League of heroes: Chapter 12: Monster

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Hello summoners, this is Deimus144 after a match with swain. So here is Chapter 12 of my story.

Chapter 12: Monster

Unknown P.O.V
That is all I can see right now. Hell, this is what I have been seeing for centuries. If that motherfu.... ****** bag listened, I wouldn't be here right now.

I am loosing my grip to reality century after century after century. I might as well go insane.
I want death to take me so bad. But he just passes by and says:

Patience, you will be free.

When? When will I be free? When will I get out of this place!? This Oblivion!? This nether!? When will I be able to take a physical form and spread my torment!? When will I be free!?

I cant take it anymore. I have to get out.

A voice comes to my ears.

I force open my eyes to see death clad in his black robes with a black haired and red eyed person.
They were speaking.

"Fine, i will sign." Said the other person, who I assume is a teen of age 18 to 19.
Death smiled.

"Splendid! Just sign here." Death said, passing a paper and pen to the teen.

The boy reaches out for the pen and paper.
Suddenly, everything went mute.
Only thing I could hear was the boy saying with an inquisitive look:

And because I have the totem of power, correct?

My mind almost blew up at that statement.
The totem of power was with this child!
The totem of power! With this child!
I can barely believe it myself!
With it I can make a new body and become the tormentor again!

The child then signs.
The paper suddenly dissipates. A hole is made in the curtain that kept me away from these two.
Now is my chance.
I turn into a blue bolt of lightning and rush towards the boys chest.

Runeterra, the tormentor is coming back. And this time, he will not be banished so easily.

Deimus's P.O.V
I open my eyes to see planks of wood. I am floating under a port with excruciating pain in my chest. Dam that lightning bolt hurt like being shot with a cannon.
Strange though, was what happened a dream or not?
I decide to find out later and start looking for......
Wait, who am I looking for?
And what happened before I saw death?
Well I cant figure it out by just floating around here.
Better start swimming.
I see the totem and decide to put it in my pocket. Just in case.
I swim towards the most least populated shore. Now I have to fetch some clothes, for my own are soaked and ripped. But I cant just walk in the streets like this, for the league still has a bounty over my head. I close my eyes and ponder on what I should do. I look around and see a ladder that leads to a buildings rooftop.

Better take the Rooftops. I said to myself.

I climb up the ladder. It was a bit slippery, but it was able to get to the top. Problem was I could not see much from up here. Ill have to keep moving to the highest building here in Ionia.

After half an hour, I have reached the highest building and now I am looking at what I had done.
I remember now. I activated my big bang when I was fighting Nickolai.
The destruction I had caused completely wiped out everything within a 3 mile radius.
By wiped I mean they have been turned to something less than ashes.
I sit down and put my hand on my face.

What have I done. Aine or Graves could have probably been in the explosion.

The building was 80 stories high.

I probably killed at least 30 people or more.

I stand on the ledge.

I am a monster with my Arcane hunger.

I look down.

I don't care anymore about my sisters death or about my deal with death himself. I am not worthy to redeem myself.

I stretch my foot out.

Sister, master, I will be with you both soon.

I fall.

Normal P.O.V
Little did Deimus know, however, that a white rose tattoo was on his chest.
And It was changing from white to black.

Unknown P.O.V
Opening my eyes, I see myself falling down at 5 stories per second.
****! What the **** is happening!?
I need to think fast before I die here.
I turn my right hand into a claw and push it into the wall.
My hand burns with agony as my descent slows.
I reach about 10 stories high and my descent has stopped.
I drop down and land safely on the ground.
I look around to discover I was in Ionia. Good.
My clothes are soaked. Great.
And in my pocket was something. I take it out and stare at the totem. A smile etching across my face.

I put it back and start walking west.
Time to get some new clothes.

After 15 minutes, I reach a local shop and enter.
The shop owner got up from his chair.

"How can I help you sir?" He said with a pathetic voice.
I raise my hand and create an orb of unholy energy.

"By shutting up and dying."
Before he could react, the orb had already reached his face.
His screams could not reach to the outside for I had made a barrier before I killed him.
Oh, how the numbness you feel in your mind when you kill feels so good.

