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nice guy ephex

Junior Member


HONESTLY, if Riot gave a **** they would do something about losses that were due to a so called "team mate" afking on you. Two games in a row now i had my solo top afk on me. Why can't you guys just implement a loss forgiven option if one of your your team is leaves on you. Let the other team enjoy their free points for the win but it's just not ****ing fair for the other team to lose rating over one person.

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Senior Member


cause elo addict would ask 1 of their teammates to afk if they start losing real bad...would pretty much ruin game for ppl who wanna win

but on the other hand i kind of understand ya...

i'd suggest implement so afk ppl play with afk ppl
laggy with laggy
non afk play with non afk

and no mix...with report cuz report...every1 does which kind of sux