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Is Veigar a good choice on Dominion?

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UpS Shane

Junior Member


Honestly, if you have played Veigar for a while you tend to see that in-order for Veigar to be a important character in Dom, you need to have the right runes/masteries/ items. This being said Veigar is more of a character for top. I say this because of the AEO stun, his AEO w. And the fact that he burst down high prority targets like enemy mages.

All in all, I would say that he is 7/10 for Dom.

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Junior Member


I've done about 1200-1300 game as veigar on dom. At least at the 1500ish elo level (pretty common), he's just fine. People need to treat him like a carry. Though he can (and should) be built a bit tanky early on. Also, he should usually try and initiate from a hidden position for the first half of the game.

Overall I find him decent enough. I don't worry much in games.