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FuzzyLuffle's Theory of Dominion

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Very good post. Though #6 is partly misguided. All the information is solid, but promoting having multiple people cap/linger around one point to get the gold goes against the idea that it only takes one to cap a point, and that your resources would be better allocated elsewhere.

Neither of us are wrong really. It just depends on circumstances, post-capping a point is generally in fact a time when people recall regardless. My rule advocates for waiting until the capture is complete, or maybe stalling recall a few seconds, or maybe going into a shadowed area near the point to recall so they don't know you recalled, while increasing team gold gain. (I will add some text to make this more clear though)

The idea that resources are being wasted in a multi-cap is only valid if those resources could verifiably be doing something else. Often in Dominion, there is too much unknown, or the respawn timers are short, and running off to be 'useful' instead just ends up with you dead from a recently respawned enemy, or a gank, etc.