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Support viktor viable?

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I main viktor, have for quite a while, and i'm pretty sure i invented support viktor. The thing is, he capitalizes and splitting an enemy's ADC and support, whether one gets cocky and the other stays back, That split is what kills people, you drop a W between/on them and it's over. That being said, if they stick together well your job then becomes to bait them into a jungle gank. I've done support viktor a few times in ranked people don't really know how to counter it, but when they do, you have to wait until late game when you got a rylais + augment power and then you kite people around. Support Viktor lategame becomes a control Champ. Slow + lazer = Ganks/Anti-ganks/Initiating for mid lane teamfights. The only problem is, how to get to lategame if i'm countered? Well you tell your ADC to take things easy, then you use your lazer + W to keep minions outa tower range and low enough that your adc can pick off the minions for easy CS. You can also zone the enemy team from harassing you at the same time. I think support viktor is as viable as any support, but can be countered just like any other champion! With love -Wrasham

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support viktor is just a bad idea. while it may work, all it does is gimp an incredibly strong ap carry. viktor needs farm like any other carry.

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The sticky thing about supporting Viktor would be that 1000g you have to save for the augment. You might be able to stay viable later game if you buy wards and ap items, but no support items. If you're going to play the support role, you still need to ward. I would probably build him with tanky runes and masteries and use his Q to start fights and stay alive while your adc hides behind you, using gravity field to catch them out of position or keep them from following.

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I...main Victor, yet have only played him mid lane. Alot of people are right that he is item dependent. The question is he viable support...and I believe that is a yes.

First off, you have to get the idea of max damage/death augment/big items Viktor, that is not Viktor support. I think to play Viktor support you need to first take advantage of his augment: gravity, although would never use this mid, I think it would be VERY viable in a support-role for two reasons. It increases quite signifigantly, the range of his w, which makes life much easier for your adc(resulting in more assist gold??), and it will add an addictional 10% cooldown red i beleive, which viktor can make VERY good use of.

At this point Viktor can use his of abilities to do what he does best, which is literally draw lines int he battlefield, yet in bottom lane. He will still be searching out those squishy adcs with his laser, and dropping his shield from afar. He will still have a decent ultimate, i mean it does initial impact, dot damage, AND silences....what adc wouldnt love that?

I don't know...maybe 0:9:21 masteries?? or 9:0:21?? gp runes? or AP I do not know... items would still have to be non-supporty tho...and AP oriented, but maybe some good utility items, like athenes, rhylas, and liandries? then rab?

So what Viktor lacks in not offering sustain and supporty items, he makes up for it with a good blend of damage and cc which will make the enemy adc and support think twice, shoot, three times before being too aggresive...

As far as mid and late game go...he is Viktor, if it gets to this point, he will be a presence, Viktor is one of the best champs in the game, people just need to know how to smart cast...which i am suprised more people dont...

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Been trying to experiment with support Viktor myself after having much success with support Morgana lately. Played him a lot on release but never really got too into him because he didn't match my style.

Repeating what has been said here already: Viktor is incredibly item-dependent. I'm a bronze I in my promo series to Silver, so take my word with the weight it deserves.

I feel that his weak early game is what gets him in the most trouble here, though. He's almost as squishy as Sona without the amazing harass/sustain that she has. He's also got a pretty low base move speed (335), which makes him incredibly vulnerable to ganks if the lane pushes past river. This pretty much forces a player to go 21 points into utility or run MS quints. This is a major issue to me because as a support you're not really prioritizing boots over sightstone, because every minute you don't have one is one more minute it isn't paying for itself.

I feel the best way to approach this is to basically play Viktor like a leona/sona hybrid: poke when you can afford it (his laser is easy to dodge at range, though) and stun when you see a shot at it. Plus you don't have to go as tanky since if you dive a team without Zhonya's then you're gonna die no matter what you do... Viktor seems to have great potential at level 1/2 (stun > laser) so if you pair up with a good CC carry or a good early damage carry you're pretty much promising him a back or a flash every time your stun is off cd or at least zoning them out.

My biggest frustration playing him as support is that damned item slot! Biscuiteer + Explorer leave you open to start with 6 items (pink ward, green ward, pots, faerie charm/Rejuv Bead if going early Philo). His core thing occupies a fairly valuable spot at level 1, so you're already somewhat behind a similarly spec'd support opponent.

My theoretical build orders are:
1) Start( Biscuit, Exp Ward; BUY: 2x Green, 1x Pink, 2x Pot, 1x faerie charm
Build next: Philo > Sightstone> Boots of speed > (aegis if needed) > kages> Mana Manip (if adc wants) > Augment: Gravity > Shurelya's/Locket (if aegis bought) > Haunting Guise

I feel this is about as far as you'd get in a typical 0cs 35 minute game. After that it's up to you and your team to group up because you have an initiate and a peel in your W, and that's all you're bringing to the table on this build. Your silence is too conditional in these cases. Keeping wards up is most important thing to you because before you get boots LVL 2, you're super vulnerable to ganks by jungle and mid who HAVE purchased their level 2 boots.

