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Perhaps a slight change to Vayne?

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This isn't going to be a long discussion about the her place in the game. I just thought that her early game is very weak if the enemy team knows what they are doing. She is scales so incredibly hard into late game and can easily snowball out of hands. As a potential hyper carry, all she need to do is survive lane phase and not even farm as hard as an AD carry like Kog'Maw or Tristana and still be dishing out crazy damage.

She is by no means OP and there are some obvious ways to counter her. In solo queue, however, her scaling throughout the game is perhaps too exponential. In the several games that I see Vayne, they tend to grab a kill or two early in the game and farmed only decently, yet it was quite literally and obvious that whoever's Vayne was dead first would lose the team fight. You can say "but why not focus her? She has such a low range, insta-gib her!" Not so easy when their team has strong initiators like Skarner or Alistar.

I'm an avid AD player and I wouldn't play Vayne in higher ELO matches. I just feel that Vayne's presence changes the nature of team fights too much for the current meta, especially against people who are not familiar with Vayne or do not punish Vayne early-mid game.

If I suggest a slight change to Vayne, then I must offer alternatives. I think it would be best to buff Vayne's laning phase slightly (not alter the mechanics of the champion because that is what makes her unique) while nerfing her disgusting W (Silver Bolts). Her W is the reason why she scales like no other. Also, her base movement speed should be restored--a champion with a kit like hers should not have one of the slowest base movement speeds. To compensate, nerf her passive slightly so that enemies can actually disengage from unfavorable team fights. This will now require Vayne players to actually time their ultimate and compromise between doing a ton of damage in a team fight and pressing R to try and escape or chase.

Just a thought.

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K K0

Senior Member


that's so dumb that her base move speed is 300 i thought sejuani was slow but she has 315.

It seems like her low move speed is a intentional handicap for her passive (30 move speed when chasing enemy) she would be better off with a base move speed of 325 like olaf or nasus and no passive at all so she could actually run away.