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top lane is the hardest lane

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and I believe the most imbalanced (in solo queue). Specifically in the 1200-1600 elo range.

-Top lane is the easiest lane to win simply by counter-picking. If you know counters you can crush lane.

I think this is because how trading works top. Damage is pretty wonky, some champs have huge nukes (olaf) while others have weaker trade and on par sustain (volibear), it makes the lane super hard to win if you're countered.

This issue is in low-mid elo people don't know how to counterpick or even know they just got countered, so they go on to feed. I just started playing solo top, and after reading a couple articles on counterpicks, I realize how easy it is to do.

This is way less apparent in mid, where damage is pretty absurd on both sides of the fence and sustain isn't really a thing early game.

-Top lane is the easiest lane to gank.

This is true 10 fold in solo queue. If a lee or udyr goes top level 2 it's almost always a kill. If you're a duo you can super abuse this.

My friend and I duo'd, me top, him jungle lee. We got firstblood 4/4 games, people in soloqueue don't understand if there is an offensive jungler you can't even cs the first wave or you will die. In tournament this isn't a huge deal because the top laner knows this, but I have NEVER seen this play in solo queue.

-Metagolems are impossible to gank once snowballed.

If you ever get a 40 ish cs advantage + 2 kills as top lane you're pretty much ungankable by solo queue standards. Reason being popular top lane champs (riven, olaf, cho, swain, rumble, etc) build in a tanky, high dps fashion. You can usually just win 2v1 them as they gank, assuming you harassed the other top lane sufficiently.

Why am I writing this? Well I just read that morello is addressing sustain vs damage balancing and level 2 jungle ganks soon. I think it's necessary to make low elo solo queue more fun, but would be a step in the wrong direction. Players should be forced to learn how to counterpick and not instalock riven first pick everygame.

I hope they approach this in a proper fashion, rather then just homogenizing top laners and nerfing lee/udyr/mao to stop level 2 ganks.

tl;dr: make there an emphasis on learning how to play top lane, somehow

here's morello responding to a similar topic: http://clgaming.net/redtracker/30858-morello-i-have-a-lot-of-hateful-complaints-for-you-tonight