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Viktor's Shop (Open RP)

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Dear Veigar

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A few high-pitched grunts can be heard from the other side of the doorway, prompting Viktor to look up from his work. After a moment, a loud tap can be heard against his door. Muttering calculations to himself, Viktor steps carefully over the myraid of strewn bolts and shards of metal, opening the door. Nobody is there. Sighing, Viktor turns around, preparing to close the door behind him, when he hears a small cough.


Whirling back around, Viktor looks down and spots Veigar, in all his purple-robed, pointed-hat glory. He's positively shaking with a mixture of rage and anticipation.

"If you do something like that again, I'll reduce this shantyhouse to a pile of steel. I'm here for my mechanical arm."

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viktor i got some limbs ripped off by cho'gath ( i tried hugging him ) can you ..well idk give me
new arms?

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Hinderance unsure of what to do knocks on Victors door and slowly enters hoping he is not intruding.

As he enters the workshop he sees alot of different gadgets and parts, giving him more confidence Victor might be able to help.

"Champion Victor? I wish to ask about augmenting my shield so that it can hold a small reservior of water inside without the shield being prone to collapse while using it in combat."