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Seeking Advice to Play Morgana Bot

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In my quest to find a champion that won't be frequently banned and manage to hold the bottom lane I've turned to Morgana. So for all you Morgana players out there, what kinds of runes/masteries/item selections have you found to be effective? Additionally, which mainstream champions, if any, does Morgana seem to have an edge over?

Bonus Question: What's Morgana's best skin?

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Standard caster runes / masteries work for her.

Items, I usually do deathfire, abyssal, zhonya's and ionian boots. Morgana can handle most bot laners fine but the tankier ones are a little harder. But you can stalemate most lanes if nothing else.

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I go Mpen reds, HP/level Yellows, AP/level blues
21/9/0 - 1 in offensive mastery, 3 in ap, then every AP ability after. 2/3 in both resistances, then HP talents.

Start Gem thing that restores hp/mana on level. 1 HP or mana pot, whatever you need more
First item, rush RoA
CDR Boots
Armor item
MR Item

Make Soil first, then ult, then shield or binding, situational. Shield will make you hard to gank, so don't waste it's cd.

That's how I go anyways. Usually when you get RoA, you one shot creep waves making you a strong pusher.

Edit: Blade Mistress