2) Start( Biscuit, Exp Ward; BUY: 2x Green, 1x Pink, 2x Pot, 1x faerie charm
Build next: Philo > Sightstone> Boots of speed > kages> Haunting Guise > Augment: Gravity > Shurelya's/Locket > Zhonya's > Shadows > WARDS.

For both these builds I'd likely go 0/9/21 or 1/13/16 (1 point for Summoner's Wrath) with MPen marks, armor seals, scaling MR glyphs, and gp10 or MoveSpeed quints. AP or Armor marks are good here, too. Viktor's strongest point is level 3, and his weakest point is level 1. Without landing a solid stun, it's just like landing a nami bubble... on the tank.

Viktor may either need some AP ratios boosted or some better early game mechanics that don't revolve around "Poke with lazer, stun them? repeat"

I'll post more when I"m not falling asleep in my chair.

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Ratnik The Bold

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i just got viktor builds for him support or another lane will be good

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Viktor's augments are pretty useful, with either "Death" or "Gravity". As mentioned above, Viktor is pretty item dependent, so you would need to get a different build than normal supports.

Some good items on Viktor Support are:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Morellonomicon, Spirit Visage Abyssal Scepter, Randuin's Omen, Locket of the Iron Solari, Mikael's Crucible, Void Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, Frost Queen's Claim, Athene's Unholy Grail, Zhonya's Hourglass, and Iceborn Gauntlet.

He basically builds anything he normally would, with a few additional items like Randuin's Omen, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Mikael's Crucible

He should be built really like an ap mage, not a support, because he really can dish out damage. Viktor can deal lots of damage and keep the enemy champions at a distance. Don't be afraid to take some minions (but not all), because if you can get gold faster, you can give your adc more kills. Get fed on assists.

With "Death" you should try to have "Athene's Unholy Grail" so you can use it more in teamfights along with some mana regen and ability power. Viktor is a good poke champion, and if you know how to use the Death Ray well, you can hit the enemy support or adc every time. Try different angles to surprise them, and you can also use it while moving, so that helps while chasing to kill/assist, or while being chased so you can turn around the fight or at least get some damage. The Death Ray also grants vision, so don't be afraid to use it to check bushes. Plus, it'll do some damage if there are enemy champions there.

"Gravity" can be more of a passive/defensive support. You have more mana regen and cooldown reduction, so you can use abilities more. You'll deal less damage, but with the increased cast range, you can actually do a lot more than expected. The Gravity field is an almost guaranteed stun, unless you're really dumb and cast it on the edge of a champion. Plus, you can stun both the adc and the support at the same time, and maybe even a ganking jungler. Not a favorite of mine though.

Augment "Power". Let's be honest no one really uses this augment. Plus, one, you really don't ever need that speed boost, and two, the other augments are better.

Viktor is good in teamfights with his W, E, and R. Forget about Q, that's for poke in lane phase (and even then its not as well used). When the enemy team is grouped, go straight in with the W,Zhonya's (if you have it. Otherwise, run), then use your R. Then, if you're team is smart, they'll shred the helpless enemy team, and you can deal extra damage with your E. If there are any champions that flash or manage to escape, your E has a ridiculous range, and you can try pick them off with the Death Ray.

Viktor works well with champions like:

(Best Choices) Vayne (your w + her entire kit = tons of damage.)

(his entire kit, and your w work really well)

Miss Fortune (her e/r + your w/r is hilarious)

(great escapes with both your w's working together: they can't move and they can't see)

(can land his e much more easily with your w and deal more damage with q)

Viktor is good against:

Ashe (pssh, come at me bro, not even trying)

(your w/e is able to hit her pretty hard)

(he shouldn't be able to hit you very well from your stun and range)

(Early game could be hard, but you'll stop his q and w real easy with your w. It's actually really funny)

Viktor is bad against:

(too much range. It's just too much for poor Viktor. Oh and that goddamn ult)

(stealth prevents stun, and range/attack speed is real good against you)

Kog'Maw (seems easy, but once he hits 6, his range is strong, and his passive can kill you because you're slow)

Miss Fortune (her slows are hard to escape, along with that ult, but play it right and you can win)

If you disagree, ok argue against me, but this has worked for me really well.

Also, fellow Viktor players, I've heard he's getting a rework in his abilities...

Please don't rework it, I really like the one he has now, and I think all he needs is a visual upgrade...cause his normal skin looks kinda dumb (the mask and the hair).