.

Something everyone does I've noticed is not get a survablity item... I enjoy banshee veil to remove that stun that you know is coming your way, or merc treds if its someone like akali. I generally go flash exaust. If they come at me, E away, if they still come at me, Flash away, Still then exhaust and finish them off. If they're AD heavy then frozen heart is pretty good too since CD reduction + the debuff.

For AD:
Just play like say an Ashe with flash, isntead of volley you've got mystic shot. With the change to his ult it'll use Bonus AD damage or AP (which ever is higher).

For AP:
Classic AP style burst damage, you can use Q to decrease cooldown and a lichbane will equal out the damage for Q.

I don't hybrid enough since the ult change to give tips. I feel like if I go this route my ult doesn't do enough at the start of a team fight. And one thing I've learnt is doing a huge amount of damage at the start can unnerve some players into running early, and if you've got tri force / frozen mallet / red buff on any one running gets them killed.

Let them group up, ult them (sometimes even before your tank engages) and then have some fun. My item build is constantly changing baised on what I'm fighting but sheen is a core item for AD or AP.

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Lord Oliveira

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Best advice I can give any Ezreal player is to RUSH A WRIGGLES and be a buff ***** especially with red buff. Use the ward for dragon.

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buy a litchbane and ur mystic shot does more with ap than it does with ad.

as for ad i typically get
dorans blade
blk cleaver
last whisper
sell blade for blood thirster
sell wriggles for either a BV or another dmg item

with AD u are not just a poker. u need to remember to auto atk. i hate seeing ezreals go AD and stay to far from the fights and use the excuse that he is just a mystic shoter