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Unconventional Supports

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A support Poppy doesn´t need CS. She should totally gun for kills IMO tho. Do remember that An Assist Is Fine Too.

Get a Philo Stone ASAP, remember to buy wards for the lower bushes. Farm when your AD carry has to go back. Punish fools who make mistakes (yeeeess go ahead and dive that low-life but full-mana Poppy under her turret).

Even an underfarmed Poppy can dish out ridiculous amounts of damage with one good stun. And a good stun is often all that a good AD carry needs to get a kill. Put Poppy with Vayne = double wall stun. Put Poppy with a Cait that traps the bushes = "Hey look who just ate a cupcake." *wallslam*

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General Sassycat

Senior Member


Sure, ok. Maybe she is useful during laning. But after that, with no items, she is not useful enough to justify the slot on a team since she will do low damage and her CC is unreliable.

Clearly you disagree with me and that is fine, but as a support main I would never even consider using Poppy. If I wanted brush control I'd use Leona, Blitz, Nautilus or Alistar. All of whom remain useful after laning since they have a lot more CC and none of it requires proper wall positioning.

Unless you are REALLY good at Poppy (i'm not). Yeah the current meta is -pick-the-most-cancerous-unbanned-champ but if you are really good at one specific champ why not?

And she isn't completely useless out of laning phase as long as you won laning phase. If you come out of lane with all your Gp10 and a sheen then you will find it easy to transfer into an AP assasin model. Poppy needs minimal items to 1 shot someone and taking out a high priority target in a half second is worth having her around.