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AP Kayle

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So is she viable? And how would one build her? I've trying out the typical nashor's and boots but have replacing guinsoo's with zhonya's. I like the burst damage from my Q, but I think there may be better ways to build her. Thoughts?

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Since the AP nerfs i don't think you should skip guinsoo->nashors . Although i believe that after those Zonyas is pretty good.

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I have been playing alot of ranked games with Kayle as my core lately, and my build is as follows:

Red - Magic Pen
Blue - CD Reduction
Yellow - Mana Regen
Quint - Armor Pen

9/0/21 Aiming for the magic penetration for dropping bombs, but the focus on support for movement and regen.

As for skills, you can build accordingly for who you are laning with or against. I normally max Reckoning first just for its usefulness and finishing blows, and then max blessing since the gains per level of righteous fury are not as substantial.

Now, here is what separates a powerful Kayle.

For my particular rune setup I start with dorans ring (for its added hp, ap, and mana regen) and an health pot.
I rush guinsoo's, normally buying boots and the first item the first trip back.
Finish guinsoo's** (This is where Kayle shines, this proc's fast and helps Kayle's righteous fury do some serious dmg. )
Next finish your boots, normally berserker or merc
Then I build into Nashors for the attack speed, ap and CD reduction. (With the aforementioned CD's you should be maxed, and at 18 your ult is on a 36 second reset)
From here if the game is still going its your choice, but I like Lich Bane or Tri-force for the added proc damage.

*Sidenote: Alot of people are confused about Righteous Fury, it is a physical attack while engaged, and just deals ADDITIONAL magic dmg. AKA Sorc boots are a waste of time unless you are strictly dropping reckonings all match.

Hope this helps anyone interested.