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Get rid of the upvote/downvote system.

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I find it to be more of a detriment than an actual asset to the website. Why? Well, let's take a look at a few examples:

User A makes a thread that has actual constructive feedback. No votes yet.

User B is a famous person in the game and is popular. Posts spam or posts something like, "ur opinion is wrong hurrhurrhurr". Gets immediate upvotes and the OP gets downvotes. Yet, User B provides only spam while User A looks out for the game and gets downvoted because the popular User B says User A is wrong or stupid.

User C is an infamous person that is known through the community as a "troll". Posts some extra feedback that is actually concise with the thread and its ideas. It seems more legitimate, yet with their reputation, User C is immediately downvoted, sometimes without even "trolling".

User D calls User A and User C trolls, losers, tells them that they're stupid, anything that basically degrades them. Upvotes on User D and B while A and C are downvoted to oblivion, thus hiding the posts and then defeating the purpose of the Feedback.

Solution? Get rid of the Upvote/Downvote of the forums. It's something Youtube used and ultimately failed at; very hard too. The community will only upvote a person that is popular. Yet, if that person attacks someone, they get even more upvotes and the person they attacked gets downvoted. It also works in another way: An "infamous" user gets immediately downvoted for everything, even if it's helpful.

The Upvote/Downvote system promotes being a jackass. That is in violation of the Summoner's Code. It gives people the ability to give someone the middle finger without any consequence.

In replacement, there should be a report system and actual moderators that are unbiased to sift through it. Not just any moderator, but someone Riot actually trusts with that power.

Let's look at another gaming website: http://www.bungie.net

Their website is user friendly and is moderated very well by volunteer moderators that are (most of the time) unbiased. They had an upvote/downvote system in their very early years, but changed it to a "report post" format seeing as their current system provided no progress. Now, 10 years later, the website is strong and many of the community members do not act like jerks.

Long story short? Remove Upvote/Downvote system, replace with report button and trusted moderators.

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I really agree because after even posting an honest (and possibly naive) question or idea, they just downvote and don't bother to help with a reply. Furthermore, with enough downvotes, it'll just be shut down. then you just gained nothing from posting a simple question.

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So you remove the downvotes and remove moderation, so bad threads get to stick around and not get closed.

The system is there and it is not broken. The downvote system may be undesirable to a thread starter who gets his idea smashed. But at least with a downvote/upvote system you can learn if your thread was good or bad. Many people get downvoted and create a new thread trying to say "Wait a minute, my thread was important and I don't accept new ideas." This is another type of those threads...

Sometimes somebody like Guardsman Bob can come on the thread and say "You don't know what you're talking about." People would probably side with him because he has credibility. He's a 2k Elo player with a reputation for NOT raging and belittling everybody.

Hotshot GG might come on and say something similar. Would people side with him.... yeah, but would it prove a point... No. The amount of "fame" people have is limited, and people don't side with high elo players for no reason. People get downvote raided, it's part of life, it's a case where you aren't attracting the people who would upvote you.

Instead of going on a complete rant. I'll just stop here and say this.
Deal with your downvotes, because nine times out of ten... You deserve them, if you get a few and no valid arguments, then they're just insecure and refuse to take another point of view. If you get enough to close your thread, or hide your comment... Then you lose. Life isn't fair, why would it change on the internet?