Soon I started to brows the Items in the shop. I took a black leather jacket that's cape reached my hips. I also took a white T-Shirt as well. Black jeans were also on my list. And some black wrappings.
I rip off the arm parts of the leather jacket and put it on after putting on the white T-Shirt and the black jeans. Then carefully, I wrap my hands with the black wrapping's.
I look in the mirror.
I stared at a tall male with white hair and blue eyes wearing a custom leather jacket and black jeans along with black wrappings on my hands.

I then start to leave.

Time to reclaim my sledge hammer. I said, a sly grin playing on my face.

Aine's P.O.V
When Nickolai attacked, Deimus told me to run away. I refused, but he then looked me in the eye. What I saw was not Deimus, but a completely different animal.
He then kissed me on the lips and told me to run.

I ran away at least 4 miles away....
Author's Note.
Aine is a very fast person.

When an explosion suddenly happened. The magic that came from it desolated and turned anything it came in contact with to ashes.
I Lost hope that he survived that blast when I looked around.
I desperately want to cry right now.

But now is not the time to cry, for I came to Ionia with a mission.
The mission was simple: Protect a sacred object at a museum in Ionia from some robbers who are going to try and steal it. It is very powerful and could kill thousands with a single strike.

I was charged with 3 other guards to protect this thing from the inside while 2 others were at the entrance.
It is midnight now, and something is approaching according to our radars.

"Its coming at a high speed right now." Said one of the guards.

"How many?" I asked.


"Then this should be a piece of cake."
Suddenly, 3 bodies are hurled from the ceiling.
I back up, but my colleagues are not as lucky.
I approach one of the bodies and get the feeling to vomit.
The bodies were disfigured. The blood was leaking on every part, and the jaw was out of place as if the person screamed till it broke. The skull also appeared to have been completely broken.

"Disgusted?" Said a voice from above.
I was shocked at the voice, but I was even more shocked at the person who made it.

Coming down from the ceiling was someone who appeared to be Deimus.
When he came to view, however, there were three major differences.

One, he had white hair. And it did not cover his right eye, but instead barely covered both.
Two, his eyes were blue.
Three, he didn't have the guts to do this to anyone.

"What? Its like you have seen a ghost."

The man looked confused.
Then he smiled.

"He is not available right now. Would you like to leave a message?"

"Who are you?"

"A better question my dear. What would Deimus do if he found out I killed you? Now get out of my way or I will make your death more painful."
I take my sword out of my sheath.

"Not today, buddy."
He looked at me with disappointment.

"I thought you were smarter than that."
Before I could react, his eye glowed blue.
An unseen force pushes me to the ground. I try to resist, but it was to powerful.
He leans over me.

"This is as forgiving as I could get."
He starts to walk to the sledge hammer. He breaks the glass and pulls it out.
He raises it in the air.

Unholy energies envelop the room as he grew stronger.

"Wait! Answer me this question!"

"What is it, insect?"

"Who are you and what are you?"
He grins evilly.

"I am LEGION! And I, AM, MANY!" He said in a thousand voices.

His chanting disrupted the spell he had on me and I rush to him.
I press my lips on his own.

"Please, Deimus, wherever you are, wake up."
The being pushes me aside with enormous force.

"Pathetic act of love I see, eh?"
He raises his sledge hammer, ready to strike it down and claim my soul.

He twitches.

"What the...?"
He suddenly screams in agony, piercing my ear drums. Thousands of voices beam out.

And just one voice answered.
No mercy for a devil. Deimus said.

The unholy energies that grasped the area had fled like a frightened jackal.
Deimus lay on the ground, the tormentors sledge hammer by his side.
I come to his side.

He does not answer.
I check his pulse. It is very low.

"****! Call a medic in here!"

CLIFFHANGER! So next week school begins so I made this a long chapter for you people to enjoy. Also you might be wondering why I called my self battle-master of the league. What I meant by that was a master in tactics and strategies.
Now here is my weekly advice.

"Between birth and death, Heaven and hell, and two points, Is a journey that will take you so far, so use it to the fullest." Deimus144, Battle-master of the league.